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A reinterpretation of Journey
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How beautiful! A sea version of the Journey game would indeed be cool.... :)
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Actually there's a game where you travel across the sea instead of the desert. It's called Abzu, and it's made by programmers who worked for "that game company" which is the one of Journey
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Beautiful, I love the way you did the sea, and the clouds. This would be so fun!
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Wow, awesome movement in this :D
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It's always nice to see some journey fanart. Especially really well drawn ones. ;)
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All I hear is the theme song.. You really capture the sort of flow that is present in the game!
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Aww man!   Lovely art Sunshine1617.  Different versions of the same game would be so amazing!  Fear not, That game company is already working on their next game called Abzu.  A water world.
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Yyyyyooooooo!!!! This is so pretty, man!!! ;3; I want a second version of the game where it's all water now, goshdarnit x0
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Thank you, I tried to imagine the desert of Journey as a sea, and the mountain as a volcanic island. The final result is pretty nice ;)
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