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and This is the small information of my character.
I will tell only the character's information, there will be no beginning of the character.
This is Little information my Oc's (SS2).
Kkss2 Bg by sunnyDg

*It will update the character data later. same

OK, Let's get started.
1.Nina Hikari (Bubble girl) bubbles witch
Nina inf by sunnyDg
Age : 17 year
 Blood type : A
 Race :Human/witch
 height : 160 cm
 Like : bubbles story and play bubbles
 Dislike : People who do not like bubbles
 information of her:

OC's Code :
2.Nami Sakuragi (sister older Nabi) Gun and bubblegum queen
Nami inf by sunnyDg
Age : 22 year
 Race :Human
 Blood type : AB
 height : 158 cm
 Like : Candy, lolipop, gum and gun
 Dislike : The play of eating and darkness 
 information of her:

OC's Code :
3.Wendy Yoshino (windwalker) wind fighter
Wendy inf by sunnyDg
Age : 17 year
 Race :Human
 Blood type : B
 height : 159 cm
 Like : Sports of all kinds and Cool breeze
 Dislike :  Narrow and Not independent
 information of her:

OC's Code :

4.Annette Aruna (bubbles mage) bubbles Mage
Annette inf by sunnyDg
Age : 16 year
 Race :Human
 Blood type : O
 height : 155 cm
 Like : science, invention and magical girl
 Dislike :  Fear everything Even the shadow itself *giggle*
 information of her:

OC's Code :

5.Jane and Janie zobina (twin sister) Little demon and bubbles demon
Jane and Janie inf by sunnyDg
5.1 Jane (younger sister janie)
Age : 15 year
 Race : Human/Demon
 Blood type : A
 height : 150 cm
 Like : Stay silent and sleep
 Dislike :  Do not like anyone to wake up.
5.2 Janie (older sister jane and Another side of jane.)
Age : ???
 Race : Demon
 Blood type : AB
 height : 150 cm
 Like : Challenges of all kinds and power of darkness
 Dislike : Stay silent and sleep and power of light
 information of they:
OC's Code :

*This is part of Little information my Oc's, Soon, there will be information about them.
This is the small information of my character.
I will tell only the character's information, there will be no beginning of the character.
This is Little information my Oc's (SS1) (Has been modified)Kkss1 by sunnyDg
*It will update the character data later.

OK, Let's get started.
1.Yuna and Yuri nanoka (twin sister) water and fire bubble girl
Yuna yuri inf by sunnyDg
1.1 Yuna nanoka (younger sister Yuri)
 Age : 14 year
 Blood type : A
 height : 140 cm
 Like : flower and fairy world
 Dislike : insects and Ghost
2.2 Yuri nanoka (older sister Yuna)
 Age : 15 year
 Blood type : B
 height : 143 cm
 Like : Sports of all kinds and Challenges of all kinds
 Dislike : draping and drink milk
 information of They:

 OC's Code :

2.Chitose Arashino (sister Ayase and younger sister Elise) bubbles MagicalChitose inf by sunnyDg
Age : 16 year
 Blood type : A
 height : 150 cm
 Like :game, fantasy world, Magical girl and bubble
 Dislike : insects and drink milk and green chili
 information of her:
 Chitose is girl Interested In regard to Anime and fantasy world, until She did not dare leave her room every day, Until, she asked to quit her old school. Because she does not have time In the study ( but, she have IQ 160 , Her class is too high. ) So She took the time to care, but she liked the most.

 OC's Code : (send note request me for code)

3.Nabi Sakuragi (younger sister Nami) Bubblegum princess
Nabi inf by sunnyDg
Age : 17 year
 Blood type : AB
 height : 155 cm
 Like :candy, football, bubblegum and butterfly
 Dislike :The play of eating and Narrow
 information of her:

OC's Code :

4.Ayase Arashino ( younger sister Elise and chitose) Balloon magical
Ayase Inf by sunnyDg
Age : 15 year
 Blood type : O
 height : 156 cm
 Like : magical girl and balloon showing
 Dislike : Big man and darkness
 information of her:

OC's Code :

5.Griffth Nanashino (younger sister Glayde) neko bubbles
Griffith Inf by sunnyDg
Age : 15 year
 Blood type : O
 height : 154 cm
 Like : science, invention, football and neko girl
 Dislike : Dog and rat
 information of her:

OC's Code :

6.Elise Arashino (older sister chitose and ayase) water witch
Elise inf by sunnyDg
Age : 18 year
 Blood type : A
 height : 160 cm
 Like : Occult, spells and witch world
 Dislike : science 
 information of her:

OC's Code :

7.Kirna Lolaneta (frozen princess) frost witch
Kirna Inf by sunnyDg
Age : 19 year
 Blood type : B
 height : 161 cm
 Like : comedy story and season winter
 Dislike : Spicy food and hot weather
 information of her:

OC's Code :

8.Glayde Nanashino (older sister Griffith) water swordman 
Glayde inf by sunnyDg
Age : 18 year
 Blood type : O
 height : 159 cm
 Like : Asia culture, football and Story about the sword
 Dislike : Disorder and Ghost
 information of her:

