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Heavenly Mulan

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Here's my entry for the Smite Fan Forge design challenge featuring Mulan. You can rate the submission here:…

The highest rated submissions might get used in official Smite products! My design is for an artprint and mousepad.

(Also some credit for Huang Guangjian, whose painting I used to help me with the color palette!)

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I own the Disney cartoon which is a classic and I rented the 2020 movie. It was

rather heavy on the feminism, but overall was not terrible. I enjoyed it. Very lovely

skills as usual.

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NOT MY MULAN! #BoycottMulan#BoycottMulan

Liu Yifei encourages to kill the dreams and freedom of Hong Kong children and young people. She supports the Hong Kong police who are using tear gas against the protestors.

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Hey, your critique is understandable but misplaced: this picture is fanart of the goddess Mulan from a game called Smite and has nothing to do with Disney's live action movie Mulan or the actress.

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Nice and beautiful work!!
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Thank you so much!
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Wow, Smite art. This is a welcome surprise.
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Glad to hear you like it!
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Didn't know you were into Smite.

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I've never actually played the game, but the character designs are really good, I think. I've drawn Amaterasu and Freya some years ago, too!
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Fantastic work!
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well done
love the rendition of mulan, composition, and colors. pose is wonderful too
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it!
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damn. I wish I had art skills like you.

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Thanks! It's all about practice!
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So much beautiful detail on the outfit!  Nice work!
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