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To Find A Path
Featuring Captain Saba, and Itztli
Summer, Year 770 of the New Age
The Eyrie, Oakfern

It had been a long time since the lithe stag had any. Too many years spent wandering aimlessly, at the mercy of the annoying itch within his skin, forcing him to search, to look, to seek, and finding nothing. Nothing he’d cared to keep, no one he’d wanted to stay near. He’d done nothing but exist since leaving his mother’s side, since outgrowing the wet nurses, and running away from the caretakers, always searching, and never finding.
News of his mother’s death had left him hollow years ago, and he’d made no effort to seek out any of his siblings afte
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The Family of Aishwarya by SunsetRevelation The Family of Aishwarya :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 6 0 H344 Eadwine by SunsetRevelation H344 Eadwine :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 10 0 H243 Adiv by SunsetRevelation H243 Adiv :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 10 0 H393 by SunsetRevelation H393 :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 4 0
Why Are You Fat
The day had been one of the best Halix could remember. Bright sun, silence and solitude as he spent his time wandering about the forests in this late spring, absently tending to any lingering problems caused by their long departed is good. He is good. Time has been kind to the young stag, and now, staring up at the canopy far above this wide meadow, he can't help but grin like a loon up at the shadowy speckling of sunlight coming from above.
Damia had been hustling and bustling a good majority of the day. She'd spent her early hours in the tunnels helping heal workers who had strained themselves or had gotten hurt from accidents that happened every once in a while. She never realized that being recognized as an actual healer was so much work. She hadn't had to use her powers so strenuously before and although it felt great to do so- it was tiring.  Her stomach was beginning to d
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Two Tone Brioche Knit WIP by SunsetRevelation Two Tone Brioche Knit WIP :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 2 7 Yarn Storage by SunsetRevelation Yarn Storage :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 1 8

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As part of This is H-Anom-oween, 2018! | Group Event, this is my feature journal for RP/Characters, also in proxy for the people who run said characters, but yes! 83 Here we go!

Otrera - Badass Hen Sultana

Otrera | Hen | Saraphem Sultana by ChrissyMax

There isn't much to say about Otrera that doesn't include the words 'badass' 'bodacious' and 'strong.' She is an amazing character with a spine of steel, the will to change things that needed to be changed, and the courage to see it through. 


May Elysia Watch Us

Tharn - Squirmy Six Eyed Wriggler

Tharn | Tom | Sentry by PrinceJackdaw

Tharn is Tharn. It is hard to put any other descriptor to the bloodthirsty little spitfire that is the tiny Nombeko. A reckless whirlwind of bitey sneaky wriggles, Tharn is a ridiculously fun character with so many possible future plotlines, and I look forward to each and every single one. :3


[Anom] Gatherin Gifts

Damia - Sweetly Patient Sassmaster

Damia |Austerian | Commoner by Rosela

Damia is a beautiful doe, with a lovely personality and the patience of a saint, particularly when dealing with my own Lordling, Halix. She is a generous and sweet hardworking character, with a sassy sense of humor around those she knows. 


A Power Too Bright 
A World so Vast
Warmth in the Night
Why Are You Fat


This is not an exhaustive list, I just cannot fit everyone in. XD

Wes | Stag | Co-High Admiral by Cactus-sis  Kelahia | Filly | Smol Chubb by jouroo  Nimwen | Doe | Princess by kelpiesummer  Sir Rhette | Austerian Stag | Queen's Guard by BrokenFawnHill AC - Agnes / maer / iota by Tales-of-Haven  Jinsei | Tom | Nombeko Sentry by Mockradrake  Aiden | Tom | Nombeko by Ringalou  Vafara Ra Baudin | Hen | Saraphem by Frostwalker  Baheera Al-Taj | Hen | Babby by WinterWhitetail  Alim Malak || Alsaraphem || Studmuffin/Blacksmith by Aislein  Danyel Al-Amir|| Tiercel || Aspiring Merchant by Aislein  Raav | Drake | Follower by Cactus-sis  Elatha | Drake | Healer             by Ciaran-Greymoon  Dilly | Femme | Scybilline Follower by TigressDesign  Skuld | Tom | Renegade by Barking-Birds  Fyre | Mare | Hunter by KiaFyre  Blue | Bjorn | Linx Pack Member by strideroo AND SO MANY MORE.


