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Sgt. Maj. Camille Seule

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Character  Camille SeuleLocation  The Sundered Marches
Take a nap, darlin', you're in over your head.

They call her the Buckaroo Banshee.

They say that she's a witch, born under the strange lights that come once every eleven years; that she knows when the hippaitne will roam the plains by the smell of the wind.

They say she's cursed and the dunewalkers let her pass even when the bloodmoon is high in the sky; that every soldier she's ever served with is dead and she sells their souls for coin.

You tell her that, and Sergent Seule will smile at you and call bullshit. Souls don't sell for much.

There are parts of her life she discusses with none, but the trail begins in her teenage years, two decades ago; a young witchmaiden named Camille suddenly left the Coven of Blacksands and headed for the deserts of Lanva, where she offered her blade to ranchers and merchants struggling to survive against the monsters that roam the dunes and canyons.

Camille was good at what she did, but especially when she was younger, she made... mistakes. Whirlwind romances left heartache and their fair share of blood in the sand. And while she was quite the monster wrangler, people were more difficult. More than once, she was hired by people who couldn't or wouldn't pay, or were frightened of her after they saw her command the elements and barter with faeries. Yet as the years passed, she settled into a rhythm on the frontier as a ranger, a ruthless-if-honest card sharp, and every good-looking woman's best friend.

When the war broke out, most figured -- like any other witch -- that Camille would stay neutral. Witches don't get involved in politics and rangers only do for coin. So when the Mayor of Whitesprings approached her with a sack of gold if she'd join the militia, she was surprised to find that Camille turned the gold down but agreed to help, though she never explained her reasons. The first half of a year went well enough, but then the militia was absorbed into the regular aerie, and that's when the trouble started.

At first disdainful of witches and wanting to show her troops that they were as mortal as any other, Coronel Westhouse consistently ordered Whitesprings Company into impossible odds that were guaranteed to be fatal; but while Camille continued to survive, her teammates did not. Westhouse's disdain switched to discomfort and fear as she began to believe there was something more to Camille's survival, and her troops could see that the Sergeant consistently unsettled the Coronel. Fear fed on fear, and general incompetence led to the complete collapse of the Westhouse Legion at the Battle of Prester one month ago, where Camille was captured.

Last week, she arrived back at headquarters without warning, saying she'd escaped -- no other survivors.

wildersurge did all of the amazing lineart, shading, and coloring on this picture!
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