OC's Code :

    *This is part of Little information my Oc's, Soon, there will be information about them.
This a Hall of illust for commis illust this this time
I would like to know if anyone is joining this event.
1. :iconelemend: This is a commis request
 [Commis] Enjoy with bubblegum by sunnyDg finished
This is a commis request
[Commis] play with bubble gum by sunnyDg finished
3.:iconmifigor19: are doing
* If the space is full, I close the request for this event.
  Hope everyone will be pleased with this event.
p.s I will follow the sequence, Followed by rank
Thanks you by sunnydg
This a Hall of illust for commis illust this this time
I would like to know if anyone is joining this event.
1.:iconsheepy-drackzahn: Bubble illust by oc chitose
[Commis] Play fun with Bubble by sunnyDg finished

2.:icongoldlinaric: Balloon illust story by oc Ayase
[Commis] Play fun balloon with me by sunnyDg finished
3.:iconchristitan16: Bubblegum illust by oc nabi
[Commis] BubbleGum challenge 1 ( Upper ) by sunnyDg finished
4.:iconmifigor19: Bubble illust by oc chitose
[Commis] Bubble transform by sunnyDg finished
5.:iconanti-cellman: bubblegum illust story by oc Nabi and Giff 
[Commis] BubbleGum challenge 1 ( The Show ) by sunnyDg finished
6.:iconJasethemace10: bubblegum illust story by oc Nabi and Giff 
[Commis] Bubblegum challenge 2 (Part2) by sunnyDg finished
  * If the space is full, I close the request for this event.
  Hope everyone will be pleased with this event.
p.s I will follow the sequence, Followed by rank
Thanks you by sunnydg 
I'm ask finished, receiving a request.
Just this way
Hello everybody,
First of all, I am sorry for everyone, For the selection time of this post yet.
    Because I have been busy at home and school, so I do not have time to come to this website.
    and Another reason is i'm lazy hehe+ ( wait, The last reason it is not already)

For today, I will get to create a character and partner kisekae character;To everyone in this post.

But wait, But why did I open the character creation request ?

Because, Most people who are asked to participate in the kisekae request illustration, Usually no character or information kisekae character.
There are already data, but the data was wiped out.

So, I volunteered to create a character for everyone.
Details are as follows.

1.Let's write down the proportions of your characters, how your characters are shaped.What kind of character do you want?, how tall are you ?, What is a tribe? person to one request,( in one request have one characters and one Partner of kisekae)
3.I told them before, I will create female characters only.(Because I never created a male character before.) hehe+
4.It will be easier if there is a picture of your character for me to make your character 

[SP]For, people with their own characters, can let me create kieskae Partner to you .I'll just ask: Will I make your own or give me a design style?

    *Who's wondering, What is my partner?, To look at my Twitter.I'm tweeting Earlier this month,…

    And I'm goodbye, thanks to everyone for coming to see me. Today I ask for a goodbye. Bye mew~
  Hello everyone, Today i started receive Request of valentine Event
I will do make illustration of valentine ,Who wants to be in my illustration this time , I just commented below.

This is the example I made this point before. 
12.02.18 Kk by sunnyDg

1. one person of one illustration.
2. frined only or People who follow me through other channels.
3. It will be much easier if people have Kieskae Oc's code or Picture of the character you want to be inside my this illustration. (I say really)

    *Hope everyone will follow my rules, illustration this time I will make   simple illustrations, Nothing special and I made an illustration In my   style

  End for request receive : 14/02/18 ,time 22:00 (GMT+7)
This is my illustration is Finished
Request of :icongoldlinaric:Send My Heart For You by sunnyDg

Request of :iconmifigor19:My Valentines Day, by sunnyDg

Thanks You :iconsheepy-drackzahn: for Your Kisekae Props
If no this props ,It will not be done This illustration.
and Thanks You ^ ^ ,Request closed
Next My illustration Request, I will do illustration of This Month
The topic of This time There will be two topics.

1.[Request] Give my heart to you (Make illustration Valentine event) 
    OC's Center is Nabi Love 
Nabi PNG by sunnyDg 
 Start Get a request :11/02/18 to 14/02/18
2.[Request] My partner is ......? (Make character of kisekae OC's Partner) :happybounce: 
Mera PNG by sunnyDg

Start Get a request : 15/02/18 to Until no Request Come on for a long time.

    *Details of This Requst I will let everyone know again, soon
Thaks you everyone , bye Mew~
Hello, everyone
Today, I will let everyone know that, We will change the conditions And it will increase the time to receive the request.

*The condition I will change is condition 2,
  -Before: Only people with Have Kisekae character code.

  -Change: For everyone DA Ueser, Let's be a character, you've done it before or  an anime character, Because I will try to make
  character of every request to me (But I'm only female characters) 
  HaHa+(It would be easier if it had.) the same, But please send your image character to be in my works.

*And there are new conditions.

