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Growing Around

i remember watching "Flip-Flopped" when "Shorty McShort shorts" was out on Disney Channel, and i remember liking the idea of the kids as the adults and the adults as kids in their own universe where the kids were in charge. well, in all seriousness the short kinda sucks (and it doesnt hold up like it did for me when i was younger today) but boy, was i ever excited for this!

if you guys don't know about this project, :iconmrenter: came up with an awesome idea to use the idea of "Flip-Flopped" and make a new animated series ^__^

and i kinda/sorta tried my hand at drawing the characters like the show's animater :iconnayolfa:

in the picture, we got Sally and Timmy (the kids) and Robert and Linda (the parents)...or is it the other way around???

i had a lot of fun making this, and i can't wait to see the show once it's out!
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Great job! While it may not be exactly like the show's animation, it's still drawn very well. Nice!
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Aw thank you! This was actually the original designs before they were redone, but still thank you very much!
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Ah, I see. You're very welcome!
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I'm an animator now? Wow! I never knew that!

In all seriousness, great job! The linework and figures are well done, the only one that throws me off is Roberts giant head :P
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lol well, you did come up with the designs so i just kinda assumed XD

thank you, the linework took forever, since i wanted to get them right on the lines (its so hard doing it on paper OTL)

really? aw man, i thought it was just a large amount of hair, but dang it! DX
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thanks very much :)
(btw: it looks pretty great so far)
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