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five Angels Heart by sunnight1 five Angels Heart by sunnight1
These are five of the Ten, which bears an angel heart.
The angel's heart is a kind of brooch which gives it a magical force: to fly under the gift also includes traveling through time and space zones, and ...

It says:
The angels were once the heart-the heart was the angels who were rarely died of natural causes.

LINKS above:

Name: Lea sabertooth
Age: 40 years old
Time: Neolithic Age to the 5500-2200 BC
Zodiac: Leo
Birthday: August 11th (after our era)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin type: light-skinned, Spring Type
Feature: Timelessness
Angel Heart: amber, yellow / brown / colorless red / white stripe with color

RIGHT above:

Name: Vivien Adler
Age: 15 years old
Time: 21 Century, 2001
Star sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 1 November. 1986
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin type: light-skinned, winter type
Feature: Bad skin, and liver spots all over my body. Sickly. Glasses.
Angel Heart: moonstone, white / blue yellow / colorless with white streak color


Name: Seraphina
Age: 5 - 7 years old
Time: Anatolian dark years (antiquity) about 1200 BC to 750 BC
Star sign: Gemini
Birthday: May 30 (according to our reckoning)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin type: light-skinned, summer type
Feature: Freckles
Angel Heart: Rose quartz, pink with white stripe color

LINKS below:

Name: Purple Cloud
Age: 20 years old
Time: 31 Century 3041
Star sign: Aries
Birthday: 29 Of March. 3021
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Green
Skin Type: Dark-skinned, autumn type
Special feature: Very athletic. A code on the front
Angel Heart: amethyst, violet color with white line

RIGHT below:

Name: Melvin Mirel
Age: 80 years old (Feels like 50)
Time: Early Middle Ages 5th to 10 Century AD
Star sign: Libra
Date of Birth: October 21. 756
Hair color: Silver-oriented
Eye color: ice blue
Skin type: light-skinned, winter type
Feature: Has a younger than he is
Angel Heart: topaz blue, bright blue sky with white stripe color
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July 9, 2012
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