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Katarina's Torment

By sunnykoda
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Looks like I didn't place in the LoL art contest so I can post this now :)

In the halls of the Institute of War, Katarina pauses after intense training.
She looks with obsessive love upon the face that will bring her victory over her adversary.
Meanwhile the eyes of the Noxian tyrant spy the same potential in the mask.
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Anyone who builds this on her as the possible exception of some sort of sixth item should be shot. It is so unbelievably bad on her.
sunnykoda's avatar
Yeah you're kind of a year late.
kaze5115's avatar
Season 2 and 3 was the MAGIC PEN season. All bursters fucking build Magic Pen and nothing else cause Force of Nature was taken out. 
Though it was replaced with Spirit Visage, yet no one seemed to use it with other champs than Mundo and Udyr. 
Late Season 2 and early Season 3, in my opinion, was the most bullshit period in LoL history. 
Akali, Katarina, Le Blanc, Annie and Lux were the only mid laners I fought against. (With the exception of Panth and Talon) 
The bursts were fucked up. 
pixity-mish's avatar
This is amazing :)
sunnykoda's avatar
So happy you like it!
espankifelipe2151's avatar
esa imagen esta demasiado op mis respetos 
me gusta tu arte jejeje sigue asi
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I love this piece of art to bits, its so well done I went fanboy all over it when I saw it the first time. I just love the details on Katarina, the tatoo, her hair. I just instantly fell in love with this. Great great.....AMAZING JOB....You deserve all the credit in the world for acomplishing this masterpiece. I am not an artist, but I do love to peek at art. And this is realy something I have on my top list of favorite masterpieces.
sunnykoda's avatar
Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to write feedback. It's extremely encouraging XD
They come from the bottom of my heart ^^, The pleasure is all mine <3
Red-Hag's avatar
one of my favorite art of Katarina! ^^
cyan-techie's avatar
is the mannequin look like garen? somehoe looks like it
sunnykoda's avatar
Yeah it's my take on Garen's armour. Katarina is using it to test Liandry's effectiveness specifically against her rival.
Garen2good4her Kat2good4him KatandGaren4everTheBestCouple EVER
sunnykoda's avatar
AceCircus's avatar
Really NIce art! I love it ! So beautiful! :3
sunnykoda's avatar
thanks so much! I'm still learning but I enjoy coming back to this piece.
butdaNUNSarewatching's avatar
this is gorgeous! my jaw is literally on the floor right now.
you have a lot of great pictures, keep up the good work :)
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
This looks amazing! :)
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