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Captain Frederika Schreibel, M.P.

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Character  Fred SchreibelLocation  The Sundered Marches
wildersurge did all of the amazing lineart, shading, and coloring on this picture! I have done some color correction for consistency.

You're dismissed.

Frederika Schreibel is a driven, consummate professional in their late twenties. Sometimes they go by Frederick instead; most people call them Chief or simply 'Fred.' They won't object if you call them a woman, but they wouldn't pitch a fit about being called a man, either. It's not something Fred contemplates deeply, it's just what they are.

Fred was born with a strong sense of justice and truth. Some things simply are the way they are, with no other rational explanation to them. Fred has always been just a little better and smarter and faster and stronger than their competition growing up, a middle-class girl keeping pace with the well-bred nobles. Seems unfair, but that's how it is. Some people are just... better than others.

A native of Easton Shire, Fred joined the Imperial military academy as a teenager and graduated with top-flight marks. Many expected the wunderkind to apply for knightship. Instead, they chose to join the Inspectors-General, believing that it was vital the Imperial Army acquit itself honorably and ethically in stewardship over its colonies. Things progressed rather uneventfully for several years; respect for Fred's military talent was overshadowed by frustration with the colonial "rat" who kept shutting down their superiors over rules violations no one cared about.

But Fred cared about them. Someone had to. And, until last year, Fred believed the Empire cared about it too. Then came the Glorinton Massacre -- and worse, the complete acquittal of those involved. 

Having decided that the Duvencht Empire has both betrayed Lanva and is incompetent to rule over it in stewardship, the Chief resigned her commission and traveled to Lanva to join the rebellion. Few that new them were surprised. But Fred has not been any more well-received as a member of the Military Police, because who cares about the rules of war when you're fighting to survive?

Sergeant Knickers initially drew Fred's attention due to his wild flouting of the regulations on uniforms and explosives, but after some disciplinary actions and some unlikely successes, Fred's learned to overlook a few things in the law in the name of competence. 

Fred is a Dungeons and Dragons character created for a custom campaign setting, The Duke's Coin. They are a guest character in the Sundered Marches. They were created by Sokaris, and their visual design was co-created by Sokaris, me, and wildersurge. The Duke's Coin setting was created by Sokaris.

wildersurge did all of the amazing lineart, shading, and coloring on this picture!
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