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ID by SunnyBlueDay ID :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 4 3 HARPG Horses for Sale by SunnyBlueDay HARPG Horses for Sale :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 9 22 New devId by SunnyBlueDay New devId :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 3 3
Selling Some of my HARPG horses!
It has been absolutely forever since I have been active in HARPG, I've been on an extended hiatus of sorts. So, I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things a bit more- but before I can do that, I really need to thin out my stable. Having so many horses is a bit overwhelming at this point with everything I have going on.
Whoever draws a picture of the horse first, gets it. I would really like to have these guys used at least a decent amount. So go forth and note me your purchase pictures!
Mares for Sale
1. Lamaya': silver bay arabian (Ee/Aa/nZ/nSb, quirk or possible nonarabian in her pedigree), Nar Beledi x Vintage Design, 15 years old
She has been trained for halter and has had some success showing in arabian halter shows especially, she's proven herself a good broodmare but is now approaching her golden years- perhaps one more foal would be okay because she is in otherwise excellent condition, but so far she seems fit enough to continue showing in halter or ev
:iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 8 52
Darling, Would You?
If I was to
String up little
All twined in my hair-
Would you,
Would you
Try to catch them all,
In a quest
To know my soul?
If I was to
Hide a thousand
Shards of seaglass-
Would you,
Would you
Try to find them all,
In a journey
To see my reflection?
If I was to
Pick a delicate
Toss its petals to the wind-
Would you,
Would you
Pluck them from the sky,
In a dream
Of touching my heart?
If I was to
Give you a soft
Would you,
Would you
Make us immortal
In a hope for nothing
But to cease to be alone,
Even for just a moment?
Would you?
:iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 11 19
World's a Blur by SunnyBlueDay World's a Blur :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 12 0 Visitor by SunnyBlueDay Visitor :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 10 3 Quiet Moment by SunnyBlueDay Quiet Moment :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 6 0 Window to the Soul by SunnyBlueDay Window to the Soul :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 9 0
Cats outside Clans- Request
Spike- a muscular tortoiseshell tom with a right leg that is a bright ginger and tabby color with light blue eyes, a loner
Grey- a raccoon colored tom with orange eyes, a loner
Rain- a brown she-cat with dark brown flecks on her pelt, has pale yellow eyes, a loner
Fire- a flame colored tom with red tabby stripes and has a white underbelly, white paws and a white muzzle with a right ear that is torn, has a scar on his nose, a scar on his pelt, and has green eyes, a loner
Jake- a dark ginger tom with darker ginger, paws, tabby tail, and ear tips, has green eyes and wears a green collar, a kittypet
Holly- a black she-cat with green eyes has a scar on her chest, a loner
Fern- a pale grey she-cat with dark grey flecks on her pelt, has a scar on her shoulder, and has pale green eyes, a loner
Spot- a dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a scar on her pelt, has amber eyes, a loner
Mouse- a dusky brown she-cat with a dark brown tabby tail, has a scar on her right shoulder and has amber eyes, a loner
:iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 3 3
Viperclan Allegiances- Request
Sol- lean muscled long haired tortoiseshell tom with pale yellow eyes
Apprentice, Hitoshi( a dark ginger and grey tabby tom with a right ear that is torn, a scar on his right shoulder and has brown eyes)
Thistle- a large pale brown tom with spiky fur, light grey muzzle, has grey eyes, dark brown legs, dark brown tail and dark brown ears, left ear is torn, has a scar on his left eye, and a scar on his shoulder
Apprentice, Satoshi( a grey tortoiseshell tom that has a ginger ear, with a scar on his chest, scar on his tail and a scar on his ear and has pale yellow eyes)
