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This fic contains some pretty gay stuff.

The RED spy had taken a habit to watching him. A young man on the BLU team, quicker than any scout he had ever seen. A genuine idiot. Every time he killed one of the RED team's men, he would take a somber pause in respect, if he had the chance. It was foolish, but his speed always allowed him to slip away at the last second. When faced with a life or death situation, he got away by simply bounding and leaping in jovial laughter. Of course, death was not permanent here, but it was still painful. The spy himself had suffered every death imaginable. Shot in the head, burned to death, received a rocket straight to the face...Yet, to his knowledge, his subject of adoration had yet to suffer any sort of death. Maybe that was why he looked so innocent. It was pleasant to see someone like that in the middle of such gruesome battles...The way his eyes twinkled, and his skin shone in the sunlight...And that smile on his face.

It wasn't long before the RED spy began subconsciously protecting him. Or, not so subconsciously. He was completely aware of his actions, and they shamed him. But his curiosity for the boy triumphed over his own dignity, and so, eventually, they crossed paths for the first time when the RED team infiltrated the BLU base to steal their intelligence. They were taken completely by surprise, and while the mayhem and panic was going on the spy took it upon himself to collect their prize. As he entered the intelligence room, the scout was standing there defensively with his bat, ready to take a swing at the spy. Spy couldn't help but laugh at the sight of it, and the scout lowered his weapon slightly, embarrassed. "W-what are you laughing at?!" He stuttered, blushing ever so slightly.

"It's just that...I've got a gun in my hand, and you're standing there with an aluminum bat all the way across the room!" He replied, covering up his laughter with a gloved hand. "We've probably taken out your entire team by now...So that means you're the only one left. What will you do?"

The young man looked indignant. "Don't talk to me so casually!" He shouted, and suddenly broke into a sprint straight towards his enemy, his bat held high in the air. The spy sighed, and raised his gun with cool calculation to bring the butt of his gun down on the boy's head. He fell to the floor unconscious immediately, so the spy picked him up by his shoulders and dragged him behind the desk, placing him carefully into a comfortable position.

"My apologies." He whispered, his gloved hand caressing the Scout's cheek feather lightly. When he heard the pitter-patter of his teammates' footsteps he quickly adjusted himself to look as innocent as possible, adjusting his tie and holding the intelligence casually in one hand as they arrived on the scene. And, making his first major mistake, he insisted that everyone had either been taken care of or had run off for cover.

"Our influence grows, gentlemen." He said with a smile. With the BLU briefcase safely in their possession, they retreated back to the base and celebrated with a few drinks and pleasant conversation. Meanwhile, the Scout was waking up from his sudden sleep, searching his foggy memory to figure out why he had such a horrible pain in his head. He bumped it again when he tried to stand up from under the desk, and wobbled up the stairs to the courtyard feebly to see the relieved faces of his teammates who had died and returned. A few of them even gave him hugs. He and his friends chalked it up to his dumb luck that he had survived, but something didn't sit right with him.

The Spy kept his distance for another few weeks before they crossed paths again, but this time it was quite by accident. During battle, they both rounded the same corner from opposite directions and slammed right into each other. Spy kept his footing, but the scout fell to the ground and grunted in pain. As soon as the tiny pricking stars left the inside of their eyelids the Scout looked up at him, absolutely terrified. He was clutching his gun so close to his chest it looked like it might even hurt. For a moment, Spy didn't understand what has caused such fear in him. But then that moment ended.

The familiar sound of a machine gun revving up rang out from behind them, and Spy knew he might have only seconds to react. He turned quickly, but it was a red heavy that stood there, his face menacing and determined. But something still spurred the spy to react. Only a few stray bullets exited the barrel of the huge gun before the spy's knife was thrust deep into his own heavy's spine.

Suddenly, everything felt very still. The scout, who had already accepted his death, opened his blue eyes to see the spy's wide eyes staring back at him. Grunting at the pain in his twisted foot and the bits of shrapnel that had hit him, he forced himself to stand up, and cautiously reached out to touch the spy. "Y-you're of ours." He whispered hoarsely, fear in his eyes. "Why did you save me?"

The spy opened his mouth to speak, but nothing seemed to come out. His head was swimming with conflicting feelings and rising fear. His teammates had already taken notice. Though his hearing deemed blurred and distorted, he could make out their cries of betrayal.

"Our own spy is a bloody traitor!" Said one voice.
"Betrayed by our own team...You can't trust any of those damn spies!" Shouted another.
"We must avenge our Komerade!"

