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"I don't feel like loving you yet,"
Mentioned the stars one evening.
I was halfway up a ladder
With a rug slung over one forearm
And a cup of tea.
Was there much else you can say
To an angry galaxy?
So I set aside my differences
And counted the chance -
It was positive I felt.
The applause filtered out
And the actors swapped recipes
In the foyer
While the children played on the floor
With the dregs.
"Do you come here often?"
I asked my Doctor.
We were sitting on the swing-set in the park.
"Only when the grass is wet,"
He said with a smile.
His eyes were kaleidoscopes
And I remember his laugh
As I melted into oblivion.
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It's all a popularity contest,
We wipe the dreams out of our eyes
While rouged cheeks and lips betray our lies;
And underneath our perfect skin
Is hate, and shit, and sick, and sin.
Oh, how I want your face.
To share in your disgrace
And to fall into your perfect charms
Would be perfect tainted bliss.
I've never been good at this.
I'd give you all my pocket change
For one believable kiss.
For a moment in time
I'd steal the world
And hurl it at the stars.
This second fails to capture
And my attention wavers;
Your sexual favours
Do nothing for me any more.
You are my whore.
You just want more.
And I need it too.
Inspiring and creative,
I watch your gaze across the room
And linger quietly, quite alone,
Within your thoughts
For just that time.
Give me your place in a crowd,
Give me the words in your mouth,
Set me loose upon the earth
And give me peace for just that minute.
Just that moment.
And the ribbons are distributed
To the ill-reputed.
First... And the rest.
There is nothing,
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I can think of no words
To describe how I'm feeling,
No words to tell you
How my heart is bleeding.
How do you tell one so distant
That you need them to love you?
Instead of reject you,
You need them to protect you.
I fill up with anger,
I breathe till I'm dizzy,
My dreams fill your mouth with the words
"I am sorry".
But I can't let it happen,
I can't let you in,
I've given you chances again, and again.
Oh Father, my Father,
The one who began me,
I wish I could tell you
That your actions shame me.
You've left me, you've hurt me,
You twist me in your lies;
I just want to tell you
I see me in your eyes.
Every time that I rhyme,
Every second of beauty
That brings tears to my eyes -
I know that you'd know me.
But you don't want this daughter,
This seed that you watered,
You don't care about her thoughts,
Her tears are not thwarted.
I guess I still care for you,
Guess I still long for you,
I want to be able to call for you,
To pack up and run to you.
But your door is now barred,
And your ph
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Who Is It I Am Now?
Perched upon a rumpled bed,
Between my lips a cigarette,
I survey this smoky room -
This Chamber of Regret.
I think about the girl I was,
Barely two years ago,
I didn't know, like I know now,
That she would be forced again to grow.
That she'd be forced to change her smile
For a shaded sigh instead,
She did not know that certain things
Would now fill her with regret.
Nor was she aware that while she slept
Fate moved the barriers, it seems.
If she had known I think she would have
Given up all of her dreams.
She did not know the struggling
That she would face in days to come.
She did not know the prospect
Of spending days all on her own.
She was comfy in her bubble
Where only laughs and drinks survived.
She would not know that by now
All the happiness would have died.
As the sun sinks behind the curtain,
It gets a little cold.
With each second, with each line I write,
I get a little old.
I know the girl I was before,
And dismiss her with a bow.
I'm not the same, my world has changed,
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Birthday Song
Once bitten, twice shy -
Choose whether to fight or fly.
Twice around the mulberry bush,
Give the jumper one final push.
Put the daisies in your posies,
Singing "ring-a-ring-a-rosies".
I've been pushed, and shoved, and spun,
I hope this game is nearly done.
The children's voices goad me on,
While the demented piano plays its song.
A blindfold tight across my eyes
To make each new horror a complete surprise.
Who to banish and who to trust?
I hate this game of "blind-man's-bluff".
Musical chairs has got me down,
And the jester's stolen my only crown.
