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Commission rules and info!

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Side note: if you'd like to commission someone who does cheaper commissions in anime style, check out this person :iconmisakarin:

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- fanart (thought I may be picky and not choose something that I don't like)
- sexy, but not overly sexual (no unnaturally large butts, boobs, no wieners, nudity)
- to a certain extent animals
- Oc's (thought I may be picky and not choose something that I don't like)
- boys (though you should know that my speciality are girls, so a boy may not look so good, I'm still learning to draw them as good as females)
- characters with ears and tails (kemonomimi)
-backgrounds to a certain extent


- feral/anthropomorphic characters
- certain fanart
- anything that makes me feel uncomfortable
- anything too complicated (mechanical stuff, too complicated background)
- fetish art
-overly muscular people
-oc x canon character
-fat people
-old people


-By commissioning me you agree to all I wrote above.
-I own the artwork and I can post it on DA or any other site.
-You cannot resell my artwork or use it for commercial purposes (unless I gave you a permission).
-After you commission me ,tell me if there is something specific you want me do draw or add, so there are no changes after I start coloring, you can do that after I send you a sketch to see if you like it before I start coloring).
-If you are not satisfied with the piece I will not give refunds or redo it, but if I forgot to add something that we agreed on to do, I will add it, if possible without ruining the work.
-If I cannot finish it, for any reason, I will give you the work that I have already done for that time, of course with fitting cost or I won't give you the work and instead give full refund.


-Check if my status is open, if it's closed wait till I open it again.
-After I agree to do your commission, we will talk ABOUT DETAILS and other stuff STRICTLY IN NOTES.
-After I agree on everything you want and tell you that I'm starting to work on your commission, I must receive at least half of the payment or full before starting your commission.
-Note me after the payment.
-I will draw sketch and send you sample to see if you like it and it is a last chance to change something if you want.
- After I finish it I will receive the rest of the payment and send you my work, or if you already paid me full price you will get it right away.
- After I had sent you full version of the commission, it would be best to download it on your computer, and put it in your stash so I don't delete it accidentally.


- I would give you an advice to at least give me a week for your commission, simply because something can happen and I won't be home for few days or will suddenly be busy with something.
- If that's not the case it will take from few hours to 2 or 3 days, depends on the commission.

Please, if you change your mind and don't actually want me to do your commission, after we settled all the details or were in process of doing so, don't just disappear and never respond to me again. It is very rude and if you do that I won't know if I need to wait for you cuz you have something else to do and I won't be able to accept commission from anyone else because I won't be sure if you are still in for me doing your commission.
If you however didn't give up on commission and are taking time to answer, know that if you don't respond to me in a span of 10 hours I'll start doing the commission for somebody else and you'll need to wait until I finish it and then I'll resume doing your commission.

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Commission list!

F2U Sparkle by piirmyWorking on

Tini Clam Shell by King-Lulu-Deername

Block by custom--boxes Block by custom--boxes F2U Sparkle by piirmyWaiting On

Tini Clam Shell by King-Lulu-Deername

Tini Clam Shell by King-Lulu-Deername

I won't be available for commissions from august the 8th to august the 21st.


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pokemonsonicgirl123 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You said you would not draw"certain fanart" on your commissions box. Would you care to elaborate a bit on that, please?
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TAG990 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018   Traditional Artist
Hello! Your artwork is amazing from the line art to the soft colors! Your lines and art style reminds me of the video game, Senran Kagura (especially with RWBY characters)!
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ApriliusRehnzzz Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice Gallery XD
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DragonQuestWes Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
Hi. How's it going?
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Kawaii-Says-Meow Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hi there! Someone called @/misakarin who I just did a trade with recommended your artwork to me. Are your art trades open at the moment?
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