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I have a free afternoon, and wanted to do something productive with my time.  "I know", I thought, "I'll catch up on the deviantwatch that's been building up for years!".

Ha, if only.  Every time I click on a picture I want a closer look at, the internet gives me a 404 error.

If I can get it working this afternoon, some of you might get some comments.  If not, please know I tried.   

I'm only sort of back.  Checking in occasionally.  I might post a bit, too.  But don't expect anything regular.
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I'm afraid this is an entry I should have written a long time ago.  I've currently just not got the time or energy for DA - I've not been doing much with my artwork, and my devwatch was spiralling far out of control.  

In my life, I've hardly stopped - after the wedding and a bit of a break which involved driving halfway across England several weeks in a row for dance rehearsals, I dropped into a temping job for a month and from that into the permanent job in which I have now settled.  Keeping up my friendships across the UK is taking up a lot of the time I have spare at weekends, and dancingtakes up many of my evenings, hence the lack of time and energy for DA, sadly.  Other things have taken precedence in my life and will probably continue to do so for at least the near future.  

For now, therefore, I am declaring myself gone from here. I shall keep my presence as I hope to come back one day, but for the present time I shall be inactive.  

Love ya all, really I do.
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I got married, on Saturday 8th. And then we went on honeymoon. Home now, graduation on Wednesday, off to Taizé for a week on Friday and then, er, find a job?
And to think I thought life would pause when I finished uni...
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I got tagged by starsailor, so here goes.

1. I have every intention of moving to south-west Australia with my husband-to-be (roll on next July), as soon as we can get them to let us in (probably in 3-5 years, by the time we've got our degrees and got through the immigration application processes)

2. My mother's jobs have included nursing, secretarial work, prison officering and hope to conclude in the near future with a final position... as a nun.

3.  I love bright colours, on anything.

4.  I will prick my ears up at any mention of Australia, ballet, dance; an Aussie accent; or someone talking French.  I lo-o-ove eavesdropping on public transport.

5. I have a reputation at a Parisian university for being addicted to chocolate and sleeping through lectures.

6. There is a picture of me cartwheeling in the snow on the Champs Elysées that has been spread to a variety of universities across Europe, those that are partnered with Bristol in the Erasmus scheme. I'm December, on an Erasmus calendar my university has produced.

7.  I love soft toys, of any variety, but especially disney's winnie-the-pooh characters and me-to-you 'tatty teddy' bears.

8.  I have been dancing all my life, I still do ballet classes, but I am not a performer, and would rather stay off the stage.  Dance is currently the only 'extra-curricular activity' I am involved in at uni, I do 6 hours a week (that's 4 classes), all ballet. I've been considering taking tap back up again this term, and also trying out salsa just cause I have to be around to collect the money for the salsa classes. I dropped jazz when I got to uni because I couldn't find a class where the teacher had a style I liked.  The not-performing thing is the reason none of my university friends have ever seen me dance.  

9.  I can never decide whether I prefer my hair bobbed to between chin and shoulders, or long (as it is at the moment). I always like it better curly though, but I rarely curl it cause it's so much effort.

10. I can sit and watch the sea for hours on end, and I love to sit in the sunshine and watch the sun sparkling off water.  

11. I am a Christian, a Quaker, an Anglican. I try not to put myself into boxes too much, but those are the two main ones, I take different things out of the two different styles of worship.  And I will always stand up for my faith.

12.  I have excellent spatial (mental) skills, which led this morning to the BBC telling me my brain was more male than female. Because I can look at a shape and turn it round and match up the turned round version to the original version and say 'they're the same'.

13. I have a dream of running a consultancy one day, where people come to me and say 'I want to organise a holiday, we want to see Ayers Rock, and the Barrier Reef, we've got 3 weeks and $3000. What can you find for us?' Not just holidays, I'd be happy to organise all sorts of big events.

14. Cute things, fluffy things and shiny things magnetically attract me in shop windows: "ooh, shiny!"

15. I read far too much Harry Potter fanfiction.  I read a lot of other books, too. Real books, they're overflowing on my bookshelves. You can never have too many books, imo, and I would rather read the book than watch the movie every time.

16. I often find myself sitting in a side-split (well, nearly a side-split) to write notes or read books when I get fed up of working on my desk and move onto the floor. It's the only way I can work without my legs getting in the way.

17.  I'm hopeless at not crying while watching movies, I'll cry at anything even vaguely sad. On the other hand, I can read pretty much anything except horror without being affected.

18. I used to play the double-bass, in an orchestra. I stopped to have time to revise for A-levels and haven't picked it up since, although when we move to a bigger place I'm hoping to have space for it again.  I play piano, too. I have my own digital piano, full-size, but I still feel that there's nothing quite like a real one, so I play much more when I'm at my mum's, where there *is* a real one.

19. I will happily sit down on a Saturday afternoon and flick the TV channels till I find sport. I like most non-violent sports, I'll watch soccer, cricket, athletics, F1, but not rugby, wrestling, or boxing...I love the olympics, and I love anything remotely related to dancing (rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating...).

20. I love the genre of music that is now commonly known as cheese (or pop) and talked about with a cringe (for reasons I have yet to understand) - Cher, Tina Turner, Britney, anything like that - good strong songs with a melody and a beat to dance to. "Dance" music is boring. I also love the mellow oldies - Elvis, the Carpenters, Van Morrison; and musicals/films, especially Footloose, a Chorus Line, and Fame, among others.  

So, I shall now tag: sunniereagin, fiftycentmints, brown-eyed-girl, the-vickie, and fishfaceknows.

Go bookcrossing!
:sun: fluffles :sun:
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Ok, so, I need a bunch of surveys filling in for my final year (university) dissertation... please could anyone that would like to help go here:… and fill it out for me, and pass it on to anyone they can :)

thank you so much!


Go bookcrossing!
:sun: fluffles :sun:
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