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Realistic Wing Tutorial - P.6 WIP

This is still a Work in Progress, but "done beats perfect" so here's what I have so far...EDIT: aaaand DONE, for now. :D Now you know as much as I do!  Moving on to another pair of wings and will readdress the gaps then, with better pictures/explanations, etc.

Will post a new one when I do, so don't worry about missing it! :thumbsup:

Part 0.5 - TOOLS
Part 1 - CONCEPT
Part 3 - HARNESS
Part 5 - COVERTS
Part 6 - ARM-COVER WIP :pointl: YOU ARE HERE
EXTRA -  RESULTS: See what OTHER people have made following this tutorial~ :la:

Already finished your wings? Please fill out this questionnaire, I'd love to hear about it!

Wing Design/Tutorial © =Sunnybrook1
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How are the arm covers staying on? Are they attached to the harness or are they really part of the rest of a costume?

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These particular arm-covers are sewn onto a simple fabric sleeve. Felt feathers were sewn to the front, and two plastic mesh/fabric flaps covered with more felt feathers were sewn on the top/back of the sleeve, and the wing elastic went underneath it - even added hooks to the bottoms of the flaps to grab on to the elastic & keep it from slipping down too far/keep it under the flaps. Wasn't as easy to move in, and didn't cover all the spots I wanted, so this design is still a work in progress... ^^;

In short, the arm cover is removable, and stays on with a combination of metal hooks to the wing elastic, and a piece of velcro on the top of the sleeve to the top shoulder of my harness.

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Question! I printed out your feather patterns, and I just need to know, did you adjust the patterns AFTER you had them printed out? I'm just trying to see if your last feather (#21) is the same length and such as it is in your PDF file that you've provided for us. Thank you!
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If you mean the Crow Feather pattern, then it should be - all the secondary feathers are quite similar in length. But it depends on where the elastic hangs between your wrist pivot point & harness - when in doubt, attach the printed paper feathers to poster board and tape them to your feather shafts, string them up with thread, and open/close them like you will your final wing - it's so much easier to make design adjustments & customization to paper feathers than finalized fabric ones.

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Thank you!! And one last question, I'm trying to glue the fabric together with the wire in between them, i heard that E6000 worked best, but I'm not so sure. Either I didn't leave it to dry longer, or it just doesn't work. So my question is, what did you use to get your feathers to stick to each other and the wire? I see that you used some sort of paint? What kind of paint? If it wasn't paint, what kind of glue Doo you think would work?
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My first roll of wire did NOT stick worth a darn, I dabbed some hot glue along the length and then painted and stuck it together. (Or you can slide the wire out, glue it, and then slide it back in and squish it in place before it cools)

My second roll of wire was a much heavier gauge, and it stuck to the paint much better. I'm not sure if it was the type of metal, or the thickness.
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I used cheapo, $10 bucket of matte wallpaint from Walmart - made sure to use enough paint that I could press the fabric together & both sides soaked up enough to dry/stick together. Gesso works too, but is much more expensive.

And wallpaper glue works well.

You might just need to use more of it, press the fabric layers together really well while wet, or as you said use glue instead. I think my paint method works well with fabrics that are thick & can soak in the paint, where it just slides off thinner or more synthetic fabrics.

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I can't believe I found this in the middle of October! Argh!!! Now I have to utilize these wonderful tutorials for next year!!!!!
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Love it - maybe one day I'll make a pair and strap it to my horses back, who said Pegasus' aren't real? ;D
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That'd be amazing, as long as it doesn't scare the horse, lemme know if you manage it! :la:
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The final arm cover you came up with looks good, but not overly complicated. Congrats!
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I'd love to find a more seamless way that still allowed movement, one day....thanks though~
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Question! Do you always have to be holding the wings, or is there a variation to attach them to your hands so they can relax?
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One could attach them to their hands, but the weight will still drag down on your wrists, so it's easier to just let go of them whenever you get tired. ^^;

OR if you are looking to give your hands/arms a break, the wings can be removed from the hands fairly easily, and I keep meaning to put a hook on the front of each shoulder so I have a place to hang them and take a break. :thumbsup: Does that answer your question?
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Thank you so much for this tutorial ! I can't wait till i try this !
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attempts will be made. 
i love how active you are with your comments/questions and people who have tried this
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I enjoy seeing what people make. :D

^^; I also feel a bit guilty about lacking new content - real-life has drawn me away from crafting as of late - so encouraging others and clearing up confusion is the least I can do~ :thumbsup:
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Do you do any freelance work ? I would love a pair of these beauties!
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Not currently, but when I do I'll announce it. :thumbsup: Thank you for your interest!
Please advise where I can find latex tubing. I've tried Home Depot, Lowes, CVS and medical supply stores. No luck. If I cannot find it what lse will work? Elastic? Thanks!!
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Elastic will work just fine! :thumbsup::D
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heyy i was just wondering, since im planning to make wings with ur tutorial and are gonna try use fur for the arm covers, do you think i would still need the plastic mesh?
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Did you succeed in using the fur as the arm cover? If so how did you attach it without ruining the feather movement?
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