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As those of you who know, college can take a toll on a person.  Between working, school, and a dying father, I've had little time to update websites or maintain various hobbies.  At the very least I'm almost finished with school as all I have left is my senior project in the fall.  The question is what will I do?  I'll probably try to complete Natural Selection in AfterEffects for it, as it would look 20x better. We'll see if a professor would like that idea.

In any case, alot of my work is also too large to put on here.  This website doesn't like film/animation very much.  So if I have time I'll start a youtube page that will have my videos on it.  So the very few fans I have here can enjoy my work there.
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So work is basically resuming on Natural Selection.  I've drawn up rough drafts of most of the backgrounds, the character models are complete, and all the voicework is done.  Now I just need to start animating again.  The scenes that are already done, need little editing.  The intro needs more flowers, and just a bit more detail (like clouds, water reflection, etc.), and the beehive doorway needs more work (and sound effects for the intro as a whole).  The dance scene and slug scene are perfect though.  Just need a nice wet slap noise for the slug.  I wish I had more time to animate, because I'd really like to get this one done, along with my other two ideas, Tiny Bubbles and Road Trip Emergency.  I know once school kicks in I'll have NO time to animate outside work.
Yay!  The Couch Potato 2 is on the front page at, plus I got the daily 2nd award!  Go forth and vote for it (if you like it of course :) )
Thanks everyone for you comments!
Hope you all enjoyed those pictures of the zoo, I know I had a good time there.  Soo many screaming kids though.  It's like Val said, "the perfect form of birth control".  Didn't get to really see the monkey's, they were all either too lazy or hiding.   And the elephant and panda's weren't out either.

And be sure to check my scraps section for updates on my cartoons!  Right now I haven't been able to animate for a week or so because of all the heavy rain (keeps causin the power the flicker).  Soon though, The Couch Potato 2 will be complete!
Wow, I'm just not used to having some free time at last!  Every time I sit down I keep thinking that I need to run off somewhere, like to school, or that I have a test I need to study for.  So now, it's back to those projects of mine that got put off by school.  I'm going to pick up on Natural Selections and Bubbles, and I also have a storyboard in my head for a sequel to Couch Potato.  Then there's a couple pictures that I want to work on, like a tribute to a friend of mine who recently died, and a "twist" on the usual bumper sticker you see.
I guess I consider this my work journal or something, because I always write the same thing: that I'm too damn busy!

I'm almost done with my cut out animation.  I was working on that from 12pm to 1am.  I plan to finish the final scene on Tuesday after school, then hopefully take a nap and research/study for my history exam.  After I hand in the cut out animation on Thursday, we dive into a Line drawing animation.  I really wish I could finish my "Natural Selection" cartoon, as well as my little side projects "Bubbles" and "One of my Turns".  For now they're on the backburner though.

In the meanwhile, I'm a zombie.  Seriously.  I'm dead right now.

Always remember to periodically check "The Couch Potatoe" and "Natural Selection" for random updates to the files.  It may not be the same as the last time you viewed it.
Right now things are pretty busy, thanks to college and work.  Being full time at school and part time at work is very difficult, but I gotta try to get through this semester.  The only class I'm afraid of doing badly in is Spanish 2...because it's Spanish...and it's level 2...and I HATE Spanish.  Anyways, I'm still working on the animation "Natural Selection" so those of you who think I've forgotten about it, neverfear!!  Currently I gotta work on a rotoscope project for my animation class, and some weird inside/outside photo project.

So the point of this blog??  Some simple reminders:
1)  My deviation "Natural Selections" will be periodically update when scenes or key events are finished.  So even while it gets pushed down the list on deviant art, it is being continually updated.  Let me know what you think!
2) I have a fish website I started up to document my other big hobby, aquariums :)  feel free to check that website out at…
I guess I should have been more specific or something.  But then again my luck's always been horrible.  Right now I just get HIT with stuff to do...I want to make flashes for people, but I simply just don't have the time now.  College is being a bastard, my work is gonna become full time, and we all know how long it takes to make an animation.  I mean, let's see...
1) my insect cartoon
2) my road trip cartoon
3) my friend wants a 50's era racial war type cartoon, with good over evil
4) a Myspace person wants a website Template
5) & 6)Deviant person wants flash
7)Deviant wants me to join club

Not to mention the fact that I'm trying to learn actionscript and HTML now.  I must learn all I can if I wanna succeed.
Alright...right now...I must get my head straight...because it's spinnin like crazy cause of work.  I'm glad at least that my "Dying In the Sun" cartoon was so popular it really got my work out there :)
For now, I just have a preview version of my upcoming flash cartoon, but soon I'll have lots of random pictures in there.  Just take a look and let me know what you think of the cartoon so far!