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16% Probability

By sunsetagain

中文版: 16% Probability (Chinese) by sunsetagain

A boring HankCon talk I made just for character study.

After the happy ending. Just something I want them to tell each other.

The first time I beat the game I got their farewell on the rooftop, because I didn’t want Connor to be free in Jericho, by a stranger he never met. So I restarted from Crossroads, wanted to see what would happen if Connor became a deviant, then this happy ending came to me, and I love it so much.

It was fate that led me to this game. When I had to interrupt my journey in US, I bought a flight ticket and transferred at Detroit airport, and ordered the game there. 

It still took me a couple of weeks to settle everything before put my hands to the game. But it was worth such a long wait.

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