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Blocked Struggle
I struggle to wipe the fog from the mirror
my fingers tracing shapes
through the moisture and dew
streaks of oil left by my touch
only to be covered a second after air meets glass
I struggle to find the face
hidden beneath the surface
longing to be able to read into the eyes of my own sockets
glaring past the melting droplets and dripping H20
my feet sticking to the cold, lifeless
tiles of the bathroom floor
As I stand, searching for
only being protected by the thin
yellow towel wrapped around my body's core.
I struggle and struggle
until the fog leaves the glass
and the water seeps from the surface
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Reaching for Perfection
smashed, cracked
pieces of glass
that just don't seem to interlock
like a jigsaw puzzle without a solution
halfway done and scattered across the kitchen floor
like overexposure on artist's film and
patches of white on colored paper
like missing threads from an unfinished dress
so it smashes and cracks itself once more.
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Love Sonnet .5
What's the use in writing a love sonnet?
Filling up my blank pages with eloquent phrases
stating  moments of existence
wrapped in tissue paper
dipped in untruths
I cannot compare thee to A summer day
I cannot say with a straight face
" I love you, You're perfect, Now Change"
What's the use in writing a love sonnet?
A novice in the world of literature
Attempting to pull a Pierce Shelley
Tossing in a Shakespearean quote
coated in romantic imagery
producing a poetic stance
on a subject which life has not given me the chance
to even catch one glimpse of a glance
I ask again, what's the use of writing a Love Sonnet?
When I look towards the sun, I see the sun.
My mind does not recall the color of your hair or a stroll
hand in hand
So what's the use in writing a Love Sonnet
when even love is not wiling to take the time.
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Alphabet Soup
Swallowing the words
    in my
Alphabet Soup
Drenching each letter
in tomato-based
condensed vegetable goo
Floating sentences turning
into brain washed gibberish
Slurping through
sucking clean the
bottom mayer piled with
factory formed, process pressed
cookie cutter shaoed
Inhaling until the bowl is as dry as my mouth.
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sunshine sandwich by sunnygrl1204 sunshine sandwich :iconsunnygrl1204:sunnygrl1204 0 3
My hands turn into shovels
spinning you in and
tossing you out
The contents of single bite
becoming foul, so foul that
Your nutrients smatter and splatter against my body's core
I spin you once more
and the acid drips
drips and burns
creating fire between the lining
As the blood vessels
pop in my brain
and the cave of my stomach gives into the pain
I begin to toss you out
rip you from every pocket
and space
Leaving no trace of the acid, no trace of the taste
Cutting your drip from my IV
and wanting nothing more than to
spin you back in.
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I want to drink of a wine so rich that every single one
of my pores becomes drenched
with liquid straight from the vineyard.
I want to taste of a chocolate so sweet that
my tastebuds begin to swell with the purest of Cacao.
I wish to bite into a watermelon so juicy that the
flavor of summer pours out of my mouth and drips down my chin.
Only then...
Only when I have tasted and seen and felt and touched.
Only then do I dare begin to live.
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Awakenend from a dark sense of longing
Longing for the one picturesque piece of art
that would hold steadfast in my liquid grip
Awakened from a systematic play
day after day
of the ordinary extraordinary
Awakened and finding myself feeling the sand between my toes
and tasting the melted chocalate pieces
and sensing
being awake
after I've slept for so long
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Are You Waiting For me?
Are You Waiting for Me?
another 8 to midnight strike
slipped in the same old pj's
topped with chili and cheese
some sappy book laying at your feet
But you cant pick up and read
and you cant lay down and sleep
And you smile for others and wave goodbye
as the party crowd hops in the car
and heads off to yet another
smoky, cigarette and booze filled bar
Downing a bottle of Rum
hooking up with the idea of love
as the next morning your clothes
lay in a heap
so cheap
the lipstick stain
and taste on your teeth
You run away to the solitude of
a dimly lit nightstand
picking up the torn notebook
and chewed on pen
writing down the words
in the same rhythm of time
as I write mine
Are you waiting for me?
wrapped in your old pj's
as a chili stain falls on the page.
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Take Me Away
  Take the green from my eyes
  The blue and yellow hues
  Take the sun-kissed corn color from my hair
  Wash me of every freckle, ever line, every scar
  Melt my body down into the purest puddle of my soul.
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Just Another Lesbian Love Song
This is just another lesbian love song
Just another group of words with a lackluster tune
So you can sit and listen, you can wonder what I'm on
To think that I got a chance of speaking up in this room.
This is not the tired over-done story
Of a sudden shocking self-realization
She wasn't the first girl I could see,
And our love was never a startling one.
There was no big fight with our parents
There was no scandal at school
That really wouldn't have made any sense-
All this girl-kiss-girl is nothing new.
So this was normal for people like me
It was average for people like us
There's really not too much to say or see-
But we were two girls in love, and that's enough
There just seem to be all of these love songs
Where guy meets girl and they fall in love
I just want one to show that our love's not wrong-
That isolated closet's not enough.
Yeah, this is just another lesbian love song
Same boring story about dyke-meets-dyke
This is just another lesbian love song
In case you wanted t
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as a child would by curlytops as a child would :iconcurlytops:curlytops 596 103 sometimes... by curlytops sometimes... :iconcurlytops:curlytops 1,997 223 Insouciance by capitainecroc Insouciance :iconcapitainecroc:capitainecroc 155 107
thanks for 400-falling
falling away
losing myself in you
your lips tasting of forever
feeding me life
allowing me purpose
your touch that feels of always
burning away my pain
replacing all
your eyes of drowning
erasing fadeing
your scent of far away
enticing dreams to your doorstep
making flowers bloom
your voice of now
demanding listen
your words of all
your love for me
all that is
is this
we are
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