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Hello !
So here I aaaam with a new Zelda fanart ! This one's too is supposed to have some colors very soon.
As I happened to mention Vaati the other day, it made me want to draw him. This guy's like as awesome as the Happymask Salesman. Moreover he's in the Minish Cap which is the very first Zelda I played to.
That's to say I love him since I'm ten. /o
I cried my eyes out when I first had to kill him in the end, and was sort of relieved to discover it was possible to ... kill him over and over again. That meant somehow that he wasn't really dead. How grateful that minime was !

Last year I found out that at the very end of the game, when you, Link, are supposed to prevent Vaati from taking over the Force but three awful knights suddenly appear in order to kill you, the third bell's ringing actually DOES happen.
This lil' fight never really was a problem to me, even the ten year old me, so I just realised at 17 that Link really was short in time.
But do you know what else I discovered ?
That HE could WIN.
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Whoa wow.. i love the movement and the details in this one, like how Vaati's cape dissolves into the winged eyes! :la:
It looks super awesome! Can't wait to see it in color! :D
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This is lovely. I like the style. Normally everyone either draws him with a baby face or to sharp a face but I think you nailed it. Can't wait to see it in color.
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LOL in this Vaati doesn't look evil. xD It seems that way. Or is it? ....
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Wow, that is a really nice fanart. I love the pose and the cross hatch shading. Do you have any plans of coloring this?
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I actually started to color it but kinda gave up ... God knows why ! I might finish it one day but I'm a bit disappointed from the colors I used.
Anyhow glad you like it
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If I wasn't so swamped with other projects and real life (sorry for answering so late) I'd offer to give it a try.
Still, I hope you'll get back to it one day.
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Well if you ever feel like coloring it, be my guest !
It's okay, I don't spend much time on DA anyway d:
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If I get around to it I'll let you know (don't expect this anytime soon though).
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He was trolling Link well before Ghirahim ever came around...
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love it. looks amazing. :3

haha. i remember that in MC. I was curious as to what would happen if I let the time run out. and I let Vaayi win on purpose. only cause Vaati rocks.:) But I beat him afterward. :iconawesomeplz: Sorry Lord Vaati...:iconanimecryplz:
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Hey thanks ! Glad you like it :D
That's one hell of a relief to know he can win. I always loved it when bad guys win.
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