Cinnamon- a cinnamon colored tom with dark brown tabby stripes on his pelt, and has amber eyes
Viper- a brown and pale ginger tom with a black v like shape of fur on his chest and has pale blue eyes
Claw- a pale grey tom with a left leg that is brown amd has pale green eyes
Strike- a brown, ginger, and grey tom with a right ear that is torn, and has yellow eyes
:iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 2 3
Warriors Analysis-Redclaw *not part of real series
Name: Redclaw
Former names: Spike, Redpaw
Father: Unknown (has the same father as Sol)
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Raccoonpelt, Specklefur, Sol(half brother)
Description: a muscular tortoiseshell tom with one ginger and red tabby leg and light blue eyes.
Eye Color: light blue
Pelt color: tortoiseshell
Other: was a loner with his brother and sister and was found by a loner named Fire who took Redclaw and his siblings in.
Clan: Thunderclan
Clan position: Thunderclan
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Apprentices: Cherrypaw
Mentor: Fire
Death: Still living.
:iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 2 5
Well Hello, Boys by SunnyBlueDay Well Hello, Boys :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 3 5 Tender Moment by SunnyBlueDay Tender Moment :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 10 5 New Blood by SunnyBlueDay New Blood :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 8 31 Auction- Foal 9 by SunnyBlueDay Auction- Foal 9 :iconsunnyblueday:SunnyBlueDay 13 3
Coming Soon:
:bulletblack:= Not even thought about
:bulletred:= Planning in Process
:bulletyellow:= Started
:bulletgreen:= Actively Working on
:bulletpurple:= Done
:bulletblack: September prompt sets writefromyourheart.deviantart.…
:bulletblack: halloween contest entry…
:bulletblack: entry to… due the 30th of aug
:bulletblack: tally points for Classic Class after route 66 stakes…
:bulletblack: bid on, due aug 15th, needs to be fullbody
:bulletblack: decide breed etc and name for… and do ref
:bulletblack: Infallible in stallion exhibition… hosted by xLadySadiex , due sept 24th
:bulletred: DRaw ref of Stormy Autumn shadowedmoonstables.deviantart…
:bulletred: Draw my OC soon (#2) optimus-prime-girl.deviantart.…
:bulletred: Wedding Pics-wedding photo (all staff in it), meeting Bridget (Max), Maria and Kyle (xLadySadiex) after meeting, raffles, etc)
:bulletred: Design Arealorn more
:bulletred: work on pts for Blood in Thy Coffee… and Dessie
:bulletred: HARPG season drawings
bulletred: Adoptables
(breed someone to and )
(draw Randomize as a foal and Paris Lights, too and General Chaos)
Waiting to Hear About
:bulletblack: fulociraptor 's auction results
:bulletbalck: Azolio's design ranch dog contest
:bulletblack: Bid on, ends March 5th
:bulletblack: artisinmyheart101.deviantart.c… Show, entering Seaflame (jumping A), Blood (halter A) and Party Tricks (jumping/dressage A), due FEB 28TH
:bulletblack: Bid on…, hip 4, due Feb 20
:bulletblack: Results of…, ends Jan 1st?
:bulletblack: Results to Artists-of-Equus "Seasons" Contest, ends Jan 15th…
:bulletblack:T-R-H-R races,ends Jan 14th…
:bulletblack: Reasults of…, not sure end date
:bulletblack: Results of…, finished Dec 2oth
:bulletblack: Results to keypsake-arabians.deviantart.c… (Gwendolyn is 2 classes, Battle Cry in One, Blood in one)
:bulletblack: Results to hells-gates-stables.deviantart… (show and ball deadline sometime in december)
:bulletblack:Results of… ends Jan 5th
:bulletblack: Entry to…, ends Jan 31st
:bulletblack: theWrittenRevolution "One Year Later" Contest, due Jan 31st
:bulletblack: Results to… - due June 1st, Challenge Entry w/ Top Hat I'll Have 2 Over fences (jumping) Jumps at 3'6"
:bulletblack: Results to Nature and Horses Contest, June 25th…
:bulletblack: Results for everbodydanceknow.deviantart.c… , (bid on hip 3), ends July 20th
:bulletblack: Results to 'Memory' Photomanip Contest, ends Aug 1st…
:bulletblack: Results to 'the edge' contest
:bulletblack: :devgreatalmightlyqueen:'s auction results

