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How to Make Simple Angel Wings

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Just a simple way to make angel wings. The material you make them with can very, especially if you want them to bend away from your body. If doing that, you will need a much thinner material and some wire.

There are many different ways to make angel wings. As I said, these are on the simple side. The best way to make them is with wire, but that can get expensive, complicated, and would require some knowledge of different tools, usually including sewing(which I do not know how to, so this was the best I could do).

I looked at some different ways to make angel wings on google, but nothing was very helpful. All I found out was that I ought to use elastic for the straps. The rest I had to figure out on my own.

You can always use a different wing shape. The possibilities are endless!

Before anybody comments on this, these are ANGEL wings! Please do not tell me that the feathers do not "lay right". I was not aiming for a bird's wing. If so, I would've done extensive research on how a bird's wing works, and looked at many pictures on it. But that's not what I was going for, so *please* don't comment on that.

If you make a pair from this tutorial, I would love to see them!

Enjoy! Full sized finished version coming soon :)
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would you really have to use spray glue or like could you just use a hot glue gun or would the hot glue not stick onto the foam?
also this was rlly helpful i was looking everywhere for a good one that didn't use mesh/chicken wire or wire for the wings
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It's not so much getting it to stick, it's getting the feathers to NOT stick themselves and get all goopey. Hot glue might work, but I think the spray glue is easier to use and there's a much smaller chance of it messing up the feathers.

Thank you, I'm glad it was useful! :)
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Would this still work on the traditional wing shape where it kinda reaches your legs or hip
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I would imagine! It's very lightweight, so it should hold up no matter the shape.
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Thanks, in a music minister and do Christmas pageants with kids and adults. I have wanted to make a goo pair of wings that could be cost effective. Thanks for sharing.
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thanks for this! i'm using craft foam and have made them longer rather than wide. Will be sure to post a picture once they're done :) I need ti go to hobbycraft and buy more feathers 2moz :P
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No problem! That's the great thing about them; you can make them whatever size or shape that you like :D
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i'm actually on my way out to buy more feathers atm xD
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Where did you get the feathers?
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I don't exactly remember where I got these particular ones, but you should be able to get similar ones at just about any craft store.
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I love you :3
Something Simple that I can do before halloween! I'm gonna be (well it's crazy but I like the idea) Death In White. You know that white light at the end of the tunnel? That's me 8D And This is so perfect you have no idea. Thanks for sharing hun!
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Hehe, no problem! I'm glad you like it :)
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I will do it!!!!!!!!!!!
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You are blurry. :meow:

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Yes, yes I am ;p

Thank you! :D
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This is an awesome tutorial! Hopefully I'll be able to follow it through!~
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Thank you! Good luck :)
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Haha! So cute! I think I'll make some next time we go to the craft store!
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They're so much fun, and if you make them small enough, really easy to wear. I just gotta remember to turn my body when going through doors :XD:
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I might make some HUGE ones (getting through doors is gonna be a bit tricky, eh?). I think that'd be fun.... though I'll probably die trying to get places
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Here's a tutorial on some bigger wings [link] It is more complicated, but I remember it saying something about how to make the length doable.

I was considering doing big ones, because it would be fun, but I wanted to be able to easily walk around and do things ;p
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