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While I'll always be posting finished art right here, I've started a Tumblr to post whatever I'm noodling away at or sketches etc. that are not 'gallery-worthy'. Right now I'm just posting old work from here to build up followers but be sure to give it a follow and share the link around as I'll be posting new stuff soon!

I'm also freelancing full time now which has been going so-so and I'm thinking of running commissions from my tumblr too. I was thinking about drawing people with their pokemon teams! Think that's something you'd be interested it? Then keep an eye on that tumblr ;)

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Again I have to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to follow/favourite/comment on my work. I am excited to announce that I am working as a freelance artist for Riot on some champion skins for League of Legends!

Because of this you will only see the occasional update here (mainly Skies of Arcadia fan art I think) while I put all my time and effort into making some skins that you are gonna love.


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CrazyErich has given me a premium membership so I'm going to use it to say a big THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who enjoys my work. I'm just a fan and a freelance artist trying to crack the games industry, but obviously working for Riot is my dream and yeah I'm crazy about LoL. Who isn't these days?

So if you check out my work, leave a comment, favourite something, read my blog, write me an email, link to my website, share something on tumbler, make a reddit post, upvote a thread on GD, whatever then I'd like you to know that for helping an artist get noticed you deserve as many high-5's as my arms can deliver.

I'm going to be at PAX Aus and PAX Prime this year, so you can collect some hi-5's then if you like :D

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