The scout's eyes darted about wildly, and he suddenly grabbed the spy's hand. "We have to go, okay?!" He said, clearly strained. He tried to break into a run, but his twisted ankle only let him go a few steps before he almost toppled over. But the spy kept him from falling at the last second. And suddenly determined to survive because of the fact that this boy was trying to save him, he gathered Scout up into his arms and broke into a run himself. He could stand being killed for mutiny, but he couldn't allow this precious person to get hurt. He would much rather deliver him safely back to his teammates and be killed there. So that's exactly where he ran. And he thought to himself that at least this way, he got to hold the person he admired from afar for just a short moment. The dear person who was trying to save his life. He ran until his legs gave out, being careful to keep the strangely quiet scout safe in his arms. A few of his teammates had gathered around them, holding their weapons threateningly directed towards the enemy spy. The scout saw his somber expression, and suddenly wriggled out of his grasp to put a protective arm out in from of his savior.

"Wait guys, don't shoot him!" He insisted, genuine worry in his voice. That was his idiotic tendency as always, the spy thought to himself...he was too innocent for his own good. He could stab him right now with his back turned to him like that, but the scout didn't seem to notice or care. The look on his teammates faces turned from anger to confusion, and their guns lowered ever so slightly. He sensed the tension settling a bit, so he took a deep breath and began to speak.

"He saved me...I was basically point blank with an enemy heavy, and he...he stabbed him. They were gonna kill him for it, so I...I brought him here. Or well, he brought me here...I-i hurt my foot."

The rather short, texan man on their team shook his head in disbelief. He looked very exasperated. "Son...You're telling me you brought an enemy backstabber into our base just because it looks like he saved your skin?"

The boy looked somewhat offended. "It didn't look like he saved me, he DID save me. I saw every moment of it." He was lying, of course. His eyes were shut tight almost the entire time. Spy almost rolled his eyes at his blaring gullibility.

Trying to mediate between Spy and the rest of the team who was ready and willing to shoot him, the engineer turned to me. "Is it true? Why would you save one of our own? I know've killed my teammates, and destroy all of my damn creations. What made you change your mind, all of a sudden?"

"I did not...change my mind." He gasped, still out of breath. "I acted without thinking. I didn't want him to die, so I...I just killed the man attacking him. It's as simple as that. Execute me now or send me back to my team. Either way, I will end up with the same fate."

He closed his eyes and lowered his head to accept the judgement thrust upon him. He flinched as their guns cocked, but then...


Oh dear, a soldier...death by explosion was always the most painful. A pair of thin arms wrapped around the spy in a protective hold. He opened my eyes to see that the boy he saved was willingly standing in-between him and his death. Before he could protest, the soldier rocket-jumped into view and began screaming in his usual "calm" tone of voice.

"Whether he's on our side or not, the frenchie still saved one of our boys! If you have an ounce of honor you will put your weapons down now, soldiers!"

The scout also jumped in to add to the argument, and his words stirred new emotions in the spy. "He saved my life, so...if I have to save his, t-then I will!"

"No need, son." Soldier insisted, firing his gun once into the air. "Now stand at attention, you maggots!" To Spy's surprise, they listened and formed an orderly line, save for the Scout who stayed at his side. It was easy to deduce that he must be the leader of their team. "From now on, this man is a guest of the BLU team!" He turned his head towards spy and added, "Unless you would rather die and end up back in the belly of the beast you stirred." The announcement was met with jeers and complaints, but the soldier quieted them with another gunshot to the air.

Scout looked at Spy, his eyes pleading for him to accept. He had no choice, it seemed, for if he accepted death the young man he saved would turn on his team as well. Finally, he sighed and looked up at the soldier, nodding subtly. "I accept. I am at your disposal."

He ignored the whispers of their distrust. All he could focus on was the Scout's arms now wrapped around his neck, and the little sigh of relief that brushed against his ear. Something told him he had just made a terrible mistake.
Just a little thing i wrote while i was bored today. I have some plans for it.
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This is really good! I hope to see more of it soon :)
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I was wondering if you posted this on fanfiction...if you did could I get a link?
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daww. cute story :3
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AHH i love this sooo much... soo not to be annoying but is there a next part coming? anyhoo, thanks for writing an awesome story!!
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Man, this is getting good, I can't wait to read more!! :D
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OMG! this is so cool!!
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Moaaaaaarrr.... D=
I like where this is going =)
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Moar soon. Promise. I PROMIIIISE
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I'm really interested in seeing where this story goes, in terms of both the relationship between the Spy and the Scout and the plot as well. Can't wait for the next part. :D
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I'm writing the next part now <3
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Sweet! I'm sure it'll be great. :)
A definate attention getter, must.....have.....MORE!!

I know I have to, but I -can't- wait for the next part!

*sits in my corner chewing on a tentacle in anticipation*
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It'll be okay! It's coming soon!
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Yay~ I love your writing. I can't wait to see more. :D
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Thank you! : D
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FFFF- Awesomeness right here. I missed your arts/words/general amaze. <3
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You're too kind <3
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Ooh, I'm curious to what's going to happen next. Is there going to be more? :dance:
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There is more coming, actually! : D
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