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DannyHill123Professional Digital Artist

Is Pitch Haven(or Heaven) over?

SilencedSquidHobbyist Digital Artist

You're art is so great. So abstract and stylish! Would you mind if I asked you a question. "Have there been any SCPs you wanted to make art of but couldn't think of anyway to represent them visually?"


I mean yeah, definitely, but I can't think of any specific ones off the top of my head.

My process of picking what to draw is actually not based on how much I like the SCPs, but more on whether the content inspire some specific images in... (Like I drew 2845 a lot but I didn't even upvote it, I just like drawing deers...)

But even then I often find myself losing that inspiration later and had to remove the SCP from my list to draw...

DrZaominNew Deviant

bro, I love your art so much, I draw SCPs too, but I insist you are on league of your own!!!! AMAZING!

seligvorrsHobbyist Writer

I love that you've gotten into the Magnus Archives, your art is just so fitting and evocative for that series!

Thanks! :DDD TMA is pretty great!

GMQUilmataalphaHobbyist Writer

Why are you so good at making these wonderful pieces of art for SCP and Similar series :)