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so after getting blocked by for no reason i have to ask what the fuck ?
okay people do not block others for no reason or irrational reasons 
it is immature i have been blocked for no reason a few times but after this one i had to say something about ? 
i mean why just why would you block someone for no reason ?
1.say up to 4 facts about yourself along with answering the questions

my questions
1. coca cola or pepsi ?
2. what was your first video game
3. have you ever played a prank on someone
4. favorite youtube channels ?
5. vanilla or chocolate ?
6. what is your least favorite food
7. Favorite restaurant?
i tag…………
blocked me after i sent him a link to a youtube video with a comic he told me he did not check it out i asked him why 
he said because he thought he could have not read anything on a comic if is on a youtube video
i told him the title says words easy to read and he blocked me 
what a rude person shame on him 
when you sent something to a person that they might like and they do not want to check it out and say they are not interested 
that is really illogical how can you be sure if you would be interested or not without being familiar with it 
why did block me ? 
oh by the way have this picture of how lovers cuss at each othersWhat the F*** are you staring at? by annie-tower……
  • Playing: counter strike condition zero deleted scenes
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: banana juice
ever since i was a boy i dreamed of being three evil violent bullies who the fandom threats as not so bad despise burying  a man with cans after giving a black eyes making a kid crying after giving him a wedgie and stealing his money  destroying stuff and trying to murder the mayor i mean im too much of a rational person not to make a list of all these crimes 
so yeah from now on i want you guys to call me brick and respect my right to do evil stuff and immature people to say im not so bad despise me and my brother steal hit people for no reason gave a kid a wedgie and stole his money and buried a man with soda cans after giving a black eye and stealing his money
  • Playing: counter strike condition zero deleted scenes
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: banana juice
 I don't even want to hear any of that "it's my opinion" excuse to justify this bullshit either! There is a significant disparity between stating an opinion and spewing out bullshit that makes no fucking sense the slightest bit. 
im not gonna name the person who came up with the quote for personal reasons 

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Cyclops by suparmarkeogai996
sapphiresonicmaster.deviantart… blocked me because i told him the truth
can someone give me suggestions for me to draw something ?… removed my requests and blocked me for no reason 
i made a new group…