Ambassador by applecinna  I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE, YS by ChrissyMax  Loot Galore! by strideroo  AC - The Most Beautiful Thing by Tales-of-Haven   CADHARA'S THRONE by MonochromeFox  Starlight Walk by Rosela  Divergent PathsFeaturing Adamina, Blue, Claer, & Vaelan:
Late Summer, Year 1995 | The Tunnels, Linx Territory
Vaelan's talons clicked unceremoniously on the stone floor of a tunnel leading from a large banquet hall. It reminded him of some of the Saraph mines and slave holding cells, though by far more welcoming and peaceful. They had all come a long way since then. With uncertainty in his eyes, he looked upon all of them, Adamina, Claer, and Blue---who they'd discovered was actually Tomhás and the son of a king. Vaelan was happy for Blue, he truly found his way home. A smile crept at the corners of his beak for a moment while glancing at the other three, but faded as they continued on for what somehow seemed like the last time. It had been a long and happily eventful night, and the feast had been grand but no
   Booty Hunt by Frostwalker  Detect Life by BADVIBESGENERATOR  Leading The Charge by ChrissyMax   Hot Damn! by BADVIBESGENERATOR  Inktober - AC - poison by Tales-of-Haven 

Mature Content

We Were Family (Anom Monthly Prompt) by MonochromeFox
  Parents and AncestorsCrag drifted through the water, slowly but deliberately making a beeline around obstacles towards his destination. He was slowed somewhat by the bag slung around his neck carrying a swarm of oversized water beetles. Their shells were difficult to rip open, but they protected the rich flesh inside from rot and were good to store through the winter.
And it was the time of year to think about that. Crag had put on weight over the summer, enjoying the bounty of plentiful moths in the swamps where he watched the eggs of his kingdom. The winter months would be more lean, and especially cruel towards those who hadn't had the luxury of feasting as they worked all summer.
Included in that number were his parents. His father was a templar, relying mostly on the charity of the herd to get by. He devoted all his time to his work and his wife, and rarely made time to hunt for himself.
His mother was a poison master, often having to travel great distances to find the plants she needed for her brews.
  DiamondtailedIn the dead of day, sun glaring hot over the shrubbish boondocks, Mavolya and Vylos had taken their rest in an unclaimed gap in the sandstone. It was days until the Full Moon Ceremony would be held - why they were here, and where they were going, was something Mavolya still didn’t have the courage to say. She had told no one of her plans; to say she had a plan at all was a blatant lie. Still, here they were - resting. Shrouded in shadow, as the sun blindingly dominated the sky.
In the dead of day, something moved. Slow. Methodical. Patient. A little this way. A little that. It shifted in beautiful, dancing motion, smooth and certain. Eyes scanned the sand, the stone, heat and movement. Flickering between its lips, a forked tongue, with which it sought its delicious prey.
In the dead of day, there was a scream.
It electrified her.
It was not the scream of a hatchling - it was too animal, too shrill - but Mavolya knew it. She knew that tone from the tone of beeps and whistles and g
  Snippity Snip by jouroo  The Holy OneFeaturing Warchief Lohané and Holy One’s Apprentice Cellophane:
With mentions of Chieftain Holokai and Holy One Ataahua.
Spring, Year 1997 | The Gathering Waters (Kahukura Island), Hihiri Territory
Warchief Lohané
His heart had never been so broken, not since the loss of Adelaide and his unborn child.  Never would Lohané be able to get the sight of Ataahua’s body, as blue and frothy as the ocean, lying still upon the sands of her favorite beach.  She had been the Holy One since before he was born - now, just like that, she was gone.
The Warchief had sent one of his warriors to alert the Chieftain, Holokai, at once, while he had sent another group to gather the Holy One’s body and give it to the shamans in preparation for her bur
  Visions by AgentDarkhorse

There are so many MORE rps that are absolutely amazing, so please, go look through and find them all! 

Go check it out. ;)


Battled a magpie for the life of a tiny finch hiding for warmth outside work today: I won.
Super cold, super early this year. We've had snow TWICE, and its not even October...wat? XD Seriously?
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