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SCP Foundation fanart, SCP-2309 - Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn by Univine.
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Is that a blinded Archon Taowu I see peeking over Dhul-Qarnayn's Iron Wall?
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Nah it's just a flesh beast based on the description in the SCP.
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I'o....Ioyirir foyl, foaef'w yigao yii'uay yiglkaely.
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"They're bringing flesh magic, they're bringing the Red Death, they are rapists and some, I assume, are good people. The fact is, since then, many killings, murders, human sacrifices and acts of cannibalism are pouring across the border, are human souls going out and Sarkic abominations coming in. And I said: we need to build a wall." - Holy Writ of the Broken God 1:2:45, circa 2000 BCE
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XD Y'know, there're probably people who've developed beliefs similar and or nearly-identical to the CoTBG and Nalka, so this isn't just hilarious but it's probably offensive to them as not even the CoTBG would want Danald Tramp as one of their own! XD Still though, awesome joke and world-building there, pal
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Nice style <3
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