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I'm afraid this is an entry I should have written a long time ago.  I've currently just not got the time or energy for DA - I've not been doing much with my artwork, and my devwatch was spiralling far out of control.  

In my life, I've hardly stopped - after the wedding and a bit of a break which involved driving halfway across England several weeks in a row for dance rehearsals, I dropped into a temping job for a month and from that into the permanent job in which I have now settled.  Keeping up my friendships across the UK is taking up a lot of the time I have spare at weekends, and dancingtakes up many of my evenings, hence the lack of time and energy for DA, sadly.  Other things have taken precedence in my life and will probably continue to do so for at least the near future.  

For now, therefore, I am declaring myself gone from here. I shall keep my presence as I hope to come back one day, but for the present time I shall be inactive.  

Love ya all, really I do.
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It's so sad. Why? Wy? Ihate it....