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Moved & Building Better Habits
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By the Grace of the Gods Slimes


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ANIMATION Comm: Ancienttale


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Hidden Forest Forestry Lessons

Sky: Children of Light

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Princess Luna - MLP - Cosplay Kimono Dress

Human Costumes

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Werewolf News!

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Poseable Doll Wings

How I Art Doll - Wings (Videos at the bottom) - Click here to go back to the Table of Contents - - Updated 2019- There are a ton of ways to make wings, this is how I made mine. Materials I used:     - Duck, goose and chicken feathers. I totally prefer duck feathers they are truly luxurious(seriously they feel like velvet) and easy to work with. Geese feathers are a close second, plumage has a square shape tip, duck plumage has a pointed tip. Chicken plumage is 50-80% crazy fluff that doesn't work for smooth wings.    - Copper Wire (18 gauge) (I would use aluminum wire 17 gauge next time) and Instamorph moldable plastic    - Paper,

WINGS and Avians

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Wing test

RWT Results

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Comm: Prank

MLP Fanart

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Undertale Fanart

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Clodsire Plush

Pokemon Fanart

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Lapis Lazulis Christmas gift 2020 by Light262

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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'90sthetic' Style: Two Moon Princesses Meet!


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Marching Fishes

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Clodsire Plush

Charming Crafts

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The funny little griffin-y things colloquially known as wingbeans are flightless, roughly cat-sized, seemingly mammalian creatures with curious nature. They resemble bipedal cats with chicken feet, but not quite. They are usually covered in soft, floofy fur, except for their hind legs and pawpads. They have soft snoot covering their mouths, which they will boop into things and people they like. Snoot bumps are their way of saying hello. They have big, bright eyes with vertical slit pupils, and their nostrils are hidden beneath the floof of the snoot. They trust their sight and hearing more than their sense of smell. They have short arms with three fingers, that are usually held tucked against their chest. The fingers usually have hidden cat claws. Their wings are small and covered in soft, fluffy feathers, that are used mostly as display and as an additional pair of arms when climbing. The wings have five fingers in a fluff mitten, each having a paw pad, which is where the

Original Characters

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The Meek V1 cover


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By the Grace of the Gods Slimes

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Cosmic Spheres

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Jolteon Pattern


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Insert creative title here.

sometimes I hate the idea of talking I rather eat the autumn skies crushing cold air between my molars and hiding shaky hands between pages of dictionaries and clickclickclicking sounds of typewriters you asked me why I wrote poems on the soles of my shoes and I told you it was because I wanted to imprint myself on the earth then I can create beauty even if I am not

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Crooked Birch - wip

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Reach for the Heavens

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