Godhood 101 - Learning to Live with yourself

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Godhood 101 – Learning to live with yourself.

Let’s start with the downer; being a god is not all its jazzed up to be.
Why you might ask? What wouldn’t be amazing being all-powerful and do whatever you want without consequence? You don’t have to worry about dying. You’re forever young and beautiful if that is your thing (or old and distinguished for that matter).

Allow me to enlighten you.

1. Omnipotence
So this might be the biggest balloon I’ll burst for you in this fantastic tutorial. We’re not omnipotent. In fact, I would probably classify gods as being the second to last most powerful creatures in Creation.

Oh, but I can hear you now; “What? But we are GODS, you can even hear it in the name!”


It’s just a title. Nothing more. Sure, you do have slightly more power than the current unassigned ascended ones. But it’s about a fingernail more.

You might hem and haw and eventually go; “But mortals, surely they are powerless compared to me?”

Sort of. You can definitely argue that for the pure energy that we can output, so to speak, we would be immensely more powerful than mortals. After all, we created them, right?

You fail to remember though that they are the ones who keeps us on top. I’m sure you went through this in the previous course called ‘Ascension – I’m literally flying’ (and if you haven’t. Stop reading this guide until you finish the other one). Without mortals, we would not exist. Or rather, we’d be mortals ourselves. So in one point of view, they hold the key to our existence, so they are more powerful.

2. Eternal Life
Yes, we can live ‘forever’. You can pick your preferred appearance once you are assigned. When or if that happens that is. If you remain unassigned then you will just simply not age. Good thing you all almost look the same, right?

Mortals can’t kill us. They just simply can’t reach that level of energy needed to actually wound us. One day they might, because of the ascending circle. But that day is VERY far away.

That being said though. We can still kill each other. This is highly frowned upon and a tremendous waste of energy.

There are also the Unwanted, the demons, they might attack and kill a few of us.

But then there is also life itself.

Trust me, it gets boring after a few thousand years. However, once you feel that you’ve met the end of your existence we can recycle you if needed be. Just go to the administrative office and we’ll put you on the list.

3. Freedom
This is the biggest lie of them all. Never before in your existence have you been more trapped than when you became a god.

The unassigned are freer than you, because they don’t have a task to perform.

The mortals are freer than you, because they just have normal lives.

You can’t produce offspring.

You are not allowed to directly interact with mortals.

You are not allowed to die on your own volition.

You will perform your task until you are no more.

You are not eternal.

Whatever choice you think you made yourself has already been preordained by Fate.

So, a glossary for the end:

Fate – Fate makes sure that the Circle of Ascension is ongoing. We’ve all been dealt different destinies and we will see them through, no matter if we want to or not. Got dealt a shitty hand you think? Maybe you’ll be luckier in the next life. Oh wait, you’re not mortal, you just cease to exist and your energy will be reabsorbed. Tough noogies.

Creation – That is us, Fate, mortals, everything. Pretty easy.

The Creator(s) – Whoever made us all. Still around? Who knows. We don’t get to see them. If you’d imagine Creation being a tall building they’d be on top and we are slightly below ground level. In a room without windows or doors. Only a small hatch where Fate sometimes comes knocking and slips us a piece of bread.

Well, I hope you feel better now about your life choices. But then again, they weren’t really yours to begin with, were they?

This guide was created by Lung Wang – Constructor.
Wishing you all a happy eternity <3
Apparently Dragon wrote a small guide at some point to what it means to be a god. Don't think this one ever made it to print...
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