Multiple Personality Syndrome

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People's eye colours may be set by genetics. Humans are genetically predisposed to one eye color or another, but many people experience subtle or overt changes in the colors of the iris.

Eyes may change color according to the time of a day or mood.

The Ayurvedic view of eye colour is that your eyes are the colour that you have in "excess" (namely, in the astral or spiritual body). That view supports the idea that changes in eye colour may be possible due to the deep cleansing provided by a raw food diet.

More interestingly, there are cases of Multiple Personality Syndrome in which a person's eye colour changes according to which personality is occupant at the time.

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I like your mind. It happens to resemble mine, except that you happen to be insane. The doctors say I have a multiple personality, but we don't agree with that. I live in my own little word. But it's ok, they know me there.
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Mmmmh... questo spiega tutto.........
buono a sapersi! :thumbsup:
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for real!? if it is, just some tiny variations tones of the color, right?!