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Realistic Wing Tutorial - P.4

:hypermind: Picture of the secondaries attached to elastic, post-threading~

tick 11/12/13: FINALLY updated recommended stringing-material, braided cord bunches up in tight spaces, 3/4-inch Ribbon is MUCH better and still strong~
tick 5/10/11: Forgot to say where the D-ring went, finally went in & fixed it! :D
youtube Icon 3/20/10: My first video showing wing-movement ~
youtube Icon 10/19/13: My second video showing two wing's movement~
 youtube Icon 8/5/17: Disney animator describes the Mechanics of Bird Flight - watch for the useful description of how wings are built from 8:40 - 11:31.

Part 0.5 - TOOLS
Part 1 - CONCEPT
Part 3 - HARNESS
Part 4 - ASSEMBLY :pointl: YOU ARE HERE
Part 5 - COVERTS
EXTRA -  RESULTS: See what OTHER people have made following this tutorial~ :la:

Already finished your wings? Please fill out this questionnaire, I'd love to hear about it!

Wing Design/Tutorial © Sunnybrook1
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Sunnybrook1  Question - I've strung together one wing with ribbon, using the method suggested. Looks and feels awesome! But I do find that the feathers, primarily (pun intended) the first 4-5 big primaries, quickly shift out of place on the ribbon. Not sure if this is because the ribbon I got is too slick, or what... But I really want to preserve the proper spacing. So I am thinking of sewing the ribbon in place on each of the feathers. It looks like this isn't something you found you had to do, so I guess I am asking if I might have goofed on the wrapping, or if my ribbon is maybe more slick than what you were using, or generally if it would be a bad thing if I secured the ribbon in a more permanent fashion...?
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Ah, I see what you mean! Yes, you can still use your smooth/slippery ribbon, just make sure to knot it around each feather shaft so it doesn't shift. I can't believe I didn't mention that in the original tutorial! One more thing to change/update in the new one....

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Thank you!! I ended up using staples just below each feather shaft - tried it as a temporary thing, and just left them in because it worked surprisingly well!
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Yup, that works too ^^; I stapled many coverts to my original ravens wings.

My sincere apology if you have this listed somewhere and I somehow overlooked it, but is the 100ft of 12gauge wire for only one wing or both wings?

Thank you so much in advance!
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Both wings, and then some~
When stacking all Primary Feathers in the bolt, is the Number #1 Primary Feather situated closest to the body of wearer or does it sit farthest away? It seems easier to grab the first primary feather when it sits further.
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That is correct, it sits farthest away so is easier to grab with your thumb & forefinger. And since the #1 feathers are always much thicker than the others, it means you need to be careful when wrapping the wires, so that it doesn't create a huge gap between #1 and #2, like so:

First Primary Feather - Wire Wrapping by Sunnybrook1
I managed to insert 3 hangers inside an aluminum hollow arrow. Thanks!
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Oh hey, that sounds like it'd work, thanks for sharing your solution! :o
No thank you for your Super Awesome tutorial.
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How does the elastic with the secondary feathers AC'd to it attach to the pivot point/glove? I have been obsessing over this entire tutorial, and I cant figure that out... is it with the D-ring? Where does it go, and what is the use of the wrapped copper wire around it? Thank you!!
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Yes! :thumbsup: It is the D-ring. As the previous part showed, I wrap copper wire around the D-ring creating a loop with just enough room for the pivot-point screw to fit in. :D Know why?
FinishedCoverts Dring by Sunnybrook1  
Because once all the primary feathers are inside the pivot point on the screw, a bit of the screw should be left over that sticks out & that's where the D-ring goes (with the elastic attached & secondary feathers strung on it). I usually put a few washers between the pivot point, D-ring, and final bolt on the screw.

Does that help? ^^;
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Hey sweetie! So I messaged you yesterday about some doopy feathers but I managed to fix it kind of by sweing on some wooden dowels to the thing so I have something better to hold on to too when I spread the wings. But yes! Just commenting to tell you I just finished the technical part of the wings today! (YAY but I'm severely late tho since my con is in two days) theyre super heavy tho and theres this weird thing when I lift them, the feathers kind of fall horizontal (?) because of the weight I assume so it looks like the feathers are super thin from the front/back. Any thoughts on fixing that tho? 
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Hm, they usually only fall flat if they're too loose on the pivot point bolt, but it could be something else.

Are you able to video call with skype? I can make a better assessment if I can see them. If so, send me a PM.
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omg hi, sorry I actually messaged you a little late like day-before-my-convention late so I had to go to the con with them like that but I think it turned out really well still! It kind of added to the steampunk look and idk I think ppl liked it (i did haha). But yes if youre still up for it, Id love to have a skype call or smth so you can check them out although warning they are really shabby (I'm not too great at the wire bending and feather flattening). 
Also, one last thing, I posted two photos of the wings I made using ur tutorial on tumblr but I added a link to the description leading to the first post of yout tutorial. I hope thats okay, if not just tell me what youd rather I do n I'll do it :) ok thanks for everything!
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That's fine, mind sharing the link to your Tumblr post? :la: I'd love to reblog it~

And yeah, private msg me your skype username & we can get together a bit.
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hey there! my skype username is aileentan9. Just a note tho, I live in Malaysia and I think thats like +7 GST? So itd be good if we could just discuss when to come on cuz Im not sure if we live in the same time zone n all that.

And yay! haha the post is… Thanks!
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hey omg I just got to this part today with my gold steampunk style wings and I think I might have made a slight mistake somewhere because it is SO super heavy (and these are just the primaries!) and so the first feather isnt quite strong enough to hold them all up (so theres a wee bit of droop to the wings :( ) any suggestions how I might fix this? Im just thinking of stringing them with more ribbon at different points so it might hold better?
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u' r amazing XDDDD
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I have a question, sorry if this has already been asked. If I was to do a realistic barn owl wings, would I still put in the three other primiarys  secondarys that are on top of the larger ones?

{Heres what Im trying to talk about… }
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Ah, you mean the Alula's/Alular ones? :) Well, for my wings it's in the same location as my hand, so for accuracy I would just attach them atop the hand covering. :D Only reason I haven't done so yet (or really touched on it) is because I'm still struggling w/the arm-cover - thanks for asking, great reference! :thumbsup: I'll be sure to remember this~
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No problem and thanks for answering my question
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Ok 1 question. Do you have to manually hold the ends of the wings or what? and also would it be possible to just wrap some wire (around the thing that all the feathers are attached to) and wrap it around your arm so its earlier to hold?

Thanks, this tutorial is gunna help me allot!:angel: 
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