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Okay wow wow wow.
I've been tagged by :iconthedawncrusader: :icontwilightjoy: and :iconbritishaimaichan: !
Thank you! Chihiro Fujisaki (Excited) [V4] 

I'd kinda have to post 30 facts, but since that's WAY too much and I've shared a lot in the past, here's 10 facts!

If I had to pick a favourite fruit, it'd definitely be watermelon.
There is not a chance in the world I could ever choose an overall favourite character from all the fandom's I'm in.
No chance.
But If I had to pick one from DR, it'd be Chihiro. Chihiro Fujisaki (Frighten) [V1] 
From Fullmetal Alchemist, probably Ling. :iconlingyaoplz:
From Attack on Titan, Armin. Armin Arlert (Happy) [V1] 
From Kyoukai no Kanata, Hiroomi. Hiroomi Nase (Yeah) [V1] 

I really really don't like it when my hands are sticky or greasy. If they ever are, I wash them right away.
I've never failed a test or quiz.
If I don't respond to something right away, and I'm online, it generally means I don't know how to reply.
For all who don't know, I swim competitively. 

From :iconthedawncrusader:

If you be an animal what would that animal be?
Probably a bunny. C'mon, they're adorable. I have nothing else to defend my answer.
2)Which fictional character do you ship yourself with?
You really like to ask the questions I can't answer, huh?
Probably Armin from Attack on Titan. Overall, he's just an underrated character. Also, I can really relate to him.
( Although honestly, this answer changes a lot. )
3)What is your biggest irrational fear?
When I'm on the top of a high place someone's going to push me off. I even get scared if I'm up there by myself.
4) Where do you want to travel one day?
Japan. Definitely Japan. Aside from the obvious though, Iceland.
5) Favorite band?
One of my problems is that I tend to like certain songs, not bands specifically.
6) Would you rather shoot chloroform or chocolate milk from your hands?
This is based on that improv conversation, huh?
Chocolate milk. I could start to sell it to earn money, too.
7)Do you have a tumblr? What is it?
You know what it is. Although I tend to act differently on different websites, so don't get really freaked out if I don't act the same. It's tallyfreakingho
8) Who have you always wanted to cosplay/ thought about cosplaying?
Armin, Riza Hawkeye, and Christa. I'm going to be cosplaying Christa at an upcoming convention, actually.
9) What's your favourite organ?(Personally mines the pancreas)
Ummm, I have no clue. The liver?
10)You've been abandoned on an island, all that's been eft for you is a box. Opening that box you find which anime sidekick/animal to aid you on your voyage home. What/Who is it
Al from Fullmetal Alchemist. You know how useful Alchemy would be. I'd choose Ed but { insert VERY large major plot spoiler here }
From :iconbritishaimaichan:
1. Ever watched an Percy Jackson movies or read any of the books?
I've read em all. I've also seen both the movies. Right now I'm reading the Mark of Athena in the Hero's of Olympus series.
2. Cosplayed at school before?
Only on Halloween. I cosplayed as Mabel from Gravity Falls this year.
3. Potatoes or Tomatoes?
Sasha Blouse (Eating) [V1] 
4. What is your name?
I'd honestly rather not say it, but you can call me by my nickname, Sunny.
5. What is the regular colour of the sky?
6. What is the opposite of down?
Up. Also happy. 
7. See what I did there?
8. Help me, I'm bored....?
Sure, what is it?
9. Are you a morning person or night person?
Night person. Which sucks a lot, to be honest. Because I want to do things, but I only start wanting to do them really late at night.
10. Can you play the piano? Or any other instrument?
I play flute. And I played recorder in elementary school. Honestly, the only song I can remember how to play is Hot cross buns.
From :icontwilightjoy:
1. If you were a girl/boy one day whats the first thing you'd do?
See what I look like.
3. Tomatoes or Mango's?
Sasha Blouse (Eating) [V1] 
4. OTP?
I sorta have two. Jeanmarco from Attack on Titan, and Royai from Fullmetal Alchemist.
5. Chinese Zodiac?
I'm not actually sure.
6. Ever followed a fellow human home and hid in their closet until they fell asleep?
Saying fellow human makes you sound really suspicious. No.
7. Anything you go on besides dA?
Tumblr and a couple forums.
8. Favorite number?
8. Symmetry, anyone?
9. Familiar with SuperWhoLock?
I know what it is, but I've honestly only seen about one episode of each show.
10. Favorite Youtuber?
She just makes really really good music.


I'd tag people, but I a lot of people don't like being tagged.
( I actually had questions written out.)
So I won't. Sorry in advance.
But of course, if you'd like to answer these questions after reading this journal entry, you're tagged!

1. Do you have a favourite TV series?
2. Is there something you wouldn't like if it wasn't nostalgic?
3. Favourite Video game series?
4. Favourite character OVERALL? (Including any form of media.)
5. Favourite subject or favourite teacher? (Don't list them, of course, just include their subject and why you liked them.)
6. Reason you joined DA?
7. First fandom you were involved in?
8. Do you have any other accounts? ( Tumblr, Twitter, forum account, etc.) Don't have to list the username, I'm just wondering.
9. Favourite artistic media?
10. I'm the lamest person you'll ever meet. Favourite colour?


SunnySenshi's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Sunny, so you can call me that!
I'm a fan of a lot of different things, so please reference the above drawing for fandoms!
Although I have this habit of watching a new show and becoming obsessed with it, so I suppose I'll never have a real list!

Current obsessions: Attack on Titan, Beyond the Boundary, Anohana: the flower we saw that day, and Tales of the Abyss.

Some awesome people I know on DA!


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