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Give me faith,
not religion.
Faith is universal.
All encompassing.
Religion diversify.
I'd rather hold on,
to common good.
Rather than spit,
purple and green.
And split my tongue,
by plastered gospel truth.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 0
Sometimes education,
do not serve its purpose.
Sometimes knowing too much,
can make you mad..
paranoid, hostile and eventually.. numb.
And I cannot help,
not to laugh..
when it is clear,
that I have
the makings
of a sociopath.
There's truth to be told in this,
that I am an erudite..
and that life is nothing more, but satire.
In which I am the entire article.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 2
Public Invitation
I am the ruler of a palace.
That has no doors and no keys.
No floor plan to follow.
I have no iron gates, no moat nor a boat.
Everyone is allowed..
though, I decide
who stays.
And who goes.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 2 0
Salt Lick
She ate salt.
Each and every day.
To preserve
what little of herself,
she has left.
And to prevent herself,
from becoming..
..who she is not.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 0
Queen of Solitude by Sunsee Queen of Solitude :iconsunsee:Sunsee 2 0
Tabloid Connoisseur
Someone would always want a bite and a taste of you.
But they would shun the flesh, and would rather go straight for your  soul.
They have sore tongues with blistered bed of buds.
They desperately try to keep their absent palettes barely tingling,
by mugging at something new.. someone like you.
Thoroughly.. they will chew who you are,
And would gag and spit at what you do.
Hoping that when they come home to their own table,
their rancid, moldy course and sour wine..
..will somehow taste a little better than before.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
Selling My Shoes For A Pair Of Wings
She was lost.
And nobody knows.
How hard it was for her to try.
To find her way back.
She retraced her every step.
And kept on taking turns.
Some lead her closer to home.
While some took her far.
She was lost.
And still, nobody knows.
Now, she hardly tries.
She forgot the way back.
And had no more steps to retrace.
But still, more turns.
Some lead her to where she belongs.
While some took her far.
She was lost.
And now, she doesn’t care.
If anyone knows.
But then something ticked!
She felt determined.
"You can see the whole place from above.."
The thought ran,
and ran as fast as it could..
and then she jumped.
A pair of wings sprang forth from her back!
She flew with all her might, in search of a home.
In search of a place where she finally,
would belong.
And the next morning, she was found.
Smiling, being held by many hands.
As a lot of spectators watch her being taken.
Away, she goes.. in a white chariot with flashing blue, red lights.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
I Heard Bells, Once
I dreamt of a face but not of a name for ninety-nine days.
Then came the hundredth.. I woke to see the face, beside me fast asleep.
And recall a name.. which we now both share.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 0
Plaster Saint
Praise the plaster saint, the hypocritical messiah!
Who says: "I can be alone, just not on my own."
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
Fish Flakes
Lonely people should get a goldfish.
Then again, it would say:
"Why should you fill your void by sentencing me your familiar pain?"
But why would you care? It's just a fish.
Swim for me, swim!
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
Round and round it goes.
Anxious, I curl my toes.
I heard the engine turn.
I sat low, you sat high.
Low, I see the sky.
High, you saw mini-corndogs fry.
Round and round again, it goes.
Nervous, I scratched my nose.
I heard the bar churn.
You sat low, I sat high.
High, I see a robin fly.
Low, you saw the weatherman pass by.
Parallel lines, rare do they greet.
Sorry he, sorry she they just won’t meet.
This way, the universe to beat.
And if ever, you were to repeat.
Chances are, an unlucky feat.
Low, a blank spot on his radar.
High, silly moon aiming for a fiasco, transparent star.
Hands upon eyes, blinded.
Hands upon mouths, muted.
Hands upon hearts, wounded.
But only one takes the scar.
One who aims, at a star.
Round and round it goes.
Getting slow, engines close.
They heard the last, rubber burn.
He sat low, she sat high.
Low, again, another day.
High, again, opposite way.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
No Limbs, All Guts
The deaf can hear,
what the blind can see.
Disabilities not known,
are strengths..
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
Tell Me More
All I hear are sad stories from brave.. beautiful people,
who knows nothing of both.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0
One Way To Where
A sole lamp post, on a beaten street.
Shines brighter than a human heart,
weighing judgement.
And just to be fair, the pole also has rust.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 4
More Matches
You stayed in the dark, waiting for a light so bright to blind you.
But since your stay you forgot what light is.
Not knowing you forgot, you smile.. and you go on just fine.
Here is comfortable.
Here is known.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 1 0
The dead dreams.
Not of life, but of peace.
The dead dreams.
Of freedom for those who live in boxes, breathing.
The dead dreams.
And of dying, we dream.. to wake.
:iconsunsee:Sunsee 0 0


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I am leaving DA for good. 
Too many art thieves.
Too many perverts.
Too many questionable material and "creative" criteria.
Really bad site handling 'specially theft, and they are seriously being paid?
I'm taking root some place better.
Goodbye.. and good riddance.


:iconthe-itchy-bird: :iconmarkusgrim03:


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