The player's of the game have left,
And abandoned my soul (expectantly bereft).
Now, alone in my empty party hall,
Where they emphasised my rise, but not my fall,
I clutch broken balloons against my chest,
And lay the empty poppers to their rest.
The joy I had has gone awry -
And it's not as though I did not try.
I just did as I heard in my heart,
Such as, "Face each day like a brand new start".
"Turn your back like you've not been stabbed",
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Poet's Prison
I watch through eyes that cannot see,
Filled with tears that cannot fall,
And I survey this broken mess I'm in
As I think about the fall.
Using fingers, that are numb to touch,
I play with boundaries that are not real.
I gaze into an empty sky
And wonder what I might feel.
I have a heart that's pounding steady beats
And a mind that forgets to think;
So I pick up the empty bottle
And take a sip of the tasteless drink.
I trail, wordless, through the shattered glass,
Treading soundless on echoing floors.
Each key I have is missing
And won't open the unlocked doors.
So I sink into my crowded chair
And try to close my eyes -
It's only me inside my self-made tomb
But I can see through every disguise.
Sleep is not the poet's friend,
And Inspiration lends no grace.
So I stare into eternity
Haunted by her shapeless face.
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Evening's Reflection
City lights grazed the bottom of the cloud
And dyed it red against the night.
But the shade from a lingering tree
Brought me comfort in the fading light.
The wind passed by -
Curling fingers through my hair,
And I was reminded by the memories
Of people who are no longer here.
The clock struck solemn lonely notes
To peers (to me) unknown,
As estranged passers-by
Found their own way home.
My seat was a castle
As I sat with my dreams.
The boundaries of my reality
Were bursting at their seams.
And dusk betrayed my solitude;
I was but a silhouette against the bark,
Surrounded by simple wishes
And the steady growing dark.
Would I, too, grow like the solid oak,
If I lay there for too long?
The leaves rustled in an answer
But I couldn't grasp their song.
So, slowly, I too headed home,
As the stars came out to play.
They watched me as I wandered -
Keeping me safe in their own way.
A constant hand of guidance
Was the wind upon my back,
And the moon inside her velvet robe -
The silver stars again
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Just A Thought
With eyes designed to see at dusk - I stumble through the night.
I cannot see the demons, nor the angels bathed in light.
Like wearing eternal rose tinted lenses, I cannot see the truth.
Not even when it's in front of me. Not even when there's proof.
Oblivious to mankind's faults, I have a smile for all.
But the truth is, when the jig is up, no one'll catch me as I fall.
The sky was bright again last night, and I dreamt the future as I slept.
Such a dark and lonely prospect that, when I woke, I sat and wept.
Sorrow for the human faces - regret for all that's not been said.
Trapped inside these fearful longings. Trapped inside my tortured head.
With every smile I wait for pain. With each new sun I wait for rain.
And yet, I race before them all, to catch wishing stars as they fall.
With every birth I see a death - a spirit freed, a soul bereft.
Yet on my tongue sits hope herself. Reinforcements on the shelf.
How many feet have walked these stones?
Out of those pairs, who walked alone?
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Perchance I walked into a dream -
Somberly trailed the misty pines -
And wandered slow unto the stream
Of memories forever lost in time.
My bare feet sank through clumps of dew
And ivy clung tight against my hair;
All my thoughts screamed out for you...
I was caught against a wall that wasn't there.
In the silent, vague shades of grey,
I found no comfort in my song.
I thought everything would be okay -
I was mistaken. I was confused. I was wrong.
I probably slept for but a while,,
But years had passed for me.
A century without your smile
Before the darkness set me free.
Perchance I slowly shook free of slumber
And peered into the morning gloom;
Your breath was loud to me as thunder
And so I left our frosty room.
Through the darkened halls went my feet
Silent as I crept,
Eventually I found a lowly seat -
I sat alone. I sat and wept.
