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SAPPHIRE iTech 1.1

SAPPHIRE iTech 1.11 by sunRize

DOWNLOAD UPDATE iTech 1.11 (06.02.2015)

1. put fcl file in %foobarpath%/themes/SAPPHIRE iTech 1.11
2. in foobar2000: Preferences >Display>Columns UI> Main - "FCL importing and exporting" - press "Import" button and open SAPPHIRE iTech 1.11.fcl. 

Please report your ideas for product improvement.

SAPPHIRE iTech 1.11 (06.02.2015)
- some bug fixes

SAPPHIRE iTech 1.1 (19.04.2014)
- hide/show srollbar function button was corrected
- new pseudo mini mode
- new pseudo mini mode with playlist
- VU meter panel was removed
- add buttons for new pseudo mini modes
- add always on top button
- new popup main menu
- side frame size has been reduced
- buttons are hidden when the user changes the size of the skin
- bug fixed and redesigned miniplaylist panel
- redesigned artwork panel
- added information about the status of playback in minidisplay panel
- add no keep aspect function for graphical browser panel
- new cover path for the Single Playlist (built-in artreader)
- playlist optimization
...and others small optimizations

Original SAPPHIRE configuration by dawxxx666.

Read "iTech INSTALL NOTES" before installing
© 2014 - 2022 sunRize242
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I have tried a few versions of Foobar but I cannot get this beautiful interface to work. Was this designed for a specific version ? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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What font did you use for menu pref and EQ images? :)
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this is graphic 
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Ah thanks! I Cant find that "grafic" font do you have a link?

Can you add on the footer file info display bar? format, quality, etc.?
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for mini modes?
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Great theme! I'm trying to adjust it to my requirements, learning the script language on the way.

Found two wrong typed field references in EL Playlist Script for title column (Row 22):   

"$if($stricmp(%allbum artist%,%artits%)," - was it somehow intended? After fixing it, the result is ...not perfect.

Nice job, though!
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Thanks to Shinseskai's help over at the hydrogenaudio forums I solved the issue by updating foo_ui_lyrics3. Once the old version is removed and the newer version installed the problem disappeared. 
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Not sure if you are still supporting the skin or even on the site anymore but I have a problem with this skin. Every time I begin playback malwarebytes blocks an outgoing connection called What is up with that? See the screenshot for yourself...
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Wonderful! Thank you so much!
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I also have another request ... Would it be possible to make a version of iTech suited to 4K screens?
For now, the size of fonts as covers, buttons and others are too small for those screens (although, for my part, I do not have one yet... But hey, better safe than sorry!)
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Thanks a lot sunRize. I like foobar because (a part) of your skin....

However there's still a bug... : when playing an album or a playlist, the song title below the peakmeter doesn't refresh correctly and still the same as previous  played song tittle, or the first one song played (but clicking manually for a new song there is no problem).

Could you fix this anoying bug, please ? [Or just explain us what we have to change in the WSH Panel Mod Conf.' script ?]

Sorry, I just noticed that Thethiala left a post on the same problem month ago ... but the bug's still hear...;) ]
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i find that annoying as well... i looked into the script, i see nothing wrong (i might be wrong though as i never programmed in jscript, only c# and c++), could possibly be fixed by making it "repaint" the "window" every 2-5 seconds (if i understand the script, it updates/repaints whenever it changes track) but i dont know how to make it do that
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i believe i have found one of the things that makes it not update properly, its calling the focused song (selected song in the playlist) which should call the now playing song instead, as im not familiar with jscript/foobar, i dont know how to fix it to call correct item

(couldnt edit my 2 days old comment, had to make a new comment with this information)
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Yes, I had already noticed that. But, like you, knowing almost nothing in Java...

Let's see if
suits us that during his next visit? ;)

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i fixed it by using GetNowPlaying() instead of GetFocusItem() on the g_metadb updates
Where can I change that? In a file or directly in foobar preferences?
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Make a right click on the title bar below the prakmeter, and clic on "Configure...". Then line 95, you operate the change.
Thanks! But it was a different line in my case - 102:

function on_playback_new_track(metadb) {
g_tfo = g_tfo1;
g_metadb = fb.GetNowPlaying();
if (g_metadb) {txt = g_tfo.EvalWithMetadb(g_metadb);}
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Thanks a lot Johan, you made my day ! Now, foobar work like a charm !
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Great evolution, well done mate!
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