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Trp. Polly Farthingale, the Iron Gale

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Character  Polly Farthingale
"Blood ain't thicker than shit."

Polly's life trajectory isn't that unusual for a woman in her mid-twenties. When she was young, the Red Death was in its twilight years -- aggressive quarantine, both from selfless acts and from ruthless pragmatism, had dramatically slowed its spread, while the greatest witches and apothecaries had developed a cure for infection. However, though cures existed, it was hard to come by; even many noble families simply couldn't afford the costs, and if you weren't rich? You persisted only on the generosity and time of your local coven.

Her parents contracted the plague when she was only a toddler. She does not remember their faces except through paintings; in an effort to save their sole child, her parents sent her to live with childless relatives immediately, and they died some weeks later. Her parents had hoped that her cousins would treat her as their own once her parents were gone. Instead, Polly and her caretakers fought often until they finally kicked her out on the streets as a teenager.

As many do when alone, she found gangs to run with for protection, starting first with city gangs and eventually graduating to groups of bandits and raiders outside town, turning progressively more vicious each step of the way. She took her first life when was only 14, and when -- by the age of 19 -- she happened to cross paths with a carriage carrying her erstwhile guardians from another time, she did not hesitate to take either coin or life except to savor the act.

In the last few years, she rose to prominence as the leader of her own small but vicious bandit group, only to lose it all when a bounty hunter finally managed to bring her in after all these years. In prison, she was given the choice of conscription into the Revolutionary Aerie, or death by firing squad.

Not hard to figure out which one she chose.
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