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SCP Foundation fanart, SCP-3930 - The Pattern Screamer by djkaktus.
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This is a real mind f*ck! 0_0
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This SCP goes with a saying as old as time. “Don’t think about it too much.” But that’s impossible when near this thing.
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Huh, I actually thought the pattern Screamer, from what several people have said about the article, was different ideas coming together to make something that looked like a collection of ideas.
I know people have different opinions on what pattern screamers actually are, and what they look like, but this has got to be one of, if not, The best depictions of what a pattern screamer would actually be like!

For me, pattern screamers are objects/memories/dreams/Actual ideas fused together into something that somehow is able to exist. For example, say several "patterns" were made and began to form a pattern screamer, it may come out looking like, say, the front of a car with several trees sprouting out of the windows and headlights, this being the head. One of the arms is what seems to be a dog, a riffle, and several small fish the other is composed of a doll, several computer parts, and (somehow) the song "I am the walrus". The rest of the"body is a building, in a state of severe decay along with (again, somehow) what can only be described as someones dreams.  All of these things are what people comprehended when they try to "understand"SCP-3930. What do you think of this?
I personally believe that Pattern Screamers are entities that don't exist, but are forced to exist if they are observed in any way, as existing causes them pain, so if too many observe them (making them exist more) they essentially drag some of those individuals into nonexistence, the same being true if they enter the non-area that the Pattern Screamers are in, thus getting dragged into nonexistence (or 'The Not' as one tale in the Circus of Disquieting storyline calls it)
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This fanart does not exist
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It’s not real at all! Never has been, never will be! What even is fanart?
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These comments don’t exist
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And suddenly they do. These now existing comments made of ideas are angry.
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I only read this scp a few hours ago and yet one of my favorites. I’ve always liked existential stuff and this one takes the cake with the pattern screamers are our hateful “non-existent” reflections on an empty mirror, just like humans they need order in order to remain sane but in the void there is none, so all they can do is scream, scream in a symphony of order and chaos, and with every scream they shake the very foundations of existence, until it finally crumbles, so that they can sink reality into the void, only then when everyone in existence is floating in the void screaming along in there demented chorus will they achieve some form of peace. This picture definitely reflects the nature of the screamers as broken and incomplete and seeking to destroy those that are.
and on one last note
theres a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole at the bottom of the world
That there's a perimeter set around where the phenomenon occurs is "something" enough.

Call it nothing all you want It DOES exist, and is SOMETHING that happens. It's existence is a paradox and the entire article was an exercise in futility.

This was a dumb one...
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Look, if you have some problem with the article, just go comment in the discussion section of the actual article.

It's not like I have control over what the author has to say, I'm just trying to make art for SCPs and have fun here.
Just asking questions dude...
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I don't see any questions in your comment, it's just your critiques towards the SCP, which can be valid, if you take them to the actual wiki. And even if there are questions, I don't see a reason to present them to me.

I usually just ignore comments about the articles themselves, but in this case, your use of captialized letters and "this is a dumb one" makes me uncomfortable. Please avoid doing this again and if you have something to say about the writing, go the article themselves. Thank you.
You don't have to respond to my comments if you don't want to, capitalized words or not, and I proposed my question to another commenter, not to you. And in the future, don't take any comment from myself or anyone else so seriously.

You're welcome.
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Only now I scrolled down and see your talk with another commentor; but there is no way for me to know that this has been a part of that, because you posted this as a direct response to my art. If you feel misunderstood, then I apologize for that part, but do know that, your current attitude is rather impolite.

This is not a issue me of "don't want to respond to your comment"; I responded to your comment because it shows up in my notification as a response to my art, and I cannot say that your choice of words are polite or comfortable. As for the not taking more comments seriously, had it been phrased as a suggestion, I would have appreciate it. But now, phrased as a directive, and with that "you're welcome", I certainly don't feel welcome.
if the Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts II were more uhh... nobody, they would be like the Pattern Screamer.
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such a big fan of your SCP works
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This deviation does not exist. And functions much like what it is describing.
Functions like "what" is describing?
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The none existent reason of space. Which does not exist.
So the nothing that is "nothing-er" than nothing?

Otherwise "nothing" in that sense is just called a "void"... which is still a thing that exists in a sense.
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Well, it does not exist within the physical existence anyways. It more or less is the echo of some form of subconsciousness.
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