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Monopony - A My Little Pony Themed Monopoly Board

===== FREE =====

This is 100% free for use. Please, you can download and print it, or use it for your own project, or make it better, or Photoshop out my name and put your own, it's up to you.


This took a VERY long time, but I feel confident to say, it was worth it! This is a fully playable My Little Pony themed Monopoly board, as it comes with all the necessary cards as pasted below.

Image Sources ::

.zip containing the .png of the board, and the PDFs of the cards! That's right, PDF!!! Sorry for the wait!…

Chance/Community Chest Cards :: (pdf version available above)…

Title Deed Cards :: (pdf version available above)…

===Fan Contributions!===
Totally Awesome Bits By aponym ::
Different Bits By glittering-pony ::
Title Deed and Chance card backs By tobiasoftantalus ::
(designs were not associated with me or my board)

Need Box Art? Give thanks to DrZurnPhD! ::

I had it printed for a mere 12 bucks, and rubber cemented it onto an existing game board; I'll say I think it looks pretty snappy! ::

Special Thanks to Psychoberg!

Abrr2000 pointed out a slight error! The photo has been updated!
Last updated 8-29-12
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I can't get it... I have already Monopol... GIVE ME THAT FOR FREE
thats pretty gay
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really dude

thats not nice\

plus gay means happy

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I don't want it... I don't want it... I don't want it...

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Can I use this as a fan fiction cover? I'll give credit and a link on deivantart.
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HI IM PINKIE PI I WANT THE CARDS AND BOARD STUFF PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hi, just noticed you forgot the backside of canterlot gardens instead you have white tail woods twice
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Awesome! I'll make the cards and the other Monopoly stuff
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Big Question: Do I have your permission to use your board and cards for making a workshop item for Tabletop Simulator?  Link and credit will be provided in workshop description.  Thank you.
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Of course! You should send me a link to your sim when you're done as I'd love to see it!
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Awesome! I'll try and remember! ^^
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i was about to ask the same however since you asked that 1 month ago... is it done yet? would save a lot time 
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If you want to go for it, it's fine.  Unfortunately I haven't done much... I've been waiting for a response on another submission that's related to the money on monopoly.

These were the ones I was wanting to use.…

But maybe I'll have to use the ones linked here...
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they are link here aswell in his google drive. well if you dont mind i'd make it today
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Go for it. I''ll be happy to play it when it's done.
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well it is already done kinda however i want to change some things first for example just painted the money... will add a few pony themed dices and other stuff
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what happened to the dropbox links they don't work anymore :(
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I updated the links for you, however I would suggest using the pdf's here (… ) in case the formatting gets changed.
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I would so play it
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guess what? there actually IS a game out there like this! (I bought one for my Nieces)
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This can be used... Just print it on a board and make pony players and a dice..... To play
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