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Hi everyone!

So sorry there hasn't been any new pages of MAiZ here on devianArt for a long time. With work and projects keeping me busy, I've found it less stressful to just focus on uploading pages to the main website. It's nearly up tp 300 pages now! 

So if you've been wondering what's the deal, that is why!
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That’s right! The first ever book of MAiZ is now available!

Volume 1 contains the first 4 chapters with all black & white AND colour pages! There is also some additional concept art as well, some of the lost Tumblr ask drawings AND a brief sentimental blurb by me.

If you’re interested in scoring a copy, I will need these details:

  • Name
  • Your shipping address
  • PayPal email*
  • Number of books you’d like to pre-order

Please send these details here:

*Sales are PayPal only at this stage

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Woo! Took a while, but all 10 slots have been filled!

Thanks for everyone who commissioned me! I'm working through the list steadily now. Hopefully should have a bunch done before I go on Vacation next Wednesday. Worse case there just may be an extra week delay.

When I'm ready for more, I'll make another post announcement :D
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And done! Damn that was fast!

Got 10 commissions lined up and have started working on them now. Once they're finished and I'm up for more, I'll make another post for it!

Thanks to everyone who's commissioned me! Looking forward to working on this new batch :D
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Hi folks! Sadly there won’t be a new MAiZ page today; this past week has been busy with freelance work, I’ve been unable to dedicate the time to working on this new page. I’m planning to take time over the weekend to work on it, so should see new a new update either by Sunday or Monday at the latest!

I’m so sorry for the delay!

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[Spots remaining 0/10]

That was fast! Thanks to the people who commissioned me! I'll get work on these 10 right away, and once I have most of them done, I'll open up for more!

UPDATE (7-7-2016): This past week is turning out to be quite the whirlwind! After Anime Expo last weekend, I'm now off to Bronycon in Baltimore for this coming weekend!
Thus commissions are gonna be delayed at least a week, so I deeply apologise for the delay! I will en devour to work on them beginning of next week, once I'm back from Bronycon.

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YAAAY! The Game Grumps Animated episode I did just came out!! Have a look, and hope you like it :D

So grateful to the Grumps for giving me the opportunity to animate them! Even got to animate Jirard The Completionist!! 
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It's a new cartoon written by Gizzy Gazza and animated by me! Enjoy! :D
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Just released a new promo for this years upcoming Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2016!

This year, it'll be on June 17-18 at the Radisson in Salt Lake City, Utah! I'm excited to be invited as a guest again, and look forward seeing all my amazing Brony friends there! If you're in the Utah area around then, please consider stopping by! It's a great con, and it would be awesome to meet new people :)
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Hi folks!

Just an update on my current work load! Took a little while, but 2016 is starting to get busy with some cool projects. Currently got some freelance projects in the works, and slowly developing some new cartoons for the YouTube channel. Hoping to have something on there within the next month or so (hopefully, maybe, ideally, auugh)

Still slowly working through the commission list, especially the animated gif ones. I deeply apologise for the delay on those as they do take a bit longer to rough out, animate, clean up etc. Hoping to get those done over the next few weeks, so I do appreciate your patience!

UPDATE (24-01-2016): Looking at my current work load, I've decided to close the remaining animated gif commissions. I think it would be better for me to focus properly on  the ones already commissioned, as well as my current projects. If I decide to open up for more, I'll let ya know!
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Yup! I've just started my own Patreon to help fund my animated projects! This is help fund new videos I'd post on my YouTube page! 
If you're interested in seeing more animated content from me, please consider pledging!!

If you pledge at least $10, you'll get to see cool behind the scenes stuff for the next cartoon, including storyboards, concept art and character designs!!

If ya don't wish to pledge, then I would greatly appreciate sharing the link around!

Also!! Still open for Animated Gif commissions!!

Check out the details here!

Slots taken

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Only doing 10 of these to begin with, so get in fast before they’re all taken!!
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So, funny story.

In my attempt to remove a Tumblr blog from the list of blogs I use, I mistakenly clicked the 'delete account' button instead of the 'delete blog' button. After following the instructions I thought would delete the blog, I quickly discovered a rather disturbing site.

I accidentally deleted everything!

That’s right! EVERYTHING!!

Like a pathetic bloke with no clue how the universe works, I deleted all my blogs!

My normal blog!

My art blog!

Even the MAiZ blog!

It goes to show you that it pays to READ EVERYTHING, and don’t just press buttons and hope for the best!

I hope you can learn from my mistake and take things carefully, especially when it comes to technology. You never know when deleting blog can wipe all your Tumblr work!

Here’s to new reblogging stuff from scratch! Yaaaaaaaay

If you're still interested in following those blogs, despite my stupidity, I'd greatly appreciate it XD

Had a lot of fun at Nightmare Nights this past weekend! It was a nice small-sized con, everyone was really friendly and nice to talk to, and people seemed to enjoy my prints! Even got to do a few fun commissions:

NMND2015 - T-Rex wrecks everything by SupaCrikeyDave NN2015 - Spike and Rarity by SupaCrikeyDave NMND2015 - The Sirens by SupaCrikeyDave

It's the 2nd time I've ever vended at a con, and my friends and I learnt a lot over the three days. I'll take that experience and apply it to the next con in a few weeks!

Some of the highlights included being part of PikaPetey's animation panel on Saturday. That was a lot of fun, got to answer some good questions about animation and freelancing, and all while I was constantly made fun of for using Flash XD (though Ishi Rudell, an animator for MLP, was awesome to point out that the show is animated in Flash, so yeah!!)

Speaking of Ishi, got to chat with both him and Katrina Hadley (kick-ass storyboard artist) and they were awesome to chat to, great sense of humor and a pleasure to have met. They even both sat in on the animation panel, though I have no idea why XD They should've been the ones up on stage!

Also got to briefly chat with Cathy Weseluck (voice of Spike) who honestly was quite inspiring and very humbling. She was really attentive and considerate of all her fans (even the odd ones), and it was a honor to meet her.

And during the last day, a young family of women/girls came up and just started getting super-excited over my stuff, recognizing my animation and art style and just floored me with their enthusiasm! It was a bit overwhelming; I've never had anyone, let alone a group of people, react to my work that way before. I'm really grateful they took the time to come by and say hello; wherever you are, thank you so much!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, would recommend it if you're ever in the Dallas area next year!

Next up, I'll be vending at Running of the Leaves Con in Denver, Colorado from November 6-8!
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That’s right! Until October 22nd, I’m taking commission requests! They can be Halloween themed, a regular request or BOTH! Whatever you want, I’ll draw it! (except porn, no porn)

Send me an email at crikeycommissions(at) with the details/reference images of your request + the option you’d like! PayPal only!

However, aside from Chibi’s, I’m only taking a certain number of requests (roughly 20-30 requests), so get in fast while you can!

An update on my convention schedule: I will no longer be attending Super Speedy Cider Con! Apologies to anyone attending SSCC, hopefully we'll make it next year!! 

I am still going to Nightmare Nights and Running of the Leaves, so hope to see people there!!

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Tomorrow I head overseas once again, this time to spend the next 2 months living in the United States vending at a variety of conventions!!

Both excited and nervous about spending so much time in the States, but I know it’ll be a great experience and I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting even more amazing people!

The conventions I’ll be vending at include:

If you’re around any of these cons, please come and say hello! I’ll have prints for sale and can do hand-drawn commissions!!

Here’s to adventure ahead!

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As you may have seen, a lot of artwork I've made recently will be available for purchase at Equestria LA!

You can find them being sold at the SombraShop at Booth #36 (Tables 69-70). Just look for the big CrikeyDave sign!

I won't be there sadly, but if you see the prints and enjoy them, please purchase one and help support my work!

Also hi-five Shane, he's awesome!

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Opened up commissions again until August 6! Any commissions would be helpful towards my trip next week!

If you're interested, I'll need:
  • Full description of the character/s you want me to draw
  • Any reference images if possible
  • Select which option you want
  • Add $10 for any additional characters
Send your request to!
Your commission will take roughly 2-4 weeks after August 6.

If you're not sure about something, just ask!
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Just released a new promo for Crystal Mountain Pony Con!

It's running from July 17-18 at the Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah! And I'm gonna be a guest! A guest!!!
Check out the details on the official website:

Really excited to be attending this convention, and really looking forward to meeting people! If you can make it, please come and say hello! :D
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A new cartoon I got commissioned to make was just released! Written by GizzaGazza and animated by me, it's Five Nights at Freddy's Logic!

Who knew animating homicidal-robots could be such fun :D

Jordan “TheFearRaiser as The Security Guy:

Cib as Freddy and The Purple Guy

GizzyGazza as Bonnie:…

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