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what program do you use for making 3d models and animation? 3ds max probably? 
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I'd love to see you doing some rework on old Ashe skins!
PROJECT Ashe was an amazing idea!
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It was so good this skin that I already got mastery 7, I never thought I would like a champion like Ahri so much. Difficult to find fanarts of this skin, but they are also impressive. I only found the face in this version more beautiful and smooth in terms of the current in the game, or maybe it's just my impression. Congratulations for your work.
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Do you have by any chance any Renekton or his skins concept art?
Mayeru's avatar
i actually like this version way more than the current live version.  I feel is way too blue, but i think that was the point, since ekko is bright green and kata bright pink.
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This was the final concept and we tried to carry it faithfully through to the in-game. Thanks for the specific feedback; if you just said 'I like this better' it's hard to understand what to do but because you say 'it's way too blue' now I know how we can improve things. It's the kind of comment I love to get!
Mayeru's avatar
ehmm you're welcome? .. i'm sorry, i can't really tell if you are being sarcastic :S
Well, yes, i think it looks better in a darker/grayer palette, i think i see it "way too blue" since it has so many shiny blue spots (on the bow, hand, eyes) it distract the attention from the details in the suit (which are very awesome) and kinda annoy my eyes after a few minutes watching it (since it makes them stay alert, HCI stuff or something like that).

i hope that's a little bit more specific and sorry for any grammar mistake (english is not my first language U_U )
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No sarcasm! I mean it - it's always good to get clear feedback.

I like it with less glowies and blue colour too, but I think most players really love the final look.
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oh, well, in that case i will go ahead and complain, i mean, give you proper feedback in your future works : )
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I'm so happy that I got it in that project-chest you can craft. I'm actually just playing Ashe at the moment for my last S-rank for Level 7.. I got tilted because of the games before, but now I'm enjoying playing her again :D
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WOW nice one. I got Dark Star Thresh in one of the Project caches so I'm happy ^_^
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i missed playing ashe but i think this'll give me a reason why i should play her again! you inspire me! :D
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She's pretty fun since her update. The Q feels really good :)
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Your character design and presentation is inspiring! Thank you for all your hard work!
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Thank you for playing LoL and commenting here. Reading player reception and talking to players at conventions, online and at LCS events is what inspires me to keep my passion strong every day.
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These are legit skins. I think sunnykoda is just showing the models a little closer than in Riot's champion skin spotlights.
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it's actually concept art, not in game screens. They look almost exactly like in game because, wll, that's the point of developing concepts; seeing how it should look live, trying to find what feels best on the model, etc
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An ADC that can heal people sounds broken, but I'm no designer!
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Makes me want to remain ashe!
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I don't play ashe much, I'm a support main, but damn I think I'm gonna start
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I've seen plenty of support Ashe, don't let your dreams be dreams!
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I think I'll try it :D
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