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Realistic Wing Tutorial - P.2



Please let me know if you need this transcribed, and I will do so... :nod:

dollar sign 9/21/16: If alligator clips are too pricey and/or you won't need to adjust the feathers much after you've placed them, just leave on 2.5" - 3.5" inches of extra wire to bend around the elastic. It's not as pretty or easy to adjust, but it's cheap & it works!

Also, some pro-tips from Imagi-Nethat :
    • Old bedsheets are a much cheaper alternative if you don't want to buy fabric off the roll.

    • While using fusable web instead of paint seems like a good idea, I do NOT recommend it.  The web doesn't stick to the wire and you end up having to go through extra steps to correct it.

    • For the wire, I cut it to the length of the feather and then folded and squashed one end down about an inch.  It keeps the fabric on well.

    • If you live in America, Menards had reasonably priced alligator clips.  It cost about $9 for two people's (36) clips.

    • While it's entirely possible to spray paint your feathers after the fabric has stuck together, be careful about it, as it can leave a mottled look if you don't spray evenly.

I Heart Wings by Sunnybrook1 

youtube Icon 3/22/10: My first video showing wing-movement.
youtube Icon 12/3/13: My second video with two wings~
 youtube Icon 8/5/17: Disney animator describes the Mechanics of Bird Flight - watch for the useful description of how wings are built from 8:40 - 11:31.

New3/6/2018: Correct #1 Primary feather wrapping example
First Primary Feather - Wire Wrapping by Sunnybrook1

Part 0.5 - TOOLS
Part 1 - CONCEPT
Part 2 - FEATHERS :pointl: YOU ARE HERE
Part 3 - HARNESS
Part 5 - COVERTS
EXTRA -  RESULTS: See what OTHER people have made following this tutorial~ :la:

The Feather Atlas
Slater Museum of Natural History

Already finished your wings? Please fill out this questionnaire, I'd love to hear about it!

Wing Design/Tutorial © Sunnybrook1
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Hi!! Not sure if you still reply to comments here, but if you do: how do you get the feathers to be stiff?? Does the fabric harden as it dries, or is there a step later in the process to harden them?

I’m using bedsheets as my fabric, which I know is probably a little less stiff than broadcloth, but it seems like the paint wouldn’t be enough to make it hold shape

Thanks so much!