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Mockingjay Wings - Concept to Design


Mockingjay Wings - Concept to Design

So Lalaithiel ( is looking to make some Mockingjay movie style wings and asked for help sizing them properly. Now, Mockingjays are a fictional bird species, but have similar properties to actual birds, so its tricky but doable. This journal should document my process from concept to design, hopefully it'll help anyone else out there with questions about Part 1. References - Mockingjay's are a hybrid between the fictional Jabberjays & actual Mockingbirds, so starting there: +  =  ? Not bad, on the book cover art the wings are a little longer/thinner than an actual mockingbird, so they have a few more feathers to them, but they seem t


WIP - Realistic Wings

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Mockingjay Wing Blueprint + Design Walkthrough

Mockingjay Wing Blueprint + Design Walkthrough


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ThedollmastRHobbyist Artist
9 years later and still commenting on your super awesome wing tutorial. . .
Since I haven't gotten through the whole thing, how much is the materials vs. commission?
I have a year to build these so there is that too... Honestly was hoping to wear it with my ravenous costume I bought this year…

so a super nice pair of black wings would make my costume even scarier
Sunnybrook1Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Time really flies, huh? :floating:

And I haven't sat down & made a full set of wings in a while either, so things are probably different than I remember. My last set was around 3 years ago, materials $300+ and time spent 45-50 hours (cause I work meticulous & slow, I guess).

I'm not doing commissions right now, if that's what you were asking, though I know a few folks who make/sell wings, maybe I should make a page to list them on for folks who are considering the same...

ThedollmastRHobbyist Artist
 if you have time and it is possible a list like that would be fantastic

Thanks again
ThedollmastRHobbyist Artist
I saw the $300 price first and was like HOLY $HIT....
then it dawned on me that I just spent over $200 on this costume
So $300 for materials isn't bad for wings that look as good as you make them
I was thinking that adding wings would make mine too so much freakier

I unfortunately had to buy everything separate
Dragon feet 40
Hairy monster hands 40
Black death robe 80

then about 2 hours hand coloring the green dragon feet silver (they really resemble bird feet)
plus I need to make what I bought for a robe look similar to that picture

I'm sure ill have a few questions to ask once I start my wings, hopefully you will be around to answer


SabrePantherProfessional General Artist
thanks for the fav! :)
Eyara-NightfeatherHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama! :D
LetsKeepItASecretProfessional Photographer
Planning on making wings with your tutorial! I'm hoping to use them for a photo shoot in the near future (-: Excited to share!