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Remember Me As I Am
Remember me as I am.
Each day brings a different me -
Different eyes through which to see.
Brand new pain inside my heart,
And hope restored with a brand new start.
Each breath I breathe changes me too,
There is no eternal me or you.
Nothing settles, nothing's the same,
One minute I lose, the next I gain.
I moulded by the steps I take
So they accuse me of being fake.
They can't see, but their lives too,
Change with every thing they do.
Bring recall to this second here,
With each word you read time disappears.
Each line to you is a new direction -
Whether you dismiss it or take a closer inspection.
Like a leaf caught in a changing breeze,
We flit from moment to moment with apparent ease.
And yet we only see others change,
To think the same of ourselves just seems to strange.
Reflect a moment, if you would,
And think of what you'd do if you could.
One second a boy, the next a man.
Remember me, please, just as I am.
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I said goodbye to yesterday, today.
My eyes were solar flares
And my crown of thorns
Slipped through my heavy fingers
As the night cried tears for the betrayed.
Life extinguished - closed for business -
Like a daisy that hides from what it fears most.
A delicate flower disappearing into oblivion.
There were colours that I couldn't see
And words I wouldn't hear.
I bled from the wounds of your knife
But the ground found nourishment
In the essence of my pain.
Leaching, creeping, stealing.
Pretend concern was laced with bullets.
I counted the reasons,
Packaging each into it's own box;
I made sure the promises were kept.
The funeral director spoke gently,
But the smeared sulphur in the air
Did little to reassure the seraphim.
Again I found myself contemplating
On the innocence of the world.
Our naivety is plain,
We are still naught but children.
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Ode To Love
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Set me up, before my fall.
Cut my hair, and change my clothes.
Make me look, each bit, a rose.
Run whispers through my burning ears.
Wipe my nose, and catch my tears.
Heal the bruises, pass the tape,
Help me forge all that is fake.
Paint my nails, and bin my food,
Tread on my nerves and spoil my mood.
And when the final fall has done it's harm...
Catch me
In your loving arms.
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You Let Go
You let go of my hand and wandered away -
When you came back I didn't recognise you.
Had I honestly only turned my back for a moment?
Your face seems more drawn,
And someone stole the fire from your eyes.
Why did you step off the path?
We were heading in the right direction;
Amiable thoughts criss-crossing a blue sky,
And I had nothing but bliss in my heart.
I can barely comprehend your backwardness.
I'm stunned, momentarily motionless,
As my brain panics.
I feel almost like I'm on guard.
It just gets worse as paranoia
Bangs her fists against my temples -
Calling my name.
I want to tell her to go away,
To never darken my days again.
But, in my weakening confusion,
It would be nice to see a familiar face.
So, conflicted,
I draw the pages of my book around me
And sink into frightened silence.
I've left you a trail of breadcrumbs.
And left the lights on in the house.
But I've a feeling I'm going to have to
Go out there
And find you.
The real you.
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Mature content
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I know, you know
I know what you are up to,
I can see it in your grin.
It's one that sucks in all the light,
And let's the darkness in.
I know and yet I don't object,
And offer welcoming arms.
Little pity for myself I have,
It's me that's caused my harm.
I know how good it makes you feel,
I know what turns you on.
I know if you just get it now,
Then soon you will be gone.
I know that I stop just short,
From where you want to go.
But you'll be fine if you just have some,
And this you know I know.
But you know what makes me want to fight,
You know what thing's I'll give.
You know how I treasure my light,
You know I want to live.
You know how far to push me,
You know what boundaries you can cross.
You know what makes me writhe and shake,
You know that you're the boss.
You know what you can take from me,
You know just what you want.
You know I like to hide away,
You know I'm not the one to flaunt.
And yet you see what lies beneath,
I clothes I hide inside.
You can see my tear-stained face,
You know that I
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Life's a bit difficult at the moment.
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Big love to anyone who's still reading.


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