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This is not interesting. This is ugly looking. This is without effort. This is bad. You can post it, just don't ask for a critique. Thi...

by dahhez

OMG, what can I say about this?! It's so tiring! I mean, tiring in a good way! She looks like she's just about to fall asleep after sty...

This is very interesting! I must ask, where did you get the idea? Oh, I got it from over there. Um, I wasn't talking to you. Grr! I'll ...


(This status post is not meant to offend or harm anyone in any way.  Please read it at your own caution.  If this status post gets too many negative responses, it will be removed.)
The four kinds of core memberships that bug me the most:
1. When someone's profile says "Core Member" and "Needs Core Membership" at the same time.  This is apparently a glitch that usually occurs if the user has never visited dA since their core expired; and for some (presumed dead) accounts, the profile stayed like that for years on end.
2. When someone has core for just one small reason and doesn't care about any of its benefits.
3. When someone is inactive but has perpetual core, presumably because dA auto-renews core's that people buy themselves via bank account by default.
4. More generally, when someone has core who doesn't care about it.
Happy Valentine's Day! ft. Ginger and parents
Note: This story is not related to Sonicdark Birthday Fiasco.  This is for Valentine's Day, and that is for Jordan K's birthday; different meanings.

For once, Ginger actually came all the way to Romania to be with his beloved parents.  Plus, in about a month, Smalltail will get to be with his parents too... hopefully, depending on the results of a certain voting!  Romania has been finding themselves too strict with their rules lately.  With a sweet XOXO, happy Valentine's Day to all. ^^

P.S. I wanted to use my Scratch characters... but ever since Scratch 3.0 took over the site, I basically couldn't, and I didn't want to retrace everything in such a short amount of time.

HTF (c) :iconrealhappytreefriends:; characters belong to me
Sonicdark Birthday Fiasco
Click here to watch this on YouTube

Happy birthday to KaplanBoys214 !  With his fictional family, an epic story has been whipped up.  (This is not part of WHHBOLH, it is a story of its own.)  Not only that, but I also added a Rejah City scene to commemorate good old days.

The Kaplan Boys and their hero Soniclight are excited for the boys' 19th birthday.  However, Jasmine has a mischievous scheme to fraudulently disguise herself as Soniclight and ruin the party.  Will Soniclight be able to save the day?  Watch to find out!

This animation is about 13 minutes in length.  I am astounded because I did not try to make it that long; must have just came naturally out of my love and experience of these stories.  At this point I plan to get back to work on Sleepart and add more characters like I said I would. ^^

Thanks to LazyTown and MLP:FiM for the influence of the storyline (Robbie Rotten disguised as many characters and Queen Chrysalis disguised as Princess Cadance).  Thanks to Jordan K for his big cast of characters, and thanks to Adobe Animate CC which made this possible!

The music is my composition Guitara with a reverb effect added.

David, Joshua, Jessica, Amanda, Jordan K, Soniclight, Hovee, Bigtail, Jamie, Julia, Samantha, Swimmy, Longtail, Ripley, Snake-Tail (c) :iconkaplanboys214:
Smalltail, Jasmine, Ginger, Yellow Up Arrow, Composite, Rubber, Cubey, Beareo (c) :iconsunnysquirrel:
Cub, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Nutty, Flaky (c) :iconrealhappytreefriends:
I just put Sleepart in storage.  I am no longer motivated to work on it, plus I don't have time with all the college work in the way.  I think I'll work on something else to make up for it.  Something simple, not all that complex.



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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 29, 2019, 6:20 PM
Repost if you have a heart.

Dear bullies,
The boy you punched in the hall today? Committed suicide a few minutes ago.
That girl you called a slut in class today? She's a virgin.
The boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day? She is already being abused at home.
You think you know them. Guess what, you don't!

Re-post this if you are against bullying, but I bet 99% of you won't. Re-post this if you're that 1% with a heart


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Nicholas McConnell
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am Nicholas McConnell, a lover and master of sleeping characters! Yep, you've heard it... Feel free to check out my gallery if you're having trouble falling asleep at night, because in my environment, characters would rather not wake up.

