MLP: FiM - Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

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It was a sunny day in Ponyville, and ponies and stallions were going left and right doing their daily business....except for Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They had been called by Princesses Celestia and Luna for an important mission. "Listen closely, all of you," Luna said. "Five days ago, a Wonderbolt training squadron disappeared somewhere over this area." She used her magic to use a stick to point to an area marked as a triangle. "THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE?!" all 7, including Spike shrieked. "I'm afraid so," said Celestia, worried. "We need you to go there and find the missing squadron," said Luna.

With their mission received, and plenty of supplies, they left in their hot air balloon. A few hours later, the balloon was just passing over Florida and going by when..."Bermuda Triangle borderline, straight ahead!" shouted Applejack. With brave faces (except for Fluttershy), the group traversed into the fog of the Triangle, disappearing spookily. Some 30 minutes in after searching, a strange sound was heard. "Does anypony hear that?" asked Rarity. "I don't like it," squeaked Fluttershy. And it was for good reason, for suddenly, they saw five lights.

"Ooh! Pretty!" squealed Pinkie Pie. "What are they?" said Rainbow Dash. Their answer soon came clear, as five navy blue airplanes appeared out of the fog in a delta formation and flew directly over the balloon, sending it down! "WHOA!!!" all shouted. "What was that?!" screamed Fluttershy. "Flight 19!" shouted Twilight. "According to this book I found," Spike said, "Flight 19 is a group of five Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Triangle in 1941 during a Navy training exercise! All 14 members vanished!"

The balloon was soon near the water, but floated up a couple of feet. "Phew! Smooth sailing from here on out!" joked Pinkie. But sailing was, weirdly, the right word! The sound of a ship's horn blaring caught the Mane 6's and Spike's attention, as they saw a huge Navy grey ship sailing through the water! Large black text caught Pinkie's attention. "USS Cyclops," she read. "Funny name!" Rarity picked up the book Spike had read and leafed through the pages. "Ah!" she said. "The USS Cyclops was one of four Proteus-class colliers built for the US Navy years before World War I. In 1918, near St. Kitts, it was thought to be sunk by Imperial German Navy ships, because it never came out of the Triangle," she read.

As the Cyclops moved on, they suddenly saw..."The missing Wonderbolt squadron!" squealed Rainbow Dash. Soon, they rescued them and turned back. But where was the borderline? "We're lost!" cried Rarity! "How will we get back now?!" The sound of familiar plane engines soon caught their attention, and the five Avengers and the Cyclops came to their rescue! Towing them safely, Twilight guided them, and soon, the Wonderbolts, the Cyclops, and Flight 19 were out at last! Back in Equestria, at Cloudsdale, the citizens were all gawking at the five planes, the Cyclops, and all the crew members.

A five day celebration was held in honor of Twilight and her friends, and the return of Flight 19 and the Cyclops. The helmsman of the ship blared the horn loudly in jubilation, and everyone cheered. And this is where we end our story. Oh, hang on. What, Twilight? Oh. Right.

Twilight: Dear Princesses Celestia and Luna, today I learned that sometimes help is welcomed anytime, and you never know who you may receive it from. It's good to have people or friends who are their by your side to help guide you to the light when you're lost in the dark of the world. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. P.S.: The pilot of plane number 3 has a habit of saying very strange words. I dare not say them...


Pilot 2 (me): Bronson! Language!

Ahem. Okay, now we can end our story here.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust, aka :iconfyre-flye:, Hasbro Studios and Allspark Animation.

TBF Avenger torpedo bomber created by and belongs to General Motors and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

USS Cyclops (AC-4) created by and belongs to William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Co.

Mixing the MLP franchise with Bermuda Triangle mysteries was a bit of a challenge, but either way, I managed.

Once again, I'm strongly announcing...MLP: FiM created by and belongs to Lauren Faust (aka:iconfyre-flye).
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