People Who Owe me Points:
:bulletblack: xDividedx for Arabian Designs- 2 coins


Glass Case by Ieval-Anjael Glass Case :iconieval-anjael:Ieval-Anjael 7 2 Prowl by CapNRCubey Prowl :iconcapnrcubey:CapNRCubey 5 1 Wanderer At Odds by CapNRCubey Wanderer At Odds :iconcapnrcubey:CapNRCubey 7 1 Summer Sights by CapNRCubey Summer Sights :iconcapnrcubey:CapNRCubey 8 1 Fanfare Prince by CapNRCubey Fanfare Prince :iconcapnrcubey:CapNRCubey 7 1 Tropical Plant Pack by allisonchinart Tropical Plant Pack :iconallisonchinart:allisonchinart 89 3 WBS Reckless Intensity *SOLD* by angry-horse-for-life WBS Reckless Intensity *SOLD* :iconangry-horse-for-life:angry-horse-for-life 18 1 KEEP CALM DEATH by CarlosAE KEEP CALM DEATH :iconcarlosae:CarlosAE 16 4 Alone by RadoJavor Alone :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 2,136 108 Dreamscape Deer by thrumyeye Dreamscape Deer :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,006 32 Deer-O-Deer by thrumyeye Deer-O-Deer :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 857 22 Mountain Patrol by denismayerjr Mountain Patrol :icondenismayerjr:denismayerjr 228 17 Happy Little Tree by thrumyeye Happy Little Tree :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 652 20 Sandy Nose by thrumyeye Sandy Nose :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,474 50 Spirits by Raphael-Lacoste Spirits :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 309 16 New York by RadoJavor New York :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 1,242 261


Very beautiful! You did so good that as soon as I saw it, I though Black Beauty. Very cool idea, taking a horse book every horse lover ...

I'm not a huge expert on photography, but I do know a brilliant picture when I see one. First, the slightly off center foreground reall...

by Sunn7

Overall I think this is gorgeous and a really cool idea. I love the mane and tail, the very clear two colors of it works well and is ve...



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:iconhorseart-rpg: approved.
Fanfare Farm has a large (100 acre) pasture modeled into a natural setting for free roaming mustangs.
The mustangs here have been rescued, bought, adopted and even captured- but all get to remain as free as possible within the boundaries.

Breeding requests are not conventional for this. If you really want a foal from a certain stallion or a certain mare who lives here, with one of your own horses- your horse must be released near that herd. There is no guarentee that the desired horse will be the one to get to your's first, and as this can be dangerous (upsets herd dynamics) it is not frequently done.

Occassionally foals not suited for this wild lifestyle or if the herds are overpopulated, will be up for either sale or adoption.
The Main Herd

because of the limited population at the moment, and the inexperience of both stallions, Nahuel and Cheveyo are leading in a joint partnership, not all that uncommon- especially in very young leaders. Once the herd grows, they will likely split.

Name: Cheveyo ("spirit warrior")
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Mustang
Age: 4 years (6/13/11)
Height: 15 hh
Color: Piebald
Genotypes: aa/EE/nO
Markings: black markings on face and hindquarters, black 'sock'
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: Not a powerful stallion at all, he's only of average size and speed. Not muscular at all.
Personality: A real charmer, he can convince any mare that he is handsome even though he is a bit scrawny. He is full of heart and makes lasting friendships with other stallions as well as mares. Very easy to get along with.
Leader Since: age of 4
Foals: N/A

Name: Nahuel ("jaguar")
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Mustang
Age: 2 years (6/13/11)
Height: 15.2 hh
Color: Black Leopard Appaloosa
Genotypes: aa/Ee/nLp
Markings: appaloosa spots, wall eyes, bicolor mane and tail
Sire: unknown
Dam: Isi

Build: A bit larger than the average mustang, he's a capable stallion and well muscled. He's not necessarily fast, but is definitley strong.
Personality: Very intelligent, he always wants a challenge- this causes him to do illogical things like try to steal from the strongest stallions, go after a stallion's favorite mare and fight with other stallions that he knows are stronger than he is. He's the type of stallion who would love to play with the foals in his herd, but boy does he cause trouble for everyone around him.\
Foals: N/A

