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SCP Foundation fanart. SCP-1119, Father Goose. I don't really think I understand this SCP…

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Father Goose's peculiarities are inspired, I think, by the tale of the Golden Goose. (Not the one who laid golden eggs, or was in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.) Basically, in the story, a young man wanted to win the heart of a princess, but was unable to do so until he made her laugh. To repay his good deeds earlier in the story, a member of the fairy folk gave him said goose, and the first person that saw it laid a hand on it, thinking to pluck its feathers to sell. Stranger still, the person couldn't remove their hand, so they called for help, and eventually, the entire village was connected to the goose, unable to release their hold on those they meant to help, as well as the original man's grip on the bird.