April Fool's Day Series (Developer Commentary)

In late March 2016 (somewhere around the 25th), I just decided to do something oddly curious for April Fool's Day. I started making a Scratch project where the player is supposed to keep getting characters to sleep. I loved the idea so much I just continued it on. I thereby put together April Fool's Day! with ease in just a matter of days.

I have been constantly thinking about what characters should be in this game during its progress. After Peter, Benjamin, Tiger, Jedi and Headeye are gotten to sleep, I was thinking a pig should be gotten to sleep with use of mud. Yet, that idea only started to be used in April Fool's Day 2. I was also wondering if the Kiang family's parents should have been in the game to have the complete family; I dropped that idea.

When I finally finished April Fool's Day!, my heart was in nostalgia mode as my Mom and I traveled to California. I would get myself up early in the morning just to fix some final glitches in the game and see reactions. I was so proud of having made that game.

Benjamin and Peter originated from early years, specifically from my "Observe, Predict, Infer" series. Timothy and Nicolas were originally named and described by other users. Nathan and the pets were brand new.

Since AFD!'s walkthrough was hated on May 10, 2016, I had originally cancelled the sequel. However, in late fall I changed my mind because I had quite an idea. Starting in January 2017, I started April Fool's Day 2, a game with many possible endings, and I completed it in just three months.

AFD2 was not efficiently programmed though, so it will most likely take a while to load. Also, it is a game that must be played carefully, because it freezes easily forcing you to press space. In AFD2, you get 7 boys and 4 girls to sleep, and there are background appearances of Morgan's pig Putin, Danwersa's lemur Aster, and Potassium Boy's turtle Tuck, all sleeping. Kyle and Regan are the only boys with no pets.

In AFD2, it is up to you to get everyone warmly covered, because once you sleep in your dream room, the town will continue to sleep through a temperature drop.

The people portals you'd use to get Eleina to bed were an instant idea of mine, but then I decided they should work on anyone whatsoever. The game prevents you from abusing them and putting a guy in someone else's bed. There are five endings, a bad ending, a neutral ending, a good ending, and two secret endings, one about time travel and one about death & suffering.

After the creation of these games I have had many personal dreams that the games were more sophisticated and had other characters, telling me my heart was in the right place.

The Fate of April, with its work commenced in September 2017, is the third and final game of the series. This game has more storyline and efficient/sophisticated programming than the previous two, and many exotic wonders. Your formidable actions from the first two games cause you to dream that the whole town is fast asleep mid-afternoon. You must then wake everyone up and keep them awake, and then they will be kept bright-eyed at a new carnival. You then wake up from your dream in the middle of the night, and go back to sleep, with your sleep-spreading conscience undone and gone.

The rainbow-colored levels in FOA are ordered from easiest (red) to hardest (purple). I had originally planned for the player to have virtual money with which (s)he could purchase the Z-Pad/live notifications. But since every person other than the player is sleeping, I decided that would not make sense; I locked them by passwords instead.

The Lore of Dreams is a long-term idea I had last fall, where you enter someone else's dream while they are sleeping and affect it. In the game, there are only two dreams you can enter (Danny's and Peter's), and you will need access to each dream to wake the corresponding characters.

The intro and carnival slideshows have been drawn in the late stages of the game, with quite some background effort to raise spirits from the players. The carnival slideshow evokes many references: Spotty having "her day" because 2018 is a dog year; Putin in front of a large pig, which references Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul when Manny gets a pet pig as a prize; and Headeye and Tuck about to race, which refers to the Tortoise and the Hare fable.

There are nine characters in FOA who are prone to sleeping in the vans: Nathan, plus all eight pets. You must sort these characters, because departure cannot happen with any slumber in the vans.

All in all, the April Fool's Day Series is about slumber and anti-slumber.


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Hi since you know this I'm better get started animated Mime and Sniffles Sleeping Spell, Plus it's still will be ready hopefully ether march or april or may or june, It's gonna take for ever to animate, Plus also I better still keep the video of my HTF animations unlisted and you will see it in my playlist called Sleeping Tree Friends how thats sound? ^^
SunnySquirrel Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice idea ^^
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Check this out Comet and halley fell asleep during their picture made XD Lights Out Moment(3)
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