Lead Mare

Name: Isi ("deer")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 5 years (6/13/11)
Height: 15 hh
Color: Bay Blanket Appaloosa Brindle
Genotypes: Aa/Ee/LpLp/nBr
Markings: 'reverse' brindle marks, appaloosa blanket, appaloosa spots, star
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: average build, slightly ewe-necked
Personality: Caught in Nevada, she is very hardy. She is not shy, but rather just wary. She is not particularly fond of people and does well in a herd setting. She is easily spooked and is fiercely wild.
Foals: Nahuel


Name: Tallula ("leaping water")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 2 years (6/13/11)
Height: 14 hh
Color: Grullo Snowcap Appaloosa
Genotypes: aa/Ee/DD
Markings: Snowcap marking, darker points, stripes on legs
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: Average build, she's small but has a build much like a quarter horse. She has plenty of muscle and is quite fast.
Personality: Mature beyond her years, she's laidback when with the herd- but when danger threatens, she's very defensive. She's very maternal and watches out for all the foals and weak, a good chance she'll become a lead mare in her later years- she has the right personality for it.
Foals: N/A

Name: Kimimela ("butterfly")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 3 years (6/23/11)
Height: 13 hh
Color: Blue Roan
Genotypes: aa/Ee/RR
Markings: stripe, sock
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: Small and stocky, she is of a very ponyish build. She has no trouble keeping up with the herd, though speed is not her forte. She is extremely strong though.
Personality: Nimimela is capable of many different (and extreme) moods. She goes from being the most easygoing horse in the herd who is friends with everyone to psycho I'll-kill-you-if-you-get-near-me in about two seconds flat. She's a moody one, but if caught in one of her good moods she is an absolute doll.
Foals: N/A (give 1st foal (random dad in herd) to horsesaregreat )

Name: Maiara ("wise")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 3 years (6/23/11)
Height: 14 hh
Color: Red Roan
Genotypes: Aa/ee/Rr
Markings: snip over top lip
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: Small and lean, she appears very delicate but is quite hardy in reality. Her legs are disproportionatly long, and she is slightly ewe-necked.
Personality: Nervous and flightly, she spooks easily. She is much more of a follower than a leader and is happiest in a large herd. She makes friends with a few select horses, and generally has one best friend that she gets comfort from.
Foals: N/A

Name: Naira ("big eyes")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 2 years (3/26/12)
Height: 141 hh
Color: Blue Roan Snowcap Appaloosa
Markings: half apron face, stocking, sock, cornet, appaloosa markings
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build:  Somewhat stockier than the average mustang mare, she's hardy and is decently proportionate. Well built for a mustang.
Personality: Curious and intelligent, she doesn't always get along with all the other herd members- but she is generally decently easygoing. She's much less flighty than most mustangs.
Foals: N/A

Name: Kaya ("elder sister")
Gender: Mare
Breed: Mustang
Age: 2 years (3/26/12)
Height: 13.2 hh
Color: Black
Markings: star
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Build: Kaya is a lean mustang, she has relatively long, thin legs and tends to be skinnier than the other horses even during Spring and Summer. She's very fast and agile because of this though.   
Personality: Kaya is an easygoing mare, she becomes friends with everyone and can get away with almost anything because she's so likable.
Foals: N/A


SunnyBlueDay's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:bulletblack: Named Shelby
:bulletblack: 22 years old
:bulletblack: Loves animals, especially horses
:bulletblack: Graduated with a BS in Pre-Vet as well as Biology
:bulletblack: Shares a birthday with Tom Brady
:bulletblack: Was an athlete in track and field- more specifically, the 300 meter hurdles
:bulletblack: Has done track, soccer, swim, horseback riding and gymastics
:bulletblack: Enjoys archery

Fascinated by:
:bulletgreen: The Titanic
:bulletpurple: Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
:bulletgreen: John Wilkes Booth
:bulletpurple: The Black Plague
:bulletgreen: Ancient Egypt
:bulletpurple: The Civil War
:bulletgreen: Colonial America
:bulletpurple: The Salem Witch Trials
:bulletgreen: The Revolutionary War



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