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A Strange Feeling
Ruthy dried her hands on the kitchen towel, before draping the cloth over the stove's handle. She pulled her medium length blond hair into a messy bun and sighed. Though she was exhausted, her two hours of cleaning had resulted in a satisfactorily clean house.
As she walked to the pantry to reward her hard work with a glass of chardonnay, she made a mental note to never invite guests over on a work night.
As Ruthy set down the bottle of wine, having just poured herself a glass, she felt an odd sensation behind her; a kind of chill settling on her right shoulder, like a really cold hand. She gasped, spinning on her heel, expecting to see someone behind her—her mind conjured visions of a masked murderer with a glinting silver knife.
But there was no one there.
Her eyes scanned the kitchen, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. The dishes were neatly put away, the appliances in their proper place; just as she had left it a few moments before. 
Weird. She thought to hers
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The Chase by SunnieBelle The Chase :iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 14 11
An Awkward Conversation
He knew.
Prince Aleksandar of Hohenburg knew that she was really Deryn Sharp—not "Dylan Sharp", as she had been telling everyone for months. How he had figured it out, she didn't know. And at the moment, she didn't care.
She ran down the dark corridor of the Leviathan, desperate to catch him, to try and explain.
"Alek." She whispered loudly. He didn't slow or even acknowledge that she had spoken.
"Alek!" She called, louder this time. He just kept walking away.
She paused, knowing that he had heard her that time. Her irritation with him grew and she spurted forward.
"You daft prince! Stop!" She whispered sharply, reaching out to grab his shoulder, forcing him to face her. The hurt, angry, disappointed eyes he leveled her with, sent a knife through her heart.
"You lied to me." He whispered, steel in his voice.
She reached for sarcasm first, trying to hide her own hurt and fear. "Well, that's pretty barking obvious. Anything else obvious to say?"
His expre
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Glorius Run by SunnieBelle Glorius Run :iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 17 2
The Path
The leaves gradually change color, the coming winter stripping them of their life.
Slowly, so slowly, they fade.
Each leaf, each tree is different. Some change to yellow, a few to gold, still others to a crimson red or lovely ocher.
As they change, they fall, the hard ground catching them as they descend. They scatter to the winds, preparing to nourish the earth.
The crunch of them underfoot and the lovely color littering the ground. The bare branches of the trees, reaching toward the sky. They are all the signs of what is to come.
One thing fades, another is born. The cycle begins again.
Autumn. Some say it is the gate to winter, to when the earth goes into hiding.
I humbly disagree.
I say it is the gate to life being renewed. The path that prepares us for spring.
Notes: Happy October 1st everyone!
Written for Nestharon’s “Writober 2018”- Day 1: Autumn
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An Evil Plan
Each step is dead silent. Slower than the gently falling snow beyond the window, I creep up on my two-legged slave.
She doesn’t see me yet and I know this.
Pause. Tail swish. Claws out. Claws in. Another careful, soundless step. Like the mighty hunters—my distant cousins—I sneak closer.
Finally, I am close enough. I crouch on all fours, preparing my muscles, readying my mind. My ears go back.
“Boo!” A loud child’s voice shouts from behind me!
Startled, I leap into the air, spinning for a moment to face the new threat. Seeing the cause, my feet hit the ground and I speed off to a safe distance.
I can hear the small two-legged’s laughter. I seethe in my anger, frustrated that my plan has been sabotaged.
One day, I think, one day I will enact my plan. One day you will all fall before me!
For now, I let my anger cool and enjoy the tasty meal my slaves have prepared me.
At least they are useful for something.
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An Unforgettable Evening
Caleb looked up and extended his arm, offering his hand. Elizabeth smiled as her blue eyes met his hazel ones, the seaside wind ruffling his brown hair across his forehead. She grasped his hand, allowing him to help her down the rocky slope toward their destination.
The young couple sat together on the beach for several minutes, listening to the water gently wash onto the shore in predictable, soothing patterns. The warm sand beneath her bare feet felt wonderful. The breeze that blew at her back was pleasant and tousled her long black hair.
They had come to this beach with hopes to spend some time together and see a beautiful sunset in the process. They were not disappointed.
The sun was just beginning to touch the horizon, as though it were settling on the water in the distance, causing the sky to glow a fiery-red. The clouds that hovered above the setting sun—draped in the sky as though a paint brush had flitted by—were a rich violet, with touches of pink and bright yello
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Secrets and Traitors
Wildcount Ernst Volger sat in a plush leather chair in his office, his body still and comfortable, but his mind raced. He stared at the scribbled note in his hand without really seeing it, already knowing the words by heart.
Archduke and Princess are dead. Drinks poisoned.
He looked up and let his eyes drift, taking in the familiar surroundings.
