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The Hero

A scene from my OCT-story at :iconunknown-artists-club:

Download it to see the full-view, it looks best in that =P

I admit, I am really proud how this one turned out. Maybe because I haven't drawn anything proper for quite a while =P. I meant to make it a full-production with color and all, but sadly my hands aren't feeling up to it AT ALL (stupid carpal-tunnel), so a greyshading was the best I could do... for now at least =D

AND LOOK! Her boobs are normal sized! I'm so proud of myself~ XD

This is from one of the final scenes in my "OCT Finale Part 3" with my character Wren standing over KC. The title itself is ironic, though I think it'd make more sense if one has read my entry.

Also, yes. I know KC is supposed to have a tail, but it just looked stupid to have it come out on the side, so I figure she keeps it tucked under her so it's not visible~

KC is owned by :iconkitsuguardian:

OCT Finale Epilogue: [link]
OCT Finale Part 3: [link]
OCT Finale Part 2: [link]
OCT Finale Part 1: [link]
OCT Round 3: [link]
OCT Round 2: [link]
OCT Round 1: [link]
Audition story: [link]
Character sheet: [link]


To :iconimprovement-club:: I'd like pointers on the overall composition and posing of the picture please =3
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I love comic book like sketches, especially when they are as well done as this piece. Comic book sketches are slightly simplified compared to some other forms of illustration, but also have to be able to tell a story. I feel like you represent this perfectly.
I see a girl who has has feelings for this man for a while, but he ignores her - though his feeling are returned. As a result, whatever danger has attacked her - he was the first to be there to save her. The Hero.
This may not be the story you were attempting to portray, but it is what I saw.
I apologized it has taken us so long to give you your critique, we have been slightly backed up in our art critiques, but we are slowly getting back on track.

Critique by Critique-for-All

<img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconcritique-for-all:" title="Critique-for-All" />
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Thank you for the critique. The feeling I wanted to portray of the picture is more or less the one you decribed, but what's happening is actually quite the opposite =D
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Glad I could help :)
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loooove it! awesome and emotional! love his body :heart:
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I love it too XD
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Thank you ^^

I'm rather fond of it myself... still. It will probably change in the future though =P
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Everything I once made will turn to crap in my eyes eventually. It's just how my self-critizism works XD
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An interesting scene, great lineart ;)

:heart: =OfOneSoul
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Thank you very much =D

Feel free to read the (very long) story too, it might make more sense then ^^
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i might just do that ;)
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Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
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Okay. ALl we gotta do is approve it and it's in our gallery.
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Thanks for the help =3
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If you wanna' put the code word on the submission process you can, I put that you told it, but I dunno, their different.
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Just got a request to put it in, so I guess I don't have to anymore ^^;
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ooooooooh snap!~

(I don't think you made her too skinny )
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if I could fav' this drawing a hundred times, I would. SO DYNAMIC.
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I can post it a hundred times XD

Thanks for lubbin it =D
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