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Scout awoke the next morning to the mid-morning sun full on his face, to see that Sniper had moved back to the floor in the middle of the night. On the foot of the bed was  Scout's shirt, freshly cleaned and folded neatly. The Sniper slept so stoically, which Scout decided must suit him. He reached over, yawning, and poked Sniper's shoulder to wake him up.

"Mnngh...W-what?" Sniper mumbled, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Scout has never really seen him without his glasses before. The man's eyes were a nice steely gray color, and glinted effortlessly.

"When did you have time to clean this?" Asked scout, picking up shirt. Sniper yawned.

"Oi had some trouble sleepin' last noight, so oi decided to do some laundry." He said. Scout look at him curiously.
"...Seriously?" He asked, incredulous. An embarrassed smile formed on his face, and he put a hand to the back of his head to ruffle his own hair. "Was I taking up too much room? Sorry, pal.."

"No, it's not that. Well, you said you'd be leaving now, right?" Asked Sniper, in such a monotone voice that it could hardly be directed as a question. Not that it really was one, anyways. Scout could tell he was being pushed out. So, he swung his legs over the bed and stood up, a little frown now on his features.

"Are you going to get breakfast?" He asked, still desperate to find some way to break through to him. Scout pulled off his borrowed shirt, which made Sniper want to scream inside. He suddenly felt as if looking at the young man with just his shirt off was justified as a sin. The boy looked pleased once he was dressed in his own clothes again, and Sniper was relieved. "We could go together, if you want." He suggested in a small voice, as he brushed himself off.

The Australian blushed a bit and looked rigid. "No, uh...Oi'm just going to have a cup of coffee. You go on ahead." Sniper stood up and placed his hat and shades back on. "...Go on."

Scout got up too, put on his other lost vestments, and Sniper walked him to the door.

"I'll see you later, okay man?" He said pleasantly. Sniper gave a small, halfhearted wave.

"Yeah, later."

Scout took a brisk five minute jog back to the base, unaffected by the early morning cold. As he ran, he pondered what he had done to make the Sniper turn so cold again overnight. 'It's not like I could do much damage in my sleep, right?' But, he had to be missing something. Or perhaps that was just the way Sniper naturally acted. He decided to try to shrug it off and increased his pace, his hot breath visible in the cool air and the rhythmic tapping of his shoes on metal increasing in speed with him.
When he finally arrived back 'home', he found everyone in the kitchen, talking loudly and going about their business. Scout loved this time of morning, because when they were all gathered together like this, they looked almost like a family. An odd one, but a family nonetheless. The demoman had already begun to drink himself into the stupor, the heavy and medic conversed and ate together with a strange civility, and the soldier was, as usual, telling his morning war stories about how he had supposedly ended world war two himself. Pyro greeted Scout in a muffled voice as per usual. Or at least he was pretty sure it was a greeting. Scout smiled, waved to his comrades, and prepared his usual breakfast of toast and coffee.

Scout glanced around the room, scanning over the bustling activity for somewhere to sit. His eyes lit up when he saw that the spy was sitting down enjoying a cigarette, and there was an empty seat right across from him. He tried not to seem too eager as he took the seat across from Spy.

They didn't say anything to each other; They only looked at each other for a moment to acknowledge that they were there. The younger man took a bite of his toast and tried to seem occupied. He practically choked on it when he felt a foot teasing his own from under the table. A quick look at the spy revealed him smiling in a peculiar manner. He gulped.

The secret flirting lasted for a few minutes. All around them, their teammates were completely unaware of what weird thing was going on between them. While the spy seemed to be completely unfazed, Scout was still practically choking down on his food. His eyes wandered to the door for a moment, and to his surprise, Sniper was standing in the doorway. When they met eyes, Sniper tipped his hat and nodded gruffly.

"Oh, hey Sniper!" Scout said, raising a hand in greeting. Sniper nodded again, and hesitated on what to do next.

