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Name: Ronan Favreau
Nicknames: Ro
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 8
Age: 18
Height: 5' 9" | 1.75m
Weight: 143lbs. | 65kg. 
Orientation: Straight? Bi? watersexual? smoll child has never been in love before so LOL---
Occupation: Lifeguard at the beach in the summer
Nationality: French

Super Hero/Evil Villain Identity: Kai

Powers, Abilities, and Weapons: 
Swim: enables you to "swim" through things as if they were water, boosts speed
Echolocation: when click your tongue and close your eyes, a gridmap can be seen behind the eyelids, letting you "see" much farther than with just normal eyesight
Boosted strength: exactly what it sounds like c: 
Weapon: Fishbone daggers
- Replicating the spine of a fish, these daggers are to be held by the fabric that's attached to them. They can be used to stab the enemy, or be thrown, depending on the situation   

Patient | Reserved | Open-minded | Calm | Serious

Though passionate about the ocean and sea, Ronan is known for being a rather quiet soul. He's a listener that you'd go to when you need to spill your darkest secrets, tough times in your day, or just when you need someone to listen to you in general. Being open-minded, he won't judge you, even if maybe he'd disagree or something. Though he sucks at art, he's really good at biology, chemistry and other science courses. If you happen to catch him after school, he won't hesitate to help you in those subjects, and he'll stick by your side until you understand the lesson. This is what probably makes him easy to get along with, although he isn't one to start a conversation, you can always be sure that he'll be able to join in and continue one that's already started. He's usually a calm and aloof kind of guy, but if you get on the topic of swimming, he will get VERY serious, since he's a competitive swimmer. Swimming is the only thing he's competitive in though. 

    Born on the coasts of Southern France, Ronan was a boy who was absolutely obsessed with the sea. He loved the animals that lived in it, the sand that you could play with every day, and especially the water itself: needless to say, other than his obsession for swimming, he was your ordinary boy. However, that was going to change, as he would move away from his little paradise for the big city: Paris. His parents were chefs, so it was only a matter of time that this would happen, but it didn't change the fact that he wouldn't have the same easy access to the sea anymore... Oh well, the Parisian school should have a swim team, right?  
+ swimming
+ seafood
+ blueberries
+ sports animes
+ science classes

- sweating
- red meat (eww...)
- bitter foods
- math classes 
- loud people


Kwami Name: Aquaa

Girly-girl at heart | loves attention | little sister 

    She's the kind of kwami that would probably annoy you to bits, but since everything she does is with with good intentions, it'd be hard to even think of hating her. Being something like a little sister, she loves it when you pay attention to her and give ehr lots of love. If you do, she always makes sure that you know just how much she loves you back. She loves all things cute and sparkly because of her girly side: pearls, diamonds, sugar, sand, and everything in between. Good thing Ronan is patient with her, or else who knows how they'd end up. 

History with Kwami: 
    It was an ordinary summer day, and Ronan was busy with his job as a life guard along the beaches of Marseille. It was a rather relaxing job, minus the fact that some people were drowning and needed saving here and there: overall, just another summer day. One thing was interesting though, and it was a necklace that he'd found on his post as he got back from saving yet another person. It laid neatly on the seat he would usually sit in, as if someone had purposely placed it there, but when he looked around for its owner, they were nowhere to be seen. He decided to put it around his neck for safekeeping as he changed out of his uniform when his shift as lifeguard ended, but when he did, there was a flash of blue light in the locker-room: a little dolphin-like creature appeared in front of him. You can say that Aquaa's been clinging onto Ronan ever sense. 