  5. I will limit the receipt of the request.(Because, I will make, match for each character requested. Who will you choose, Who will your character match?
This is Character Will you choose

Rq by sunnyDg

1.Chitose (Bubble and soap) Topics: Inside Bubble 1/3 Request
 first Request By :iconrangeralex: send Code
Inside Magical Bubble Chitose by sunnyDg Finished
2.Ayase (Balloon) Topics: Balloon Girl 0/1 Request
3.Elise (Water bubble) Topics: Trapped inside Water Bubble 0/2 Request
4.Nabi (BubbleGum) Topics: Inside Bubblegum 2/3 Request
  First Request By :iconsheepy-drackzahn: it Finished

OC's By Sheepy by sunnyDg Finished
Second Request By :iconanti-cellman: send Code

Nabi and Xeno, Bubblegum Trapped by sunnyDg Finished

Last Request By :iconmifigor19: send Code

For Michael, bubblegum trapped by sunnyDg Finished

Thank you to everyone who sent the request. 

Hello, Everyone
Today I will say, I will open the request for the picture.
The details of the request are based on this image.

New Year 2018 by sunnyDg

Request  Picture (Friends only)
The topics are: New Year's gifts  for  My friend

The condition is:
1.Only My friends and followers in  DA and Twitter. (If you ask for a friend now, Will not accept requests to do it.)

2.Only people with Have Kisekae character code. (It would be easier if it had.)

3.Only Bubble , Bubblegum and Balloon  Picture.(The characters are in the making have: Chitose(Bubble and bubble soap), Ayase (Balloon), Elise (Water bubble) and Nabi (Bubblegum) )

4.One person per request.

*Please, send your Kisekae character information code through my inbox or my twitter account.

*I have a limited time to receive a request for 24 hours. (Start from now)
*Do not take hard work for me to do it. lol
  Thanks You so much.

P.S This is just my test. Can I make a request?
Comming soon Haha

Soon I will have to do it.
short stories of Each one
scare Team by sunnyDg
finally, I created a character all nine have been completed.

P.S I will have to change a little more.
collection of My kisekae character
The other two will be full. The two of them will be friends of Elies, Trying to figure out how to do it is by seeing the good.
But character information, but people have not done, are writing.
And This is Each person's name
1st image
1. Ami , Age 14 year ( Is the sister of Yuri )
2. Yuri , Age 15 year ( Is the eldest of Ami )

2rd image

1.Nabi , Age 15 year ( is A dear friend of Griffith )
2.Griffith ,Age 14 year ( is A dear friend of Nabi and Ayase )

Best Friend Open by sunnyDg
Best friend 1 op by sunnyDg

Soon I will accept everyone's requests and then wait to follow up on my work.

Thanks you ^ ^
Today i ask, refrain To make a picture beforehand.

But today I will present. Two best friends of chitose,

This is a sample of two people.Best Friend Close by sunnyDg

This time, I had a headache. I also think about the Background Information of the three girls have not. Can someone help me? I think I've fainted. 

Last keywords hint : Take a look at my profile on my Twitter.
                             Will see her face after fusion :D (Big Grin) 

Thanks you
Soon I will be launching. The fourth character, come out to know each other.

This is an example, her shape.
Yua CT close by sunnyDg

We will see you comming soon.
This is personal Information of user of Water element.
Her name is Elise 


My name is Elise
    Age : 18 year old
    Is the eldest of Chitose and Ayaes
 Three Sizes: B 90, W 60, H 82
 Height : 159 CM
 Habit : Comfortable
 Emotion :
 As someone who always thinks positive.
 Hobby; Taking Naps and
 My Power : Water element

Elies Pro by sunnyDg

If I write the wrong information, I'm sorry and sorry.

Thanks you.

Finally, I can think of her name.

1. Younger sister : her name is Ayase, Age 14 year old. ( Blond hair )

2. Sister : her name is Chitose, Age 16 year old.

3.Oldest sister : her name is Elise, Age 18 year old. ( Blue hair )

3 Sister op by sunnyDg
3 Sister pw by sunnyDg

But, their information. I have not thought 
Do not doubt, why Chitose is the eldest of Ayase ?

Because i like 
sister Loli model hehe

thanks you ^_^
Hello everyone

I have three characters to present.

In these three, I will use as the character of kisekae art.
But today, I ask for a break. I feel very tired. Often, write each information.

Tomorrow will be finished.

this is Examples of three girls3 Sister JPG by sunnyDg

P.S The last person I think her name was not released yet.
Hello everyone!

This time, I felt I did not have time
But, I have time to make this image.
Than I know how to do, I am very tired :bademoticon: .171122kisekae Past1 by sunnyDg

171122kisekae by sunnyDg

I just practice it. Thaks You.
Happy Birthday To ME:bademoticon: 
I ask for good things and good luck, just like everyone else.

Sorry I have not been told before.
And I did not upload pictures for several days.
This is Pictures uploaded this night f2u blushing bunny icon! 
Eb7fc3a0bc4d198b81d3e0ff14ba8a52 L by sunnyDg

Hello everyone, this is my first Journal 
I will upload more pictures. I've done it for a long time.
But I will upload after the birthday of Hoshizora Rin Icon#33 Rin Hoshizora [Love Live!] 
 This is Sample works Completion beforeRin by sunnyDg