Spy looked at Scout, then to Sniper, then back at Scout again. Then, he stood up from his chair abruptly. He cleared his throat, and began walking out of the room. Before he left, he gave Scout a very subtle sign to follow him.

Seeing an opening through the chaos, Sniper walked over, albeit nervously, to where scout was sitting. "Um...Oi'm sorry about earlier, y'know...oi was bein' a jerk." He said, adjusting his hat. "So um, if it's alroight, I thought I'd take ye up on your offer to have breakfast."

Scout frowned and stood up. "Well, I'm sorry, but I actually have something I have to do now." He had to awkwardly step around the Sniper, who already looked disappointed. "But I'll catch up with ya later, alright man?"

The boy looked back a few times at the sniper before exiting to go after Spy. Sniper didn't say anything. He was too busy letting his mind wander as to why Scout and Spy had left within a minute of each other. He ignored his team mates' exclamations on how he had actually showed up for once, and against his better judgement, decided to go looking for Scout.

Meanwhile, Scout was already at Spy's door, and gave it a gentle knock. There wasn't any reply. He tested the nob to see that the door was unlocked, and let himself in uneasily. "Uhh...Spy?" He whispered. Suddenly, he felt the pressure of two arms wrapped around him, and he smiled. Spy came into sight a second later and squeezed Scout tightly.

"Why do you always do that?" Scout said through his laughter, as spy nibbled on his ear. "It doesn't freak me out anymore, you know."

"Je sais." Said spy, kissing the nape of Scout's neck. "I missed you last night, you know. Where were you?" He pulled at his lover's shirt to feel the skin underneath.

"Oh, I was hanging out with Sniper. I got too tired to walk back home, so I just crashed at his place." He gasped as the man's gloved fingers ran over a sensitive spot.

"You did not do anything with him, did you, mon cheri?" Spy asked, leading scout over to his bed and sitting him down, continuing to kiss along Scout's neck. In response, Scout fumbled over the buttons of his lovers shirt and loosened the red tie around his neck.

"O-of course I didn't!" He stammered, his mind already dulled by passion.

"Of course. Because you're mine."

There was a certain harshness and demanding in his tone, and Scout only nodded softly in response.
Spy helped Scout get his shirt off over his head.

"You wanna do it n-now?"

"I didn't get to have you last night, so today will be special."

It took Sniper quite a while to find Scout. If you can call what happened finding him, anyways. He would have never known where he was unless his ears picked up on something when he was walking down one of the many spacious hallways of the base. He pressed his ear to a closed door, his mouth agape.

It sounded like...Muffled breathing.
And, oh god, Scout's voice.

"Shhh, mon amour."

Sniper was absolutely horrified at what he was hearing. Then, his horror turned into anger. How could that pervert do that to Scout? Not that he had thought about it himself...or so he told himself. But he couldn't do anything. Obviously, that backstabbing snake already had a hold on the poor boy. If only he had been more outgoing, he told himself. Maybe things wouldn't be like this. But they were, and Sniper couldn't take it. He bolted back to his seclusion as fast as he could.
I really don't like writing most of the time. So unless someone wants me to continue, I don't wanna keep writing this one.
© 2011 - 2021 sup-bro
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i want more of this
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i do please continue its hard to find peaple like you
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Please continue this,  I would like to know what happens next (mainly to sniper and scout)! Love it, please continue.  :)
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Go ahead and bolt in the conclusion of this! I wish to see what will happen between Sniper and Spy, bitte :pray: ...
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Wish there was a 3rd chapter X3
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Please god continue this. Please, I beg you.
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plzzz make more!!!
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i want u 2 continue!!!!!!11 its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i lov it u needs to write more! if yo ill love u !!!!
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Keep going, keep going! Hnnnnggg, angst!Sniper makes me gleeful in a terrible way.
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Ill try my best! ;D
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Write it anyways, for the lulz.
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If you don't like writing a lot then you shouldn't have started this, because I've totally fallen in love with your stories <333
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Aw, thank you! ;u; It means a lot!
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No problem c:
But I love it. *w*
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