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O5 Council

SCP Foundation fanart, the O5 Council.

Notice a number missing? Welcome, new O5-7.
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05-1: the Founder (?)

05-2: The Gardener (she's very nice and has been around almost as long a 1)

05-3: unknown

05-4: the Ambassador (he walk EVERYWHERE)

05-5: Blackbird

05-6: Mikell Bright aka "the Cowboy" (Jack's brother)

05-7: Green (because of her clothing)

05-8: the Newbie (approved Kondraki's 083 termination and never recovered his standing)

05-9: The Outsider (she was recruited from the civilian population directly to 05 command)

05-10: the Archivist (knows how the world has ended)

05-11: unknown

05-12: unknown

05-13: Dr. Joseph Tamlin aka "That Asshole" (knows the future)

the Administrator: Fritz Williams (made the SCP wiki)

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gotta love how there's just a cat

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are these design are official or fanmade?

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Hey this image was just recently used in a Dr. Bob SCP YouTube video. I hope you gave the video maker permission? Although I understand that SCP exist within sort of "copyright free* zone...
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I mean yeah it's CC so the requirement would be to just credit me, and since I have too much SCP art getting used here and there I really don't have much time or energy to ask for getting credited ._. So welp.

I do appreciate if people ask me beforehand tho.

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i remember there being a page on the wiki on how the o5's dress yes i posted that randomly

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Random comment, but it would be cool to see this remade with the O5 council from Djkaktus' 001 The way it ends proposal. I would like to see the way you would portray the council of quite insane individuals, and even the new SPOILER: O5-1, the Usurper. Just a thought though.

Sunnyclockwork, do these O5 Council have names, if so then i need em to search them up on SCP Foundation website, its cool if they dont appear on the website just tell me there name please?

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well not all of the dossiers share the overseers names

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...No I actually just drew them pretty randomly, except this one: Cyrus

I'd suggest check out O5 Command Dossier if you just want to read more O5 lore.

What about Dr. Bridge, can you do Dr. Bridge as O5 Council?

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at least you know it's "The Scp foundation"

Well, if you know what it really is, you wouldn't give names or put a level 3 or 4 researcher in charge of an entire organization outside of government boundaries.

THE 13? reincarnated?

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O5-7: I just work here....

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SCP Foundation: Contains individuals, objects, places, or items of anomalous property.

Also SCP Foundation: Has a computer with an eye, a cat, a brain in a jar, an immortality amulet, a reality bender-resistant individual, and a dog as members.
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Kinda reminds me of The Employers from Project Nexus 2
Can someone tell me the Departments these Members are in?
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It is not looking at which department they are in ...

they run the departments.

they are the "bosses" of the entire Scp foundation

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Enter authorization code
- 2203012-Sin of man incarnate-792922518
Code accepted. Welcome, O5-7
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>be O5-5
>be a f*cking cat
The SCP Foundation at its finest.
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The 6th one looks kinda like Bright.
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The picture is from the perspective of the new O5-7.
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Is Roth the 5th one
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