The window on the far wall allowed the last golden rays of twilight to filter through. An ornately-carved wooden desk—a family heirloom—holding important documents and correspondence, sat beneath the window. The blazing fireplace to his right chased away the chill of the advancing night and made shadows dance across the room.
It was very unlikely that he would ever sit in the comfort of this room, or see his ancestral home, again. After tonight's events, he would be considered a traitor in the eyes of his country and his people.
Volger had spent the past ten years planning carefully for this day. Yet
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Mountain Valley by SunnieBelle Mountain Valley :iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 13 2 Wild beauty by SunnieBelle Wild beauty :iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 23 2
The broad windows of the capsule room displayed the shimmering stars beyond, too numerous to count. They surrounded the ship like an overwhelming army, distant but shifting ever closer. 
The vastness of space—stretching out before them, unending—was almost overwhelming. It was truly beautiful, wondrous to behold.
Marisol stood in the sparsely-lit chamber, her cloak pulled around her for warmth. She had forgotten how cold it was in space. Of course, Marisol had never thought she would have to leave her naturally-warm planet, Xaltadom, the only home she had ever known.
Her mind wandered as she stared out the window. Her memories were vibrant and a sad smile played on her face.
She could almost feel the loving touch of her husband again; see his smile as he leaned in to kiss her. The warmth of her babe nestled in her arms, just learning to talk, was almost real. In her mind’s eye she saw them and loved them to the very depth of her being.
Thinking about the lif
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Nightmares to Heavenly Bliss- Chapter 4
Deryn Sharp couldn't believe what was happening just now. She stared at Alek, completely dumbfounded.
Had he really just told her that he had written to his mother and brother? Was he really proposing to her?!
Deryn had been pleasantly surprised by his secret Huxley Ascender ride. It had been so wonderful to see the world from on high and feel the wind on her face, blowing her hair in every direction.
However, she had been completely flabbergasted when she saw him using semaphore flags to ask her to marry him.
Blisters! When did he learn to use barking semaphore flags! She wondered.
Deryn had always thought that marriage to Alek might be a possibility and she kept the idea open in the back of her mind—really, really far back.
Alek shocked her again with his next words.
"Deryn, I love you with all of my heart. You are my best friend and I cannot imagine a day without you by my side."
She watched in amazement as he knelt before her and produced a minuscul
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Taking Things For Granted- Chapter 4
Something was wrong. Deryn knew something was terribly wrong, but she couldn't make her mind focus enough to try and determine what that something was.
She drifted through weird dreams about different times in her life, seemingly so real, she wasn't sure they were dreams.
She dreamt of the first time she had been forced to wear a corset with her dress, her mother and the aunties exclaiming loudly how adorable she looked in the awful flowery-print dress; all the while inside, she felt trapped and barking uncomfortable.
The dream switched to the first time her Da had taken her up in his hot-air balloon, her first taste of freedom and breaking free of the expectations on her.
Suddenly she was dreaming of the horrifying day that always haunted her dreams, when her Da had lit the burner to inflate the balloon and the kerosene tank exploded; the balloon quickly lifting from the ground and her Da throwing her from the basket, giving his own life to save hers.
The dream switched again, to the
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Freedom Ain't Free by SunnieBelle Freedom Ain't Free :iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 11 0
A Satisfying Prank
"No, Deryn!" Count Volger said sharply, "You're sword point must be up!" With a flash of glinting-silver, he whacked her forearm with the flat of his fencing saber—as if to emphasize his sincerity.
Deryn couldn't help the tiny yelp that escaped her lips. She lowered her sword arm to rub the painful area. His irritation with her was more than evident. With a long, exasperated sigh he demanded, "Again!"
Deryn glared at the infuriating man before her, wanting badly to whack his daft head with her own saber. The dummkopf was too meticulous for her liking.
She mentally ran through the correct posture of the offensive and defensive movements he had demonstrated earlier. She took her stance and brought her sword up in the proper position. If she knew anything about fencing with Count Volger, it was that he would not stop the lesson until she had correctly performed the particular fencing technique he was trying to teach her.
Yet, she was determined to get
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Nightmares to Heavenly Bliss- Chapter 3
Deryn woke slowly, but kept her eyes tightly closed. The bright morning sun seemed to take pleasure in tormenting her sleepy brain. With her eyelids unable to block out the light above her head, she pulled the covers up over her face. It took a few moments for her to register that the bed beneath her felt strange and the sheets were rather soft compared to the scratchy ones she was used to.
She suddenly recalled the night before, having dinner at Alek's flat and then sitting on the couch together to enjoy a relaxing conversation after a long day of work. She also remembered convincing Alek to stay with her in the bed—rather than sleeping on a couch that was too small for his frame—and her having to wake him from a terrible nightmare.
Deryn was all too familiar with having nightmares. She had them quite frequently, and they were almost always about her father’s ballooning accident—as though her mind wanted to find a way to change the terrible events that had caus
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