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Wall E

I'm sorry, Ratatouille.

You've been replaced.

Wall E © Pixar / Disney
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good job! like the roach:) (Smile) 
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robotic Casablanca :D
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"Here's looking at you, Eve" :nod:
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That was a very good movie.. I wonder how Pixar will follow it up...

Oh well, whether or not, this made me even more happy. Thank you ^^
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"I'm sorry, Ratatouille.
You've been replaced."

My exact thoughts after seeing this film.Wall-E is an instant classic...I loved it so much.I loved the lack of dialogue...I almost didn't like it when the humans showed up with their talking nonsense xD
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Wall-E! Eva! Awesome! ^.=.^
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eeyah!! so cute!!! <3 wall-e and his roach XD i think i'd be giggling along with eve
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That's pretty good. Excellent job! =)
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Very nice job.

I miss the cockroach. He never dies. :3

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Thank you :)

First time I've ever thought a cockroach was unbearably cute :D
thats really good!
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Pixar just keeps getting better imo-I loved Ratatouille, but yeah, WALL-e kicked its ass.

Wonderful work here :3
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I concur, thank you :D
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Wow, that was quick!

cute pic Dave!
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It had to be done.

And it was done.

And it was good :nod:

Thanks Gem :D
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