Partner's Name:  n / a

History with Partner:  n / a 


Significant Other:  n / a

- Jaye Favreau
Owner of Trinity, a three-star restaurant
Strict, serious, but loving in a... different way
- Azure Favreau
Head chef of Trinity
Passionate, dreamer, loves hugs

-  Basile Baudin 
    First friend! They bonded over-- ((ehem farts //slapped)) lack in senses in class and there's more stuff to come~ c: 
-  N / A 
Other Relations:
-  N / A

Extra Info
  • He has pretty good vision and hearing, but his sense of smell is REALLY lacking, so he probably wouldn't notice if you farted or something c: 
  • He tends to be really fast in general, but his speed in the water is much more enhanced than on land. Swimming ever since the age of 5, he's won about 10 medals and is wanting to join the French Olympic swim team. 
  • He has pretty sensitive skin, so he bruises really easy, even if it's nothing much. 
  • He's actually... really bad at drawing and coloring. Please don't ask him to help you in art class :,)
  • He's HORRIBLE at math. He loves his sciences classes, but if you ask him to help you with math, be prepared to get a low or failing grade. If you get him to tutor you in science though, you should pass with flying colors~ 
  • Aquaa ususally spends her time in Ronan's shirt pocket or backpack to stay hidden. 
  • The tail on Kai's suit is the thing that enables him to "swim"  
  • He likes to eat... it wouldn't be surprising if he and Aquaa were to have food eating competitions with each other. 
  • Aquaa loves to eat as much as Ronan does... but only if it's sweet! 
  • The miraculous that he has is actually faux dolphin tooth: as his transformation runs out, it'll grow into a pitch black color
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Hi I'm Leo I rather to have an OC please my friend I have black hair and brown eyes I have 13 years old and I'm very very smart  can choose de super-héros form for my oc  ❤❤❤
Hello, my name is KR Bozick, and I'm a user from Quotev. I'm currently working on a Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Oneshot book, and I'm going around this site looking for OCs to use. If it's alright for me to use yours, I have a couple of questions. 

Which character would you like your OC to be paired with for this oneshot? This can be romantically or as friends.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to what will be happening in the oneshot? When I'm writing, I will be taking into account the traits of your OC, so you do not have to have any preferences if you don't want to.
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//Shyly pops in~ 
Ahh Feels like I haven't been very active in this group, and I was wondering if you would like to rp with my Alyson sometime maybe? ;w;? 
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Omg yah! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I focus 100% on schoolwork during the semester, and I give my summer break to Rping and drawing ToT/
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No worries! I completely understand, tho I'm sad to say I can't say the same lmao |'D (ends up rping most of the year lool |'D) 

How do you prefer to RP? (Skype? Notes, etc?) OwO? 
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I'm relatively active on discord! But notes is good too, send me a starter if you wanna! ^-^ sorry late reply, I've been in the hospital a lot lately TuT
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Oh noes!! I hope you are okayy!! //Make sure you get enough rest ;A;; !!! Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 

Ah unfortunately I don't really use Discord, but notes are fine with me!
I'll go send you a starter in a bit! ^^ salmon heart bullet Feel free to take your time in answering tho! No pressure!! <33 
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We should Rp , of course if you want to !!! XD 
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Lol we totally should >7< what kind of platform do you prefer? 
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Thank you !!

Ooo I like all 3 I don't really mind to be honest aha

How about notes?
Just send a note anytime you like ! Haha ^^

( though I can't reply now since I'm going to sleep haha )
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//congratulations in getting accepted aaaaaa! ;-;
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aaa thanks so much flooo ;;7;; 

//patpatpats you lots maybe the next opening ;u; 
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No prob!

//I dun think that I would be able to made it tho....
//Super Groups just hates me---- //thridtimetoberejectedinarpgroupandallofthemaresupergroup-----
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awww //pats you lots ;3; 
i feel you i feel, Ive been denied from some rp groups myself so--- 
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Wut?! How come they rejected it?! D:<
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There were just other apps that were much better lol xD 
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He looks so cool! I especially like his hair lmao
I really like your kwami design too, she's cute x3

All these people I know are joining this group and now I'm tempted x'D
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awahhhh thanks so much!! >u<

ehehehehe youshouldjointoo//slappedsohard ;') 
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You're welcomee > 7 o

HHHH I wish, but the animal I wanted was taken QvQ;;
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Omg  nuuuu ;;;0;;; 

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