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Gemstone Pixel Art Tutorial

Here is a little look into the process I’m using for making the sprites for a game concept project thing I'm working on. These are some gemstones that would be included in the game. It took about 1-2 hours to make these in photoshop.

Check out my blog for more:
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Ty very much <3
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Something went wrong but also thanks for tutorial! :)
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Twas my second pixel art ever... dirty pixels everywhere.
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Amazing, just what i need., but tell me sir, would it be to advanced if i would use this technique on some minecraft items? I mean, if you recognized the minecraft items almost ever use only three shades of color... I am really having a hard time with that.
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I think "Black Diamond" is Onyx..
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There's such things as coloured diamonds
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So funny! You follow me on Tumblr and I follow you, but I didn't realize you were the one who did this tutorial and right now I'm trying to make the ice/crystals in this backdrop I'm doing look better. Did a search and found this. Small world! This is going to be really helpful. Thanks! :D
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Oh awesome haha, I love when that happens x) hope that tutorial was helpful : >
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It was! I sort of stopped working on that particular project. :\ BUT! This was very helpful all the same! Thank you!
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Cool! the sapphire are like starcraft 1 minerals haha
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these look great ^^
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That was VERY helpful!.. Thanks.
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Glad I could help :D
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Cool, though I do think you could've got away with one or two less colours!
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Wow, awesome !
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Thanks. That was useful.
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Man, that's really cool. I bet you could apply the same techniques you use here to all sorts of crystal formations. :D

Really useful!
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