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Ninfia, No

By SunnieF
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I'm sure we've all seen the new Eeveelution by now and we all think it's adorable, but just what exactly ARE those bows on it...?

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goomyiscute777Student General Artist
Nintendo Logic: Leaving us scarred for life since 1899
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ChococatTrufflesStudent Artist
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LaserTrapArtistStudent General Artist
Oh god, that's creepsy...
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SkylasRune01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 What if the bows are cartilage....? 
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GallifreyevermoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Person stole your work here:…
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SunnieFStudent Digital Artist
This is actually a repost of an animation someone did (and that someone did credit me).  Of course, that just makes it double-unsourced.  Thanks for telling me!
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MuteKrocodilHobbyist Writer
Somebody else stole it too.…
They just traced over it and didn't even credit you.
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SunnieFStudent Digital Artist
Huh, looks like they removed it before I could give them a stern lecture.  Thanks for letting me know, though!
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MuteKrocodilHobbyist Writer
No problem
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RoseXinhHobbyist Digital Artist
Those are its feelers :meow:
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Bunny-KirbyHobbyist Digital Artist
Dat pervy Sylveon. :lol:
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So creepy. It's funny that idiots always say "Pokemon's for kids!", when the flavor text for some Pokemon are super creepy. Bows made of flesh isn't quite as bad as a bug's disembodied shell that can steal your soul, or a mask that can steal your soul, or a balloon that drags children to the underworld.... Jeez, Pokemon were NEVER this bad back in Gen 1. =P
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KittyPumaLoVeMundzHobbyist General Artist
Freaky but true..... why my fav pokemon?????Tears of Joy 
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carnivalProfessional General Artist
omgggggg this IMAGE X'3

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...That was one of my first thoughts after the heck is this grrr..
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JesserflyHobbyist General Artist
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somerrocksHobbyist General Artist
yaaaaaay creeepy fairy type!
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NekovixHobbyist General Artist
O_____________________O Soooo. Creepy... O.o
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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
I've seen this picture around before...this IS yours right?
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SunnieFStudent Digital Artist
It sure is - I've uploaded it here and on my Tumblr, and it has since been reposted many times, often without credit :P
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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
Ahh, I see. You should really say that somewhere, ya know?
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SunnieFStudent Digital Artist
I would hope that most people would know I drew it considering it's uploaded on my DeviantArt as well as signed (on Pikachu's tail), but I did add a link to it on my tumblr.
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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
Hmm, the